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Super Street Fighter IV Producer Hints at Extra 3DS Content

Posted by James Newton

Game to use as-yet unannounced 3DS features

A portable, fully-equipped, 3D-enabled conversion of Super Street Fighter IV sounded too good to be true just six months ago, but here we are in the knowledge that Capcom is bringing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to the 3DS with all 35 characters intact. Will it be adding more to the mix? Producer Yoshinori Ono is reluctant to confirm or deny.

RevoGamers: Will the 3DS version have any new content, like new characters or costumes?
Ono: I really want to tell you, but I can't (Laughs) You'll probably have to wait.

This interview was conducted on August 18th and Ono went on to say gamers would have to wait a month and a half for more information, which brings us neatly to the end of September, pointing to September 29th as the date we'll discover more than just the 3DS's release date and pricing.

When quizzed about the game's multiplayer modes, Ono stated the team is currently investigating how best to realise the series' famous multiplayer mode. One cryptic comment points to an as-yet unannounced multiplayer feature of the 3DS – could Ono be referring to CrossPass or something even more secretive?

So Nintendo will be announcing exactly how that's done sometime soon, and Super Street Fighter IV will be there when they announce the features.

Many, many questions will be answered next Wednesday, and we'll be here with all the information.


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Tar said:

2d fighting games get boring after a while, I am not planning to get this, if I get a 3DS. Those games are too repetitive.



Bass_X0 said:

2d fighting games get boring after a while,

What makes 3D games less boring?



King_Boo said:

I was wondering, what is Nintendo going to do exactly? Are they holding an event somewhere or are they just going to release the info to the press?



WiiLovePeace said:

Yes definitely, it's practically only a week away... Finally all the rumours will be squashed or proven. It'll be a good day



Token_Girl said:

As cool as it is that Nintendo owners will be getting some street fighter love, fighters are just better on TVs while playing with a bunch of your friends. I know you'll be able to play multiplayer with the portable, but it's all just more fun when everyone's sitting together around the "big screen."



Burn said:

Say what? How can you be excited about this game. An online mode is going to seal the deal, just wait.



bro2dragons said:

@TwilightV and Token Girl: I agree with both of you completely. Two completely different points... but put them together and you've just created a little piece of my dragon-y mind.



CanisWolfred said:

The characters are fine, I just want more singleplayer modes. The 360 version was lacking in that department, IMO.



JayArr said:

This will be so Awesome!!!! Only if they pull of the multiplayer though. We need On-line play on Nintendo portables now!



PTJohe said:

If my favorite fighting game (DOA) wasn't also coming to 3DS, I'd gladly buy this on launch. I'll probably buy it later, though...



Cheezy said:

I've been dying to play SF4 but I don't own a 360 or PS3 and my PC doesn't have the power to play it but I will be getting a 3DS so this will be my only chance



WaveBoy said:

@Toekn Girl

But it's in 3D!
And it's just cool to have something as awesome as this on the go, and it's online. But i see what you're saying, but the same goes for every other game. Honestly who wouldn't want to play any game on a large sized tv? The 3DS's main appeal is the 3D, which makes it far more unique, incredible, eye popping and engaging visually than anything else on the market from a 3D perspective.

Honestly though if we had 3D HDTV's without the need for glasses(which are in the works right now) and a 3D Super Street fighter IV on the PS3, i too wouldn't bother with the 3DS version.



fishman100 said:

Wow, the 29th???????/ That's only in 8 days!!! Where has time gone????????????????????



KiroX777 said:

@Token Girl
yea, nintendo said the same thing with new super mario bros wii and look how that turned out... no online + plenty of people complaining that nintendo is "ignorant to what gamers want"...

yea it's fun to be wit your friends for anything! but does that mean that 3D horror movies on the plane is not worth it because 3D movies in the theater with your friends is more fun? you people need to look deeper into things before criticizing what will be one of the most fun games on 3DS.



SilverBaretta said:

I say Capcom should jumpstart Nintendo vs. Capcom and put Mario in there! All will be revealed come the 29th....



retro_player_22 said:

I hope they add the arcade people in there(Yun, Yang, Elena, etc.) that would make the game feel more complete.

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