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You Can Stop Waiting for Worms: Battle Islands on WiiWare Now

Posted by James Newton

It's coming out on disc instead

It's been a long old time since we last heard anything about Worms: Battle Islands but we were expecting it to launch on WiiWare this month. Sadly, the downloadable service just got a little duller, as THQ has announced the game is on its way to Wii as a retail release.

The game is now scheduled to release in November.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. - Delivering an arsenal full of laughs, explosions and over-the-top turn-based strategy gameplay this November, THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that Worms: Battle Islands is currently in development for Wii. The franchise that has sold more than 25 million units at retail over its lifetime and provided countless hours of strategy fun returns with classic Worms gameplay, all-new extensive online multiplayer support, customizable weapons and environments to blow to bits. Worms: Battle Islands is being published through the THQ Partners program.

About Worms: Battle Islands
Rally your worm troops, plot to defeat your enemies and battle your way through 30 single-player campaign mode missions, 30 brain teasing single-player Puzzle challenges and five different multiplayer game modes on or offline as you fight to take control of a secret island Worms™ base. Packed with more than 40 different in-game weapons and utilities, a deep customization tool set that allows users to personalize their Worms appearance and create their own weapons of mass destruction in the weapon factory, Worms: Battle Islands will quench all gamers thirst for ammo and destruction.


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Aviator said:

Now another 100 forums threads about when this is coming out. Huzzah!



KaiserGX said:

Sooooobbbbb.... oh well... still going to get it... I just won't gift it to my friend now.



Amorous_Badger said:

Actually, hilarious sarcasm aside, I'm quite pleased about this, as it means no 'having to download DLC to artificially boost the profits', and there'll hopefully be a LOT more content to this than there would have been had it been on WiiWare.



KaiserGX said:

I was saying that it was cheaper on VC and I was willing to gift it to him to play online.



KaiserGX said:

There is no DLC, well there was some flags but that was free. I was talking to the with someone inside Team 17, they told me this game was as big as it is on Wiiware. I think though they might add the cut scenes that wouldn't fit on Wiiware that where on the PSP one.



JimLad said:

Of course I'll still get it, it just means now they'll charge 3 times as much.
And I highly doubt they've added much to it.



KaiserGX said:

That's what I was saying. So no gift for him... At least I can take it over to his house to play.



KaiserGX said:

I keep trying to avoid double posting but this costs $29.99 on Amazon right now.



cheapogamer4life said:

From download to retail. I'm sure this has happen so many times before, but I can't think of any games that come to mind at the moment. Strange...



Fuzzy said:

@MarioPartyFan999- You must be going to the wrong stores, because I've never paid $100 for a game in Australia.

Anyway, I'm happy it's a disc release, because now I'll be able to take it round to friends places for some multiplayer action!



KaiserGX said:

You don't get the new weapons customization, island tactics and home base RPG style on any of the Worms games on PSN. ')



StuffyStuff said:

You mean I have to leave my house to get this game now? Ugh, Gamestop is a whole 0.8 miles from my house.



Shiryu said:

I wish Team 17 would remake for the Wii "Alien Breed", "Projext X" and other of their old Amiga franchises. Id even like to get "Body Blows".



skywake said:

@Mario Party Fan 999
Metriod: Other M is a full retail game, its going for $79AU at some stores. The only Wii games I know of that are above $100AU are bundles and big bundles at that. Goldeneye with the gold CC Pro will be ~$114, Wii Fit used to go for $150 although even its under $100 at many places now.

Come to think of it, the last time I payed anywhere near $100 for a new Wii game was Twilight Princess... and that was near Launch when supplies were very low. I went to heaps of stores for a good week straight before I got that game and paid something like $95AU



2-D said:

Meh, I would have got it on WiiWare but I doubt I'll buy the disc. It's not the sort of game I play loads, but I like it and it would have been good to have a small version - kinda like Tetris and Bomberman Blast. I'd never buy Tetris Wii at retail, but the WiiWare versions great to drop in and out of.
Is there any chance of a stripped back, no-campaign version for WiiWare?



manleycartoonist said:


This has ruined my day. I guess Grand Theft Retro will get my 1200 wii points I have been saving for 5 months.



KaiserGX said:

The whole game fits, it was already sent to Nintendo, I have no idea why they took it out and put it on retail.



LuWiiGi said:

Maybe it takes up too much space to fit on WiiWare. Unnfortunately now it'll be more expensive, I bet.



accc said:

That's lame, as someone who's never been into the series I was looking forward to trying out the Wiiware version for cheap but there's no way I'm gonna pay retail price for it.



killer6370 said:

Now i am not going to buy it i never buyed worms as retail version and am not going to start if it costs 10 euro as retail maybe ill buy it but more than 10 noway



bro2dragons said:

dang. yeah, i was really looking forward to it... so i'll probably still get it... but i've got mixed feelings about the raised price, but probably added content...



KaiserGX said:

From what I know, there is no added content. This game was already originally going to be a retail game anyways. Most of the price comes from publishing and cost of manuals and CDs.



KaiserGX said:

irken your the one I was gonna gift a copy too... I guess it would have been a waste...



Token_Girl said:

Pish, now it's going to be $30 as opposed to what on PSN/Xbox Live? It's probably half the cost on those download services.

I don't know why all these companies think Wii owners are willing to spend more on the same game than PS360 owners. The Wii's the CHEAP console.



Yosher said:

To be honest I completely forgot about this title. I dunno if I even heard about it before in the first place. I'll probably get this when it gets cheaper since Worms really is a budget title in my eyes, although a great one.



KaiserGX said:

It's not the same game, there something new and neat stuff on Battle Islands that makes it different then the other titles.



Gamebits said:

The product's Web site says, "Today THQ announced Worms Battle Islands for Wii. Worms Battle Islands is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to battle across 6 unique and custom designed levels as they take control of and customize their islands."

Six levels?



KaiserGX said:

Six level environments. Like snow, dessert forest, you can set your base in any of these 6. You can make your own stages and there's 30 missions on single player.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Drat! Now I probably won't be able to get it until next spring.

There's also now nothing on WiiWare I'm really looking forward to that appears to be coming out soon.



NeoShinobi said:

This WILL be a budget title, so it obviously won't cost more then $30. This doesn't really bother me at all. I'll just pick up the game when it goes down to the price that it probably would have been on WiiWare.

@Token Girl: This is not the same game thats on PSN/XBLA. This game has some completely different gameplay modes and features.

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