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SpotPass is Essentially WiiConnect24 for 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Get new content just by leaving the machine on

The 3DS's StreetPass feature maximises the console's portability by offering interactive features with no user input required, but Nintendo hasn't ignored the machine's at home functions, creating a system called SpotPass to enable the 3DS to communicate via the Internet whilst in Sleep Mode.

Working in a similar fashion to Wii's WiiConnect24 service, SpotPass allows the 3DS to seek out new information simply by being in Sleep Mode near a WiFi hotspot. In fact, Sleep Mode activates SpotPass and StreetPass simultaneously, so even whilst the machine is searching for online data it can be interacting with local consoles too.

Nintendo gave various examples of the kind of data that will be downloaded, including rankings, ghost data, notifications and new free software. Considering the DSi has just two free downloadable applications at present don't get too excited about the promise of new free games every week, but it's a start. The company states that it will only be the availability of free software that's sent to your 3DS, not the software itself, although the machine will be connected to the Internet and therefore able to download the free game or trial straight away.

Nintendo will allow you to set how much information you want to give or receive, with a set of privacy controls letting you determine your 3DS's level of engagement with the Internet.

Wherever you are, it seems the 3DS will be able to send and receive new data all the time. Skynet is only a few small steps away.


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KiroX777 said:

OMG MADD STUFF!! XD what we need is a nintendo wifi profile to create and we can do away with trouble some FCs and more!



Token_Girl said:

Yeah, really the only game I ever get anything like that with WiiConnect24 is Mario Kart. It'll be interesting to see how supported this is.

I probably won't make all that much use of it, since I very rarely put portables in sleep unless I have to put it away quickly and can't save my game. I like to save the battery.



Robo-goose said:

Makes you wonder what generation 4 will be like, right?
I'm thinking 4D games where you can actually feel pain like your character does.



Burny said:

For the price tag of this little 3D machine, "SpotPass" better doesn't share the "WiiConnect24"s most prominent feature:
Being utterly useless.

Let's hope Nintendo actually invests effort into the maintenance of their online system this time...
Not necessariliy free games, but updates to the system and to existing games (fixes and additional functionality) should be naturally today...



Sakeraf said:

suddenly 300$ doesn't seem unreasonable... i just hope they fix up the Wii's online function. then Nintendo can literally rule the world.. (while ur asleep ...)



James said:

@GamesX99 - "In the Terminator series, Skynet is the main antagonist — an artificially intelligent system which became self-aware and revolted against its creators. Skynet is rarely seen onscreen and its actions are often performed via other robots and computer systems; usually a Terminator." (from Wikipedia)



b_willers said:

What does wii connect 24 actually do apart from pick up my messages? When it was announced I thought it would automatically download new firmware when it became available but it cant even do that.



Capt_N said:

I kinda wonder if N has implemented this (always-on), to short-life the circuitry? My WiiConnect24/7 is only on, when the (Wii) system (itself) is.

What is the range of the wireless, I wonder?



mjc0961 said:

Okay, so sleep mode, with both SpotPass and StreetPass on... I wonder, when you open the 3DS back up, will there be enough battery life left to actually do anything?

I'll probably have this off though, much like WiiConnect24 as there's barely anything gained by having it on all the time.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@12 Read the book Fantasy in Death. It's a pretty good mystery book that is somewhat related to that topic.



grumblegrumble said:

The charging stand is interesting, but I'm not sure if it is actually a step forward or a step back. I actually like just plugging in my dsi wherever I want, having to have a dedicated (clunky?) charging stand seems to be a step backwards. Is there a reason its so big? Does it do anything besides charge and keep the system connected to the internet? It would be nice if the stand actually stored data and had storage capabilities (for instance, being able to swap chunks of data... games... from the HD to the 3DS, to save room but keep your games/data handy.) Would be nice huh? Probably a pipe dream though.



coyote37 said:

I want to see more details of that charging stand. At the moment I'm pretty wary of it as I spend a lot of time playing my DS while it's plugged into the mains. Does this mean I have to stop playing and wait for it to charge up even if I'm near a plug socket when the batteries run down?

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