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Exclusive: Flipper 2 Announced!

Posted by James Newton

Sequel with a twist!

We promised you the exclusive on Goodbye Galaxy Games' new title and here it is: Flipper 2 is on the way to DSiWare!

It's not just going to be a rehash of the original Flipper, however, as this concept art shows. Not only that, there's a big twist: you can play the whole game with just one button. All of Flipper's moves can be performed just by pushing one button, with Hugo promising "many, many actions" available.

Here's the press release below with more information.

I'm very excited to announce my new game today; Flipper 2. It's going to be a 2D platform game that can be controlled with only one button. It's coming to DSi-Ware and it will be like nothing else.

The game is controlled by one button. Every screen Flipper can preform one action (jump,shoot) by pressing that button. And you need to figure out how to get Flipper to the other side safely with that action (avoiding all the traps and enemies). The levels are pretty random in what the player needs to do, so it's a bit like Wario Ware. You
have to quickly find out what to do and do it before you die. It's very action-orientated. With a lot of explosions and score-points flying everywhere.

The big focus is on the main-character of this game; Flipper. There are many, MANY actions and animations that he will show off. All goofy,funny or awesome. I have some great artists working on this; Paul Veer (who also did graphics for Flipper 1) and Roy Nathan de Groot (who did this amazing concept piece). I tried to keep it like a comic/cartoon thing from the 90s, the humor is also in this style. Basically Paul made animations, and If it made me laugh we kept them

Especially the dying animations are funny as hell.

So to sum it up; If you like 90s cartoons and videogames. You like this.

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HolyMackerel said:

Interesting. Looking forward to it, glad there's more to do than the original. I hope it's a longer game too.

Flipper's suit artwork seems heavily inspired by Earthworm Jim.



LuWiiGi said:

@Nintenzo I love Nitrome! It used to be my favourite site. Seriously everyone should check it out.

ON TOPIC: Well, I never got the original Flipper but I'll definitely be buying this.

I also have a few questions for Hugo:
What is the planned price of the game?
Will Flipper 2 come out in Europe much later than the US?
Will it have more content than the last Flipper?
How do you move the character in the game?



HugoSmits said:

price will probably be 500 points (but I'll make sure this time it has enough gameplay to justify that price tag), but things like the price can always change.. so don't hold it against me

I want the US/EU release to be at the same time.

Yes it will have multiple modes, and more levels in general. Although I can't be too specific about this right now.

the character moves automatically and you can let it do an action (which action depends on the level) like shooting or jumping by pressing one button. There are alot more (and funnier/stranger) actions, but I don't want to reveal them at this time

It sounds a bit weird, but I'm sure it will surprise many of you how it gives you a full platform expierence (that's something I still get surprised about everytime I play a quick game of Flipper 2).

It's not like OneKey at all.... since you control the character. It's more close to one-button bob. But Flipper adds alot of action and cool things that you probably didn't see before in games!



LuWiiGi said:

@Hugo Fantastic, it's nice to see a developer thinking about the gamers. I'll definitely pick this up.



Birdman said:

Definitely sounds interesting and should be worth it when it arrives.



AG_Awesome said:

I just played One button Bob.... what an awesome game! Definitely getting Flipper 2 if it plays like that, though I hope it is longer than ten minutes... Seems like the concept can only last so long. Id love for a randomizer or something to keep the game going.



HugoSmits said:


well.. your loves get answerd. There will be some random-castle-generating in a specific Flipper 2 mode to keep thing awesome!

I hope to keep the game/concept fresh by giving the player alot of different and crazy actions (one button bob has only a very limited set of basic platform actions). Next to that there will be alot of different animations to keep it funny all the time!



brandonbwii said:

I wonder if this game will be any more challenging than the original. It seemed like the moment the game started to really pick up, it was over. Also, how much challenge can one button give you?



Tethers said:

For me Flipper was a really, really nice game, so I look forward to this one .



RoyalBlur said:

Man, that concept art looks good. I sure hope they produce a comic book adaption because I'd certainly buy it!

Now if only the in-game graphics are as good if those of Shantae: Risky's Revenge this will be the one to own.



LuWiiGi said:

So there's a random-generating mode too?! This game will be awesome. Also, will there be some cool hidden unlockables (secret levels, alternate title screens, extra animations etc.) in Flipper 2? Cos I just love that kind of thing.



Raylax said:

Bob The Goldfish is out for revenge for his humiliating defeat at the hands of Earthworm Jim.
Sounds cool based on the summary. One-button games, yay!



Token_Girl said:


Sounds like a really neat game concept. I look forward to hearing more about it. Also, thanks for being around and answering our questions about the game. Not many devs do that. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this game!



EdEN said:

@HugoSmiths: You should really consider creating a little extra content for those of us that bought Flipper on DSiware as was the case with those of us that bought Mighty Flip Champs and then Shantae from WayForward.



HugoSmits said:

@Token Girl:

no problem... I'm always watching the site and the forums


I'm thinking about it... but I have to check how much extra work and risk (with the lotcheck part) it takes.. so I can't promise anything!



Corbs said:

Ever since Hugo first told me about this premise, I've been quite excited about this game. Love the idea behind it and the possibilities it offers. Can't wait to play this one. Keep 'em coming Hugo!



Deviant_Mugen said:

It's games like these that make me lament not owning a DSi. I'll definitely show this one some love once I own a 3DS, though...



Odnetnin said:

@Hugo This is probably the best thing you could've announced. I love platformers ( a one-button one sounds interesting!) and I'm so glad you're not abandoning the Flipper franchise because it is so charming and delightful. Well done.



shinobi88 said:

i said if the art style was epic i'd give it a look. it reminds of earthworm jim. and 90s comic books are i'll give it a look. go 90s



rayword45 said:


I disagreed with the review for the first game and absolutely adored the original. Even if this game sounds completely different, I still have very high hopes for anything by Goodbye Galaxy



HugoSmits said:


Canabalt doesn't even come close to what Flipper 2 is. it's just so different. Playing Flipper for a few minutes will give you a total platform expierence .. for sure!

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