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Find Chibiterasu in New York, Win a Chibiterasu Plush

Posted by James Newton

Missing: legendary god in wolf form. Reward: toys.

Anyone in the New York area who fancies a bit of a treasure hunt may want to keep their eyes peeled for this poster of a missing Chibiterasu, star of Capcom's Okamiden, for the chance to win a plush keyring of the lupine goddess.

The first three people to find the poster, take a photo of themselves next to it and share it via the official Okami Facebook page will win one of the cutesy keyrings. If you're up for the hunt, the idea of finding posters in the whole of New York may sound daunting, but the phone number on the poster may contain a few hints.

Okamiden is out in North America and Europe in early 2011.


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Zeldaterasu said:

If I lived in New York I would be all over this!

@HolyMackerel: Amaterasu was female, but I believe Chibiterasu is a male, though that might be unconfirmed.



citizenerased said:

I LOLed. Hilarious and great ad campaign, but I really hope they do a good job at marketing this to mainstream.



LordJumpMad said:

Don't hate me.....but.

I think, I found the Dog,......with my Car.........
But is there a Reward for the Dog, I still have it!
Holds up a Blood soaked bag



Golgo said:

If this was released in the UK, then PETA (the astonishingly stupid animal rights nazis) would be all over it for trivializing the plight of real lost animals, etc.



Flandy said:

I thought Chibiterasu was male! D:
Edit: In the poster it says he's male



ArmoredGoomba said:

Well I desperately want that plush key ring. But I don't live in New York, and even if I did I'm probably too lazy to search the city.



zezhyrule said:

Well if there are only a couple of keychains produced, maybe they'll be worth lots?



RyuZebian said:

Wicked ad campaign! Takes more to make the game a success, but very nice for the sake of it!



PSICOffee said:

Of course NY because there is NO WHERE ELSE in the whole US that's important.. >.>

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