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Thorium Wars Blasts European DSiWare After Twelve Month Wait

Posted by James Newton

Better late than never

Thorium Wars, believe it or not, was released in North America in October 2009, and until now hadn't troubled European gamers' radars. Now the space adventure is set to land on European DSi consoles on Friday, October 8th, for a cheaper-than-in-North-America 800 Nintendo Points.

You can read our Thorium Wars review to find out more about this extremely polished and enjoyable intergalactic adventure. We enquired if any alterations had been made for the European release, and were told:

The entire game is intact, some tweaks have been made per player suggestions to make the game a little less difficult in some areas.

So there you have it.


Release date set for October 8, 2010

In the aftermath of a devastating global conflict to control revolutionary Thorium fuel cell technology, the existence of mankind is faced with a new threat. The Thorions, a technically advanced super species of Thorium powered machines once developed to wage war for mankind, have now turned against them. To stop the Thorions from destroying mankind altogether, you must develop the right tactics to drive them from their conquered land. Take control of the outcome as Thorium Wars proves to be the ultimate test for the survival of the fittest. Exciting features include:

Futuristic Vehicle Shooter: Blast through waves of Thorions using five powerful vehicles across twelve exciting missions.

Exotic Battlefields: Navigate your way through a wide variety of combat environments including deserts, lush valleys, oceans, air, and space.

Devastating Enemy Mechs: Face the terrifying army of Thorium beasts ranging from swarms of Redeye Drones to the bone crushing Manticore Walker.

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moosa said:

I don't remember seeing this when it first popped up. Pretty impressive graphics for a download release. It looks fun but from the video it looks like you have to soak up a lot of damage without being able to avoid it, which I consider generally bad game design. But having never played it, what can I really say?



Oregano said:

Ooo, I want this game. I wonder if they tweaked it though, it was apparently brutally difficult.



Arkaein said:

@Oregano: actually, we did tweak the difficulty a bit, since that was the primary complaint.

The differences are not huge, and most people will still consider it a challenging game, especially on the higher difficulty level (there are two, Standard and Expert), but we think it will improve the experience a bit for most gamers.

And since the question is likely to come up, no, the North America version will not be updated.



LuWiiGi said:

Thanks Arkaein! I can't wait to DL this, looks fantastic. Is this longer or shorter than 3D Space Tank?



Arkaein said:

@LuWiiGi: the length of the game is really dependent on whether you get stuck in any of the more difficult sections, but I'd say that for a new player it will take at least 4 hours to complete for someone who is very good at the game, and probably closer to 6 or 8 hours for a more average player.

I haven't played through all of X-Scape/Space Tank, so i can't really compare lengths.

The game tracks the best time for each mission completion, and I could probably speed run the game on Standard difficulty in about 2 hours. That really requires knowing the levels very well though, so no one is going to come close to that on a first play through.



Oregano said:

Ooo thank you, will definitely purchase then.

Will you be hanging out in the EU thread helping people like with the US thread? That was awesome of you.



Kimiko said:

I just read NL's review of the NAmerican version. It sounds like this'll be a pretty cool and surprisingly (for a DSi title) well-made game. Looking forward to a comparison between the EU and NAmerican versions.

Cool too to see (one of) the developer(s) posting here. Always nice to see personal attention like that



Bassman_Q said:

Yay you guys in Europe can finally enjoy one of my favorite DSiWare games!

Aside from some frustration due to a rather high difficulty, this is definitely a must-buy for fans of vehicle shooters like Starfox.



Odnetnin said:

It may be "extremely polished and enjoyable intergalactic adventure" but it's inexcusably difficult. Congrats on getting a more playable and cheaper version though, EU.



GammaGames said:

I hope they release an update with the tweaks for US, mainly on the asteriod level when you protect the ships. Never beat that level... It was a great game though



Philip_J_Reed said:

GammaGames: See comment 7 from the developer. We won't be getting the update.

That said, my original rating of 8/10 was pretty good, and hopefully encouraged a few folks to pick it up, but with a difficulty tweak and a price drop, you'd be crazy to miss this one. Definitely the most impressive DSiWare game I've played personally.



Odnetnin said:

I thought so before Chicken but for non-skilled players like me the game gets way too difficult way too fast and the levels shouldn't be 30 mins. to an hour each anyway. Hardcore people enjoy, though.



ExploderReviews said:

@16 thats the hardest part in the game. If you beat that, you're right on your way to completion, which feels pretty satisfying after all that hard work. The last levels hard too, but its funner then it is hard, so it'll be worth it to try again.



Rathe said:

I bought this game on release and found myself to have a couple issues with it.

The difficulty was definitely a turn off, but only due to the medium it was released on. This may be an opinion piece here, but I envision DSiWare games as pick-up-and-play type of games. Thorium Wars is not something you can just pick-up-and-play...You need to have some time and patience to fully enjoy the game. Don't get me wrong, this is by all means a fantastic game in terms of the gameplay mechanics and overall enjoyability. I just feel that the pacing is a tad off. The levels could have been a bit shorter and more manageable. The difficulty definitely affects this, because you'll likely have to play through each level at least twice on your first run through.

I wouldn't want to turn anyone off from a great buy, especially with lower difficulty and a cheaper price. Just be prepared to invest a lot of time per sitting if you want to get through this game.



childofacid said:

The game starts off ok but then gets very difficult. I still wouldnt recomend this game to anyone even with the tweaks. The controls are awkward, the levels are long and frustrating without save points. I think not giving the US an updated fix is a slap in the face to people still struggling with its difficulty.



fishman100 said:

I love this game, but I'm stuck on the 11th level (the one where you have to defend the Orion Starships or whatever they're called against the asteroids and the mines)



fishman100 said:

@sam322 I can't get to checkpoint 1. How pitiful.

How did you manage to get past the first two checkpoints? They seem impossible!

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