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Cave Story Update Now Available

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Bugs in WiiWare platformer have been zapped

Owners of Cave Story might remember that the game had a few minor glitches in its original release, but the nice folks at Nicalis have addressed these issues and the game can now be updated via the Wii Shop Channel.

Some of the issues addressed are:

  • Menu screen cleaned up: No longer "glitchy rotating selection" and instead a more tradtional 2D layout as expected.
  • Extra Modes are now locked until conditions fullfilled.
  • Remixed music significantly improved. (Drumbeats make a huge difference!)
  • Sound mixing fixed. Raining EXP drops are no longer deafening to the ears.
  • Map screen no longer covers the entire screen with black. Instead it overlays the map on top of the play.
  • Script: "Examinate further" has been corrected to "Examine further"
  • Transparent menu and home button screens
  • Gamecube controller support
  • Improved original music
  • Outer Wall crash fixed

We'll keep you posted on any future news regarding the game and we'll hopefully have a firm European release date soon as well.

Thanks to Justin for the heads up.

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Hokori said:

I didnt even know of a bug in cave story ?? Cool Ill update it now.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I hope this fixes that Outer Wall door game crasher. That's not listed above, but fingers crossed!

Will download later. Either way, I'm glad to see it getting patched.



CanisWolfred said:

Awesomeness. I'm tempted to get this game now that the problems are fixed. Plus I figure it's been long enough since I've played the original, and I realize that PC controllers cost more than $12.



Odnetnin said:

@10 LOL I hated that music so much. To each his own, though.

EDIT: Remixed version of Plantation (Cave Story Theme) is much better than the original new version.



Skotski said:

And people say Wii games can't have patches... well, at least WiiWare games have patches now...
...doesn't really stop that argument for retail games.



Odnetnin said:

@pik So far, yes. :3

They better release the undeniably amazing new soundtrack (including Plantation, Blood-Stained Sanctuary, Balcony, and Death theme) online.



Bones00 said:

@13 Thanks

I notice my original Cave Story is still on my SD card. I suppose the new version doesn't replace the original.



Link79 said:

They really do care! Bout time too! Guess I'll have to replay it again to check this out. Downloading update now! I suppose I should take back all the smack talking I was doing about Nicalis. Now just gotta wait for Night game or whatever they wanna call it and La-Mulana.



hylianhalcyon said:

@8: I have that same bug, so I too hope it's fixed. The weird thing for me though was that it would only happen the first time I went in an Outer Wall door in a file. Once I reset and went back, it was all fine. Even so, it was really annoying, and quite jarring.



Monkeh said:

I hate you all for even getting a bug fix, while us Europeans still haven't gotten the game. Damn you all!



Odnetnin said:

Just started my first Curly Story and played up until Bushlands in celebration of the update. New Bushlands theme is really great. I'm not gonna let myself play anymore though until Cave Story DSiWare comes out.

Good job, Nicalis, on improving a near-perfect game.



SwerdMurd said:

GOOD! Good good good good. Downloading the update now--gonna play again

I'm guessing the kinda weird screen layout is more due to the total resolution of the screen/doubling of original graphic fidelity and can't be addressed? I refer to the inability to see most of the bottom tile on virtually every map...haven't checked yet, but will shortly.

At any rate, glad this could happen.

Good decision to lock the extras, too! Kinda puzzled as to why they were unlocked from the start...not really bad, but seemed kinda strange to give people the option of tackling Sanctuary before even knowing the second ending could exist...



Marvelousmoo said:

The locking is good, but will i not be able to play them until I beat the running hell part? I cannot beat it, as I suck at video games. I gotta hear the music though, so this is definitely coming on my Wii right now.



pixelman said:

"Sound mixing fixed. Raining EXP drops are no longer deafening to the ears."

THANK GOD! I know what I'm going to be doing all night.



edhe said:

We'll get it eventually, albeit with all the gamebreaking bugs.



edhe said:

Oh yeah! That's another thing.

Lets make a bet that NA will get the DSi version of Cave Story before Europe [gets the wiiware version].

"Prace Bets Now!"



Marvelousmoo said:

Ooo we can listen to the music if we click through on the music tab with 1 and 2. They even have new Toroko and King themes. They aren't too much better though. But still, King's theme deserves a few more listens. Oh and those annoying text sounds are lessened slightly. I don't know, I think I liked the old music better. I'm not a big fan of drums and clicky staccato sounds, but I guess it gives it more of an 8-bit feel...



pikku said:

lol fine, all the other updates are definitely worth it, so I'm going for it :3



pixelman said:

I've returned to report that the music is 1,000,000 times better now. I started a new file so I've yet to find out if the EXP drops are less deafening, unfortunately.



ToastyYogurt said:

Wait, you'll fix a small translation error, but you won't make Balrog say "Huzzah!" again? Meh, still not buying.



CanisWolfred said:

Right, I forgot about the lack of "Huzzah"...

However, was "Huzzah!" ever the official translation? I mean, the PC version was only fan translated, after all.



Mr_Saturn said:

"Extra Modes are now locked untill conditions fullfilled." - This part scares me because, frankly, I suck at this game but love playing through the Extra Modes.



Rerun said:

Two thumbs up for the people at Nicalis for doing the right thing!



NeoShinobi said:

Damn, now I really have no reason not to download this. I mean, I probably was going to download it anyways but this just seals the deal.



vakama94 said:

well i ´ve downloaded the update but my game is going waay too slow compared to the old version, has anyone noticed this? when i walk into a room or i grab an object the game pauses for a bit and then returns to normal, what´s happening?



Marvelousmoo said:

Okay, there are two things that bug me.

First of all, the sound does not seem equalized. The in game music is really quiet compared to the Wii itself; even with the music volume turned up all the way. Perhaps this is caused by my old TV that only has one speaker (and the whole thing is tinted green on one half and really dark on the other, with a spot of blue in the middle of the green), but still, it shouldn't be that big of a difference. The exp drops do not seem to be any quieter, despite the music being so quiet I have to turn it up really loud. While the text noise isn't quite so loud and annoying, it is now more quite, high pitched, and slightly less annoying. It is still a great improvement though.

Secondly, there are really annoying long pauses in between screens now. The game takes a a few seconds to load, which isn't that big of a deal, but when you get an item or a heart capsule and you have to wait five seconds after you get it to continue playing, it gets frustrating. The load times for areas are also quite a bit longer.

If you downloaded the bugged version before, I still strongly recommend getting the update. However it isn't perfect. It fixes a lot of issues and makes many aspects of the game better, but the sound problem is really diminished instead of fixed completely. If you haven't bought it already and like Cave Story, then get it now.



Bakajin said:

@35&36: AFAIK the WiiWare version is the first official translation. I can understand being partial to the first version you were introduced to, but for me that's the WiiWare version, and every time he says Oh Yeah! it feels like Kool-Aid Man just showed up. I'll take Oh Yeah! any day.



tyrone said:

vakama94, It's not really going slow. It's loading the remixed music. To make sure we got the audio just right, we went with an MP3-type audio format instead of MIDI. If you switch to the original audio, you'll notice there's literally no loading between areas.



Odnetnin said:

Thanks for the update Tyrone and co., much appreciated! I have a question about the DSiWare version, if you have time: Will the cheat codes from the Tips & Tricks mag you used to work for still work? I like pretending that I'm playing on Hard when I'm really on Easy.



moosa said:

Its too bad I already played this game to deathhhhhh. I'll have to at least check out the music though.



Rensch said:

Release it in Europe already! I wanna see the improved visuals and music.



Golgo said:

One step closer to the most important thing: EU release...I hope...
Come on Tyrone stop teasing, give us a date to look forward to know you want to...



paulcmnt said:

Too late if you were still planning on releasing this in the EU! I already finished it, and think it's not worth the money, especially considering there's a free, almost identical, version out there.



EdEN said:

And now I'll download the update and get to play the game. Did my part by supporting it at launch so I'm glad they finally made good on their promise.



romulux said:

Marvelousmoo, the sound is balanced well when using both new music and new graphics. if you mix and match, that's when you get balancing problems, which i assume is why the volume adjustment is there in the first place.

if you're using new graphics with old music, you almost have to turn the music halfway down. this is no big deal; the old music sounds way better than before and has no more faults, and all you have to down is turn a slider down a couple notches.



MDee14 said:

see why can't Nintendo or the wiiware developers bring out updates likes these. This is awesome!!



Scottie said:

Is this coming to the EU this month? Please tell us Europeans as we need this new improved game. I have the points ready!



MDee14 said:

@Mickeymac as for Gaijin Games, i have a little bone to pick with them. I can understand if the first Beat game didn't have an online leaderboard, but you would think it would be easy to add in the second one or other Beat games. even bring out an update to bring it out. I would literally kill a lot of hours if they now updated those games with online leaderboards. If you didn't have time to make it then, you surely have time to make it now.

Look at Cave Story, game out in March and look at this huge update.



CanisWolfred said:


This update is nothing to brag about. The fact they have to fix this many problems post release is shameful and brings into question how extensively they even bothered to test it. Sure, they fixed all the problems, but that's because they want it to sell. They didn't add anything, except for Gamecube Controller Support. No one has ever added full-fledged features like online leaderboards on Wiiware. Not that I know of, at least. In fact, I'm not even sure if they're allowed to do something like that.



OverlordMao said:

Playing it now. Gotta say the biggest improvement is no longer do the exp crystals drown everything else out horribly.

Oh yeah, and the music is EVEN BETTER.



romulux said:

mickeymac, why did they have to add anything? was the game somehow lacking something even after adding alternate modes and difficulties in? you post makes it sound like you haven't even played the game, or at least downloaded the update. the music is hugely improved, and this is a game where music really matters.



CanisWolfred said:


I didn't require they add anything. I'm just saying that they didn't add anything the way MDee14 was not only implying, but criticizing another developer for not doing the same.



MDee14 said:

@mickeymac when i played cave story, i didn't see or hear anything wrong with the game. I'm sure a lot people who played can agree on that. My point on getting on Gaijin back is that, they knew a lot of people wanted online play for their game, and i couldn't believe that they didn't even add it in the sequels, or even took the time to look back on improving the game.

The fact that the developers for Cave Story took the time, and re looked at the game and saw it wasn't at the level they wanted it and took the time to improve it and even brought out a small feature(gamecube support), which they didn't have to do, but they did it anyway.You have to give them a little credit of doing it.

I agree i shouldn't only target Gaijin as they're not the only developers who have done it. The reason i selected actually was due to the App Store, which now has the game and i see it supporting all of this content and online leaderboard, which i can't understand why you couldn't put it on the Wii.



romulux said:

^mm, in that context i get what you were saying, but i still think this update was pretty substantial. the fact that it now lets you listen to the full soundtrack, original and new, on the menu is enough to be awesome even without taking the bug fixes into account.



MDee14 said:

exactly @romulux, not only they fixed the bugs, which i don't remember any at all, but they gave the fans more, even though it seems little. They knew people loved the music in the game, so they patched it up and offered the full soundtrack of both new and old.

Developers know Wii players, crave online, is it really that difficult to add it in.

Here's your list @Mickeymac
Texas Hold'em Tournament

those are the only games i can think of that are under 1000 for online play, and imagine they have online play and cost under 1000. All i'm asking is online leaderboards. If an App that cost $1 can have it, why can't a $5 wiiware game can't?

Now Bit Trip (as an example now) came out for 600 wii points and it came out for the iOS for $5 same game, except they added gamecenter (online leaderboards) even multiplayer option.

Why can't Nintendo get the same treatment from developers. You can see that updates are possible, why not add features that fans want. I know at times developers have a deadlines or are rushed to finish a game, but the window is always open for improvements.

Wouldn't you be happy that a bunch of wiiware games got online support? i know i would



CanisWolfred said:

As I understand it, Nintendo charges extra for online features, not to mention it costs more to test, and you have to keep up servers. Uno and Texas Hold 'em probably didn't cost much to make, so I'd image they had enough to spare for online features without upping the price. AppStore games are run differently than Wiiware is, so I can guess that online features was simply more cost effective on the iPhone than it would be on Nintendo's platform, especially since it was mostly just a straight port with some added features.

Maybe your best bet would be to email Gaijin games and see if you can get some answers straight from the source?



Jockolantern said:

Woot! It was a looooooooong time coming but it's great to play this game in the way it should've been released initially. The updates and fixes are absolutely fantastic. So, Nigoro, let's try and dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s on your next release, pretty please. _



Starwolf_UK said:

@MDee14. Multiplayer wasn't added. It is in the original Bit.Trip beat. You did notice the 1-4 players when buying it at the Wii Shop?



Odnetnin said:

@MDee14 I don't think GameCenter costs money for leaderboards, but WiiWare does, and Gaijin Games is just a four-man indie studio. Plus each level can have a 'PERFECT' score anyway.

How can you listen to the entire soundtrack on the menu?



A1234 said:

thanks GeminiSaint! I will do that.
so, why did this update not have the usual "update" wording above the title? I would have not known about this update unless I was a member here.



CanisWolfred said:

I went months without updating Bit.Trip Beat because I was never told an update even existed. Seriously, why doesn't Nintendo inform people about these things through the Wii?

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