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See Plenty of New 3DS Games in Motion Right Here

Posted by James Newton

Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Super Monkey Ball and more

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales, Super Monkey Ball and more all combine to make this 3DS software trailer a pretty tasty affair. Plenty of 3D games make their motion debuts, as well as with Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations and recently announced Resident Evil: Mercenaries both looking absolutely fantastic.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this collection of lovely 3DS games you can get your hands on in March 2011.

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User Comments (78)



Aviator said:

Okay, after seeing starfox and paper mario, and OOT, im looking forward to this now.



KrazyKain said:

was hoping for atleast one fps, would be great to play a 3d fps without ps3s extortionate prices (tv and glasses included)



JimLad said:

Don't worry KrazyKain, you've only got to wait until holiday season next year and there's sure to be a 3DS Call of Duty.



turtlelink said:

Yes, can't wait!
Kid Icarus and Paper Mario day 1! (If they're released at launch)
and maybe even Starfox and OoT!



edhe said:

Is that an induction charge station at the very beginning of the video?

Will 3DS be packaged with one, because that will be cool!



Terra said:

Oh man, This is looking just too good. What was that "Chronicle" game shown in the video at 0.55? Looked pretty good



TKOWL said:

PLEASE have analog control again, Monkey Ball.
And Mario Kart will be awesome



Shiryu said:

I still can't believe this lineup considering we are still not getting Resident Evil V, Street Fighter IV and even a new Pilotwings on the Wii. Day #1 purchase for sure. =)



Karakato said:

So nintendo does care about us... * sniff *
Anyway these bits of news made my day and can't wait to try out RE and Mario. I won't consider getting the 3DS in the first few months after the release (due to financial issues) but the wait will be killing me.



DrCruse said:

I'm still not seeing a good enough reason to pick this up. I would really like some new first party titles for once.



Rensch said:

Those games look great. I absolutely wanna play the portable Ocarina of Time version and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater looks just AMAZING!



romulux said:

am i the only one surprised to see a regenerator smashing a guy into a puddle of blood in the middle of the video? surprised in a good way?



WaveGhoul said:

The games will looks even more impressive in person when compared the official 3DS video on Nintendo's site, part of that is because they expanded/blew up the screen size for that video, there's no 3D obviously and everything will just clearer and flow better in person. Can't wait!
Resident Evil: Revelations, Nintendog's + Cat's, MGS, Super Paper Mario, Street Fighter and Mario Kart looked the most impressive that's for sure...

Yet Ridge Racer looks like a mess, yuck!



Chunky_Droid said:

Gotta love the zany music playing alongside Biohazard.

Also, Dead or Alive Dimensions? 36-24-36, only if she's 5'3"



Slapshot said:

@KrazyKain... dont know if you own a PSP or not, but FPS with one analog stick makes for very frustrating gameplay. Unless you have autoaim that is.

3D OOT is looking really incredible, looking forward to playing through it again.



coyote37 said:

All looks great, but I'm disappointed not to see any really new ideas yet. Remember the wackiness of Warioware Touched, Nintendogs, Brian Training etc with the DS launch? I guess the games in this video are easy for us to grasp because they're all familiar brands/concepts, but I'd also like to see some evidence of the good old fashioned Nintendo creativity and madness. Some original IP please!



jbondsr said:

I agree. Nintendo has been resting too much on nostalgia lately.
A majority of the games of late seem to feature characters from the past. Mario, Link, Icarus, Samus, etc. This lineup for the 3DS is the same, if not a little worse, because some of the games just look like ports from PS2, N64, and the original DS.
Nintendo should be pushing developers to come up with new characters, new stories, and new gameplay - not more of the same. I'm not too keen on re-buying games I already own, just to have the convenience of playing them on a new system.



Egg_miester said:

psh no videos from persona 1, sw3d, and thats lame that mgs is going to be snake eater i was hoping for something new



Alphack3r said:

Did I hear someone say "Induction charger"?!!?
HOLY CRAP! That would be epic, and educational! Take THAT Crapintosh (not so school friendly anymore are we?)! lol jk

Actually, that probably won't happen...
/imagines rats nest of wire



FonistofCruxis said:

That was awesome but I'm dissapointed that persona 3ds wasn't in the video but there were still some awesome looking games on it.



Token_Girl said:

Very Nice!

Are there any actual new first party games though? It looks like they're all N64 rehashes which I'll probably skip (rather play cheaper 2D versions on the big screen). Hopefully, it's because they wanted 3rd party games to shine to try to woo them back, so the N64 ports are just there to say Nintendo released something without stealing Capcom/Konami/Square's thunder.

I'm all for Ninty being nice to 3rd parties, but it'll make it easier for me to wait for a $ drop!



Robo-goose said:

I know a good number of people who will be very happy to see samurai warriors on this. As for me, I can hardly wait to play the new Paper Mario!(Unless it's just a remake)



WolfRamHeart said:

Those games look fantastic and that is just the video! I can only imagine how good they will look in person.



Rasche said:

Man, a lot of important things are coming out in March 2011. Pokemon Black and White, Okamiden, 3DS...haha, that's gonna be a big month for us.



Knux said:

Oh heck yes, all these games look awesome! March is going to be a glorious month!



Iggy said:

Awesome cant wait to give nintendo all of my money. Its going to be sweet to have a portable street fighter. And does anyone know if that is going to be the included charger. I hate the simple plug in chargers i would rather have a cradle for it to sleep in:P



Delso said:

Man, what I would give up for one of these, this almost is like a dream!!! Come True, I am so wanting this more than a lot of things right now! outdoes the ipod touch by far!



PSICOffee said:

Time to take out that $1,000 bank loan....

Also, I love how we are already getting more awesome games announced before the release of the 3DS than half the amount of good disc-based games on the Wii in a span of 5 years! I can easily see this system having just as many (hundreds) of good games in its future than the wii (not even one hundred) as the original DS/DSL/DSi. That's the benefit of lots of good 3rd parties, many of which who don't contribute to the Wii a lot (except good ole Capcom).



zezhyrule said:

oh man, it's so beautiful! D':

/me goes to save money for the 3DS

I can't wait to get one, along with the revamped OoT.

hype ftw



MeloMan said:

Amazing. If only Nintendo planned on kicking this much tail and taking names when the next home console launches... The world is your pearl Nintendo if you play your cards right.



Mystic_Kirby said:

I SHOULD be getting this for my birthday, seeing as it's about a month from the release of the 3DS. It's gonna be a loong wait. D:
But this stuff has surprisingly good graphics.



KiroX777 said:

maybe it acts as a grip for better playing while its charging. you never know.

i love how the 3DS is more focused on core/hardcore gamer playstyle =D plus so many cool new stuff its not much shovelware casual apps and stuff



ianmage1 said:

and Sony fanboys will tell you that the 3DS has HORRIBLE graphics...
they're clueless



sonic_brawler95 said:

There are too many 3DS stories, so I'll just say it here:
The 3DS is the best thing ever created, it is god's handheld.

That is all.



Arcanum said:

Now if Capcom would just announce Monster Hunter for the 3DS....then I would have to freeze myself and unfreeze release day.



KiroX777 said:

NO. they want you to spend your money on a brand new 3DS when the battery dies



Caliko said:

So wait. Nintendo's new handheld gets TWO 3rd person Resident Evil games around launch??!?

I'm still waiting for 1 Wii one. (new, not rehash)



astarisborn94 said:

Oh. My. God.

Following the 3DS on and off since it was officially annouced E3 2010, from what I have seen, I will say this:

This console has the potential to be the very best we have seen yet in video games. I know that previous consoles from Nintendo have been excellent, but never have I've seen a console with such high potential. This is a console to watch and if everything goes according to plan, a console to bow down to.

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