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Super Mario Collection Special Pack Revealed

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Game details, box art, promo video and more

We've been bringing you all the news regarding the enticing yet vague announcement of the Japan-exclusive Super Mario Collection Special Pack, including a posting from an online retailer somewhat obliquely detailing its contents.

Now comes the definitive announcement regarding the title, which marks the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.'s Japanese release. It's to include the Super Mario All-Stars versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan), Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Super Mario USA in Japan) and Super Mario Bros. 3. Basically, then, the disc is a re-release of the original Super Nintendo game, which updated the NES collection to Super Nintendo standards of graphics and audio.

What may be more enticing to some is the inclusion of a book that features art, sketches and factoids regarding the series as well as a special soundtrack CD, which includes music from the original Super Mario Bros. all the way up to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The entire package will hit Japanese shelves in a limited quantity on October 21 for ¥2,500 (about $29.76 USD, 19.28 GBP, 23.23 EUR or 31.98 AUD).

Below, you can check out some detailed shots of the release and its contents as well as a promotional video, and check further down for screen shots of the game itself. And for those lucky Japanese fans, Nintendo's holding a drawing in which you can win lots of cool Mario stuff, including tote bags, t-shirts and playing cards.

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Jon2 said:

I do wan't this to be released outside Japan. But I doubt it will. I think Super Mario All Stars will get a VC release in the U.S and Europe.



Zach said:

Perhaps when Super Mario Bros has its 25th birthday elsewhere (March 2011 for North America, May 15, 2012 for Europe, etc.) we'll see something like this for the rest of the world.



rustythekid said:

I have to be honest, I want this as much as Michael Jackson wanted Bubbles to speak.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Although I hope it is released for those who would like to buy it...isn't it just a Wii Version of Super Mario All Stars to mark the occassion?

I'd of thought most users here have them on their Wii's anyway via VC.



Syr said:

so how many US dollars is 2500 yen?

Edit: that's $29.93 on this side of the puddle. I'd buy it.



Nintendophile said:

I was REALLY hoping there'd be more to this than just the actual SNES game, but I guess the included art book and soundtrack are nice additions.



Zach said:

@Syr Sorry for not including price conversions in the original article, they've been added now. Thanks for pointing this out!



rustythekid said:

like $32 I believe

@Relevant Latty
There is no All Stars version available on the Wii. I grew up with Super Mario Bros but I never got to spend too much time with SMB2 and 3, I got to really play those games on the SNES, so for me, the All-Stars version (which I lost and I still don't know how) is the one to treasure. I love those games and I love Super Mario All Stars.



madgear said:

generally I'd like a disc release but I thought this would Super Mario Allstars done with Wii standard graphics - i.e. New Super Mario Bros. This is quite the let down as a Virtual Console release would be better value to me.

Saying that, though, I bet it is bound for the Virtual Console in the west. Would make more sense - we'd miss out on the CD but that's something I can live without.



PSICOffee said:

Well of course we won't get this. We rarely ever get a fraction of the cool videogame-related stuff Japan gets. Kinda surprising too seeing its a Mario promotion and they usually sell his stuff here, but if its not some Club Nintendo exclusive or anything, I'll know the real reason NOA doesn't release it here is 1) it takes away potential profit for the release of the individual games on the VC 2) they will pretend this set never existed in the first place, as if people around the world don't have access to knowledge of Japan-exclusive games like how it was back in the 80s and early 90s.

Its not that I care THAT much however, seeing its just some lame overpriced reprint of Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES. Could it have killed them to put Super Mario World on there like the + edition had? Or better yet remake them all again removing the small modifications to the games that were present in the original SNES All-Stars version, and maybe make the graphics New Super Mario Bros-esque (hey it might not look like the originals anymore but at least its something new and interesting to do and updated to wii standards). But I'm sure they didn't have the time or wanted to pull out a quick cash-grabber. Yoshi's Island would've been great at least too, but oh well. Happy bday mario, it's better than nothing (for Japan anyway)!

*7 months later we actually get this set and I look like an ass for what I've said



Shugo said:

Damn, I can see that they still didn't fix the broken brick physics in SMB and Lost Levels. That's a real shame. The package also doesn't include the slightly-more-updated SMAS version of SMW that we got in the west. I was hoping this package would have something a bit more new or maybe have a couple more games like Super Mario 64. I'll be better off just popping my original copy into my SNES.

If this hits VC in the US, though, I'll probably get it. I'm still bummed about the broken brick physics, but I still haven't picked up SMB3 on VC.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, look here:



Tsuchinoko said:

I live in japan...i could so sell this to collectable-starved americans and europeans if i really wanted to...



FonistofCruxis said:

It would've been better if it had NSMBW style remakes but I as it's at a cheap price and it has a mario history booklet and soundtrack it would still be worth it.



CanisWolfred said:

Sounds useless. I already have all the NES games(and at a cheaper total price), and I played Super Mario All-stars only to find that it improved nothing. The rest of the collectable stuff is just a waste of paper, and the CDs will be on Youtube within the month. Granted, it probably wouldn't be released outside of Japan anyways.



Hardy83 said:

Perhaps a Mario Collection can include more than around 2% of the games he's been in huh.



EdEN said:

I'd pay the $30 just for the CD and history booklet. A release over here would probably de $40 but still a great deal since the games are $21 on the Virtual Console and $19 for the booklet and CD would be a steal. The 50-70 coins for my Club Nintendo account wouldn't hurt either.



Archy said:

If those are the actual games, then this is just a sorry excuse for Ninty to make some money.



DrCruse said:

Wow. This is the epitome of how lazy Nintendo has become. They could store these 4 games 500 times over or more on a disc, but no. The give us the exact same thing we got over 15 years ago. There was even a Super Mario Allstars + SMW, but for some reason they couldn't put that in either. Not to mention that the physics are somewhat broken in the SMAS versions of all of the games.

List of what could've/should've been in this game:
Donkey Kong (Arcade)
DK Jr. (Arcade)
Mario Bros (Arcade)
SMB: Lost Levels
Dr. Mario
Yoshi's Cookie
SMW2: Yoshi's Island
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2
Yoshi's Safari
Super Mario RPG
Super Mario Kart
Mario Paint
Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Super Smash Bros.

All of these could easily be stored on a Wii Disc. A Wii disc can hold about 5 or 6 gigabytes, and Super Mario 64 only takes up about 6 Megabytes!

I'll be sticking with my NES carts, thanks.



Nintenzo said:

I knew this day would come. BUT WHY THE HECK DOES IT NEED TO BE JAPAN ONLY?! Oh well, there's always eBay.



Cheezy said:

Cool! But since the game is basically just the SNES collection, it's not so exciting.



RyuZebian said:

What a perfect Engrish the commercial guy speaks! xD Really, it was very clear prenounciation of the romanji version of the words!



KingMike said:

Maybe we'll find out something on October 18 about NA. I believe that's the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and the NES in North America.



Zach said:

@KingMike It's the anniversary of NES in NA, but not Super Mario Bros, which came out much later. Originall the NES was released to a few cities, and for the full, nationwide release, they included SMB.



Cipher said:

Can't believe people are moaning about laziness, cost etc. This is a piece of gaming history right here, the single best way of celebrating Mario's 25th birthday in my opinion. If ever it comes over to the UK, I'll be getting two.



Punny said:

I really hope this comes out in the US. Mario is popular here, too, Nintendo of Japan!



Kaeobais said:

Eh, I still own my SNES cart, so I'm not too big on this. I'd love to get my hands on that book though.



Sneaker13 said:

Even though I still have the original cartridge, I still might get it. It sounds very cool and the price is not too steep.



Token_Girl said:

No way they'll release all stars on VC. $8 for all 4 games together as an SNES release or $20 for each of them individually as NES releases? Not a difficult choice when the NES Mario games are still pretty much dominating VC sales. We may get a disc release like Japan, but that's sort of a rip off since it doesn't include SMW. Great for collectors, but really, nobody else.

Would be a pretty awesome CN exclusive, even if they broke up the package and "sold" the game, art book, and soundtrack separately.



DannyBoyTheDude said:

I think it's worth it for the soundtrack alone. I have two physical cartridges of Super Mario All-Stars anyways.



ToastyYogurt said:

While I think it would be better to remake all of those games with the New Super Mario Bros. style instead of pretty much porting a SNES game to Wii via disc rather than VC, I think it's worth it for the soundtrack. I would love to have music from every Mario game ever. And the booklet looks pretty cool too. DO WANT!



turtlelink said:

Now if they added Super Mario World, this would be amazing, but i would get it for that book and the CD.



Odnetnin said:

Mario is totally taunting us what with that wagging finger and "USA" and all.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm still very dissapointed that there's no Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island..It just doesn't feel complete. Knowing me I'll still most likely plunk down the cash and nab this sucker.



Steamboat_Willie said:

Imo, the collection should include:
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2 (J)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (U)
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Super Mario 64
Super Mario Sunshine

And the first four games should have the option to switch from 16 bit graphics and sounds to 8 bit.

That is my ultimate Super Mario Collection.



hulklol123456789 said:

I really don't care about these, I had all of those games in the gameboy, yeah they are good, but nothing special.



Chris720 said:

Or just buy them all on VC? :¦

I would like the book and soundtrack though.. PLEASE GIVE ME THIS! I LOVE MARIO TOOOOOOO!!



theblackdragon said:

@SpriteKing: why wouldn't it be? Their 'SMB2' is actually our 'The Lost Levels'; they got a proper sequel to SMB instead of the edited Doki-Doki Panic version that we got. :3



ueI said:

But I was promised ALL the Mario games! Seriously though, something would have had to have been improved if Nintendo wanted me to buy this disk.



RowdyRodimus said:

Nintendo doesn't care aboit non-asian people. Seeing all the stuff we've missed out on over the years it really makes me wonder why I still support them.



TheLonelyGamer said:

That looks so epic... me want. I already have All-Stars on my SNES, but I don't care, I'd still get this (if it ever comes to America), for collectors reasons.



DiggerandIndy said:

Boy I wish this thing ain't a Japan-exclusive, but I won't worry: I still got my copy of Super Mario All-Stars, so up yours, Nintendo!



WaveGhoul said:

And thank god we get the Doki Doki panic version of SMB2(which was amazing) because Lost Levels is a poor uncreative cheap sequal which basically ripped everything from the first Mario and made in 10x harder. I would of been so dissapointed if SMB2 USA never existed, it's my favorite game of all time



hylianhalcyon said:

Wow, that is one lame collection. Even if it does have a book and CD, a measly 4 games is pretty pathetic.



Joetherocker said:

Already have all those games on VC. This should have more on it than that if they want people to buy.



HipsterDashie said:


That's the general vibe I'm getting here. Personally I think it's a great announcement!



WolfRamHeart said:

I still have the original Super Mario All-Stars cartridge so I don't need this. Nintendo should just release All-Stars on the VC instead but we all know that will never happen.



Pj1 said:

@ Croz Thank You for posting about Nintendo-Europe selling Mario items, sadly I have no points and I spent a lot of money on buying those snes contollers from Japan! worth it though. I hope in time they will sell them at a local game's shop soon. Nintendo take note.

I saw during an ad break tonight a Mario advert that must have been on for 3 minutes! it had the 25 years of Mario logo, I don't want to stirr up excitement but would Nintendo spend a load of money advertsing old Mario games? my idea is they're building up awareness that hopefully will see the UK getting Mario-All stars! I hope soooo!

If Nintendo ignore the UK, Europe, North America and Australia it will be criminal, I bought my Snes back in 1993 for Super Mario all Stars and now I badly would like a version that I can play on the Wii. It saves a lot of time from setting up the snes. Nintendo Please listen, it's not just Japan who play and Love Mario games. It's the whole world too.



Pj1 said:

Oh forgot to say I've pre-ordered this on play-asia just for the sountrack, I won't be buying any more. Well I've ordered two but no more it.

Also my dream would be for Nintendo to bundle Wii consoles with this game, I don't want to jump the gun as the big N hasn't announced the game for the rest of the world yet.

I reckon if people stop buying Mario VC games that might help for it's global release............



Don said:

"Nintendo doesn't care aboit non-asian people. Seeing all the stuff we've missed out on over the years it really makes me wonder why I still support them."

I don't see them releasing a lot of Nintendo games in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.



GamerZack87 said:

Oh dear...based on that video it seems that the Japanese language is slowly being phased-out bit by bit and being replaced by romaji English. What will happen if we lose the Japanese language altogether?



SilverBaretta said:

Looks cool, even if it's just a rerelease of All-Stars. Definitely would be awesome to have for collector's purposes, and everything that comes with it for a modest price. (Although I don't quite know how modest it is in Japan.....)



GamesX99 said:

this is exactly like the god of war collection! But only i want this so bad ill kill!! 3



Fuzzy said:

I thought the best thing about these games is having them readily available on my Wii, without needing to use a disk.

Having said that, I would get this if it came to Aus (even just the UK), as it's a pretty cool collectable, and I mostly played the SNES versions growing up.



rwq said:

Lame! The original rom fits somewhere around 5518 times over on the dvd its shipped on. I hope for a VC release in Europe.



SuperPeach said:

It's the same as Super Mario All Stars but I still want it. Since it's the same I have big plans if it comes here.



LuWiiGi said:

Wow, it's under £20! I don't believe that. Man, I want this so much! Everybody complain to Nintendo and eventually they'll listen to us! They even put the cool 25th anniversary of Mario logo thingy on the front. GIMME GIMME GIMME!



Iggy said:

Even tho i have all those games i still want it. 30 bucks is reasonable and 2-D mario is the best so easy purchase for me.



PSICOffee said:

@LuWiiGi complaining to Nintendo doesn't do anything. Mother fans have tried that for years and still can't even get an official Mother 3 release outside of Japan.

@LittleIrves yeah I saw that site yesterday, and I still believe they won't cater to us as well as the Japanese because they never have. We'll probably get some new Club Nintendo stuff but that's about it.



Nekogao said:

It is a little disappointing that it's just a re-release of a near 20-year-old compilation on a new format. At the very least, they could have added Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. As a long-term Mario fan, I bought all the original NES and SNES games, Super Mario All-Stars and got them all again on the Virtual Console. How many times do we have to pay for the same thing, Nintendo? Some recognition for the Game Boy Super Mario Land games would be nice - how about a tarted-up version of those on the package?

But if it's limited edition and Japan-only, it could be worth something in a few years' time...I'm buying!



Capt_N said:

I agree w/ Jesus Saves, & Steamboat Willie. The collection should include more than just a few games. & the majority of the included games should be the main Mario series games from Super Mario Bros. on up. Fill the disk to the brim. Remember that the reasoning All-Stars only contained the games it did, was b/c @ that point in time, that *was all the main Mario series games. A proper collection would contain titles in lists from both aforementioned users' comments.

However, this game is banking on SMB(25 years ago). Mario was really born in 1981, though.

forgot to mention, Nekogao reminded me of something I forgot ~ If N released All-Stars on VC, most would buy it, & the Nes SMB games anyway. N, & other co.s need to get over this fear of losing money on compilation games being uploaded to VC. Tetris+Dr.Mario anyone?



fixjuxa said:

And Nintendo's propensity for cashing in on lazy rehashes of classic titles hits a new low, which is really saying something considering their history for such crap. I guess one could argue that charging $20 for a GBA version of just one of these games was a bigger travesty but I think the fact that they selling us the same old games yet again makes this new collection the bigger kick below the belt.

I'm as big a fan of 2D Mario platformers as the next guy, but in my book, anyone that buys this is a consumption-addicted chump. Aside from the soundtrack and the art book there's nothing here that 99% of Nintendo fans haven't already paid for at least once. And how many of us have paid for these games multiple times? The number of people who are drooling over this thing are evidence of the fact that Nintendo continues to excel at getting people to pay for the same content again and again. Oh but hey, this time it comes with an art book and soundtrack!

Seriously people, they've taken what should be an $8 VC release, thrown in an art book and soundtrack that probably cost 4 cents per disc to produce, put a special wrapper on it and are charging $30 a pop for it. It's insulting, really.

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