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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Means Euro Club Nintendo Gets Updated

Posted by Trevor Chan

Share your love for Mario and enter Nintendo's video competition

Anniversaries are wonderful and joyous occasions to celebrate with loved ones. What makes them better is if you can win prizes in the process too, and that's exactly what you can look forward to as Nintendo celebrates one of the biggest NES titles continuing to entertain having launched a quarter of a century ago.

In celebrating 25 years of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo has spruced up its Web pages and European Club Nintendo stars catalogue with several goodies.

Tastiest of all is perhaps the SNES controller that connects to the bottom of your Wii Remote for 7000 stars, which the Japanese Club has had for a while now. Also available is the golden Wii Wheel for 4000 stars, which will certainly make you feel like a champion whether you place first in the race or not. A plush coin box that goes for 2600 stars has also been added.

Nintendo has also launched a video competition where you can show your love of Mario by submitting a video of yourself; talking about your favourite games, how you play with friends and family, or you can just talk about how Mario makes you feel. Videos must not exceed 2 minutes.

Send your video in and you can win a special Wii console bundle, but even if you are lucky enough to be the first 5000 to have your video submission added to the online gallery, you will receive a "special reward". If you're not sure what to make your video about, why not check out the gallery for some inspiration? Information on how you can participate in the competition can be found here.


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TheLonelyGamer said:

My most wanted Club Nintendo prize (the Super Famicom controller), I want it so badly. America better get something good...



PSICOffee said:


man there's no way we'll ever get that cool stuff. the usa is too "big and hard to cater too" which is why we barely even got club nintendo in the first place! But man that stuff sure does look sweet....



ToadFan said:

I doubt will get that since are Club Nintendo stinks.... There is a chance tho will get at least some of it tho but very little.........



HipsterDashie said:

Well, I have just enough Star Points for a gold Wii Wheel. Guess I'll have to crawl eBay for a SNES controller then.



bboy2970 said:

So Japan and Europe are now getting special things for Mario's 25th anniversary. Nintendo better do something for those of us in the States too.......



motang said:

That's so cool, of course we in the US get crap at the moment for the 25th anniversary.



Supermegaman said:

If NOA doesnt give us anything I will go burn something.

And since that wont make me feel better Ill go eat a bunch of yummy food.



Pj1 said:

@ SoulSilver IV

You're so right, I'm hoping it would have use a snes style control pad or the C.C, if it uses the wii-mote I might not bother as the nes versions play with that. Nintendo will be making a huge mistake if this doesn't play / control how the snes one did, Nintendo also could make loads of cash if you could buy points (buy these goodies from the big N directly and make them a few extra quid in the process) I am excited about this but I only have 200 star points, isn't a catch 22 postion to be in?



Pj1 said:

@ lz2010

Thank You.

Interesting guys in America some of the footage they are using SMAS version, Can't Nintendo just tell us what's going on? (I'm a UK user but I love that video)



the_shpydar said:

Fellow Americans, you must chill. I have hidden your Firebird keys. I'm sure we'll be getting some sort of goodness soon enough.



NintyMan said:

What sense is there to not give us Americans rewards for the 25th anniversary of Mario? If it wasn't for Mario coming here, video games would've become extinct! Our Club Nintendo should offer us something that's good.



Token_Girl said:

I'd say there's a chance we could get this now, but the EU CN catalog is so stacked compared to ours it's not even funny. I would totally get that SNES pad. If I could get enough coins, I'd get two.



AVahne said:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! All we get for Platinum is a Mario figurine, can't we get something cool for Club Nintendo too?



pixelman said:

I hope we get Super Mario Collection bundled with an SNES CC. It'd be ace advertisement for the VC too.



Ark said:

@Egg miester
I don't think it's that America is particularly just get the shaft in different ways if you're not Japan. xD Look at Europe and Australia, they're not always in the best shape...

As for the actual news, I don't mind if he controller hits the North America Club Nintendo or not. <3 eBay <3



BulbasaurusRex said:

Why can't we ever get any good stuff on Club Nintendo? I got the Wiimote holder, and my coins have been gathering dust ever since.



timp29 said:


Seriously, that is awesomeness personified.



SherlockHolmes said:

I'm finding it kinda funny how the reaction over this is. I mean sure it's nice to have the items but I have 20 points therefore i would have to buy 20 DS games just to get the golden wii wheel and 35 DS games just to buy the SNES Controller. That's alot of games.



Incognito_D said:

how are you ever meant to have accumulated 7000 stars!? Why not just sell these items in the shops!? - I'd be glad to pay!



PALgamer said:

My star account is set to zero. I lost more than 3000 stars that expired without NoE sending me any email about it. So after that happened I decided to buy Nintendo points whenever I have stars. Having 7000 is no easy task.



Fuzzy said:

This may be a silly question, but will the Club Nintendo SNES pads from Japan be compatible with the Wiimotes over here? Not sure if there are any differences or not :S

I think it is a lot cheaper just paying $70-80 for the pad, rather than having to buy so many games to accumulate points (plus this probably won't come to Aus anyway ).



Makrul said:

Why does the controller have to cost so much! Now I have to decide between the plush block and a mario hat...



Drake said:

@Incognito: I've earned well over 50.000 stars since they launched the star system in Europe, so it's not that hard if you've been buying and registering a lot. I only have 4600 at the moment though, hope they don't run out before I get enough!



Sean_Aaron said:

I actually wanted the Game & Watch DS title and am nearly there, but it seems to have disappeared. I don't really need a 3rd Classic Controller, but I guess I'll set my sight on that now (though I need more than 2000 points - no doubt by that time it will have disappeared as well, SIGH)



Shiryu said:

I got two of those SNES joypad addons! Trust me, there is no better joypad anywhere! =)



Golgo said:

Curses, I've squandered all my stars on points cards and the usual catalogue tat! (Looking back at account see I've only accrued 14,005 stars since registering back in GBA days, despite buying loads of Nintendo stuff. Man, they're stingy with their stars!)



Wiilicious said:

@Fuzzy:Club Nintendo SNES pads from Japan are compatible with us wiimotes. I Import one from Japan last years when there were affordable 35$us + 15 EMS Shipping. One of my best luck on Ebay ever. I hope we get the Mario Collection available in stores.



Mayhem said:

Yeah, buying the SFC version is ultimately going to be the cheaper option unless you already have (still) thousands of stars saved up...



LztheQuack said:

Accessories work on any Wii system. I have a Japanese LAN adapter that works fine on my US Wii



Fuzzy said:

@Eliasson & @Wiilicious - Thanks. I was just making sure. I reckon I'll try and find one off ebay or play-asia then.
I usually import DS games (because it's usually a LOT cheaper than here) and some Wii games, so I don't earn very many points (just got the Game & Watch Collection ), so I wouldnt be able to get it even if it did come here.



LuWiiGi said:




Iggy said:

Im so jealous right now thats the only reason why i signed up for Club Nintendo. Even tho im around 5000 sum short for the snes controller.



Incognito_D said:

@Drake - I logged into my Club Nintendo account out of curiosity. Apparently, I've accumulated a total of 13,345 Stars over the years (since about 2002) In that time, aside from 500 points, I've spent it all on Wii Points. I did just discover however, that each Wii Ware and VC game nets you 50 Stars. Never knew that! I have so many unclaimed Stars waiting for me right now - Get in!!



mjc0961 said:

Hey Nintendo. Americans like Mario and SNES controllers too. Just saying.



NintendoWorld1 said:

Actually the famicom controllers work fine, I can't believe how many star points you need for the snes wii controller. I'm upset that I can't go into my local games shop and buy one of these controllers or go into my local hmv for the Mario Galaxy soundtrack......

But no I get these items on ebay lining other people's pockets, I suppose Nintendo don't care because as long as they get money they're not bothered that ends up on ebay...
Please Nintendo stick some barcodes on the items from Club Nintendo and sell them in shops all accross the World.



Sneaker13 said:

Nice, too bad I don't have points. I always use them on Wii Points. Why can't they just release it in normal shops.

BTW. American's, stop complaining . Not only do you have plenty of WiiWare/VC games that haven't been re leased in Europe yet, you also got Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!

@Incognito D, Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that. Gathering a lot of points now .



MeloMan said:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faints, wakes up

There goes a perfect good pair of pants. I HAVE to have that... that SNES controller is just... so... awesome, ugh. What if we got an N64 controller to plug into the bottom of the wiimote? That would be just in time for the re-release of Goldeneye. Ok, let me stop, I'm just disappointing myself now...



Starwolf_UK said:

@Drake. Yeah it was easy to stock up stars but registration slips having a finite life and stars on account having a life of 24 months makes it so much harder. 7000 stars/24 months is over 250 stars a month. If you can afford a €50 Wii game every month just buying the SNES controller off eBay is a non-issue financially.

Personally though, if I start to accelerate my registration (I only register games that are about to expire) I could afford the controller but frankly, I don't think its better than a classic controller, can anyone convince me otherwise?

@Cheezy. Post play surveys? Elite membership bonus (no platinum or gold for Europe, think of your platinum award, thats Mario, right?). Thats what America gets.



StarBoy91 said:

I've still got to wonder: why did the controllers for the American SNES have concave and convex buttons, while the SFC/SNES [JP/EU] ones had colored buttons? How is it that the SNES console was altered for America, but remained the same for Europe as it was in Japan?



Sean_Aaron said:

@Starwolf - thanks for the reality cheque. I don't think Nintendo will be releasing enough stuff for me to get those 2000 points. I think in Japan you get points for every game Nintendo or not. We'll just have to see how it goes. If nothing else I'll be able to get a lot of Wii points cards!



Wiilicious said:

"Nice I hope they do the same here." @Sonic1994CD :
Honestly I don't, it's way too expensive, they should give it as an elite status reward at the end of the year. If your a Nintendo fan it will be easy to get the 600 coins to get the reward. 7000 stars is crazy !!!



PSICOffee said:


because the American tendency towards bright colors is that they are homosexual and look kiddy, where as a more purple-ish color scheme is apparently not that bad. For Europe they are more tolerant of that stuff and are kind of considered a test market for US on somethings (like the Tingle DS game and Disaster Day of Crisis) so they kept the SFC design. It doesn't make sense I know, but they wanted a boxy look for the system we have I guess, then figured it wasn't good enough so the snes 2 kinda modeled after Europe and Japan. I actually have a couple imported SFC controllers and the cord is twice as long for our controllers compared to theirs, so at least we have that advantage! Also the concave buttons leave a better grip for your thumb so you can just keep the tip of your thumb over the Y/X button at all times and press B/A with the inside part of your thumb when you flatten it. Just to make things easier.



dizzy_boy said:

@starboy91. i remember reading something about that a while ago, so my memomry is a bit sketchy.
the console and cartridges were designed differently to stop imports and exports of the games. if you can`t put a US snes game into a EU/JAP snes, you cant play it, and vice versa. even though there was a region lock out programed into the games.
as for the controller, the buttons were designed that way because nintendo believed that people who owned a US snes could then tell the difference between the A,B and X,Y buttons. this was partly due to the fact that the nes A,B buttons were concaved, and the same colour.



rustythekid said:

And how normal people are supposed to have 7000 stars?

Wait.... We're not normal people! there's got to be a way!



Rerun said:

Club Nintendo US is getting the short end of the stick! I want the controller!!!!



D33G said:

I'm still waiting for the SNES controller and Golden Wii Wheel.

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