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Flipnote Studio Celebrates Mario's 25th Anniversary

Posted by James Newton

Get animated

What better way to pay tribute to the moustachioed man himself than with a bit of hand-drawn animation? That seems to be the thinking at Nintendo, as it's recently launched a new festival for Flipnote Studio asking artists to create animations based on the plucky plumber.

To help out, Nintendo's even offering two audio samples that should help to bring Mario's tales to life. It doesn't appear that there's any prize on offer, just the honour of drawing an officially-sanctioned cartoon to pay homage to Mario himself.

You have between now and November 19th to perfect your sketchy submission, and the Mario 25th Anniversary Flipnote site has all the information you need.


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LuWiiGi said:

Cool, I'm going to try this. The gaming world is so awesome! Thanks for the heads-up, James.



MeloMan said:

LMAO @ 4. X-145's avatar!

I wish I had the chance to dedicate more time to Flipnote studio... the only thing I can settle for is being amused by other peeps' creations



X-145 said:

Has anyone made a "Mario 25th Anniversary" Flipnote yet? I haven't seen any on the Hatena.
(Thanks for all the comments everyone leaves about my avatar. It's nice of you to post them)

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