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Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M Thoughts

Posted by James Newton

Could sculpt future Aran outings

Metroid: Other M has divided gamers; some love the blend of action and story, others are less impressed. Whatever your thoughts, Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto wants to hear them: they could very well hold the key to Samus's future adventures.

Speaking to Gamespot about the continued evolution of Metroid, Sakamoto said it had not been decided in which direction the series would progress.

We really want to hear the reaction of the players. I'm not necessarily saying that we'll try to incorporate any or all of the opinions of fans, but we do want to hear their feedback. Depending on them we might want to make some significant changes to the future direction of the Metroid franchise, or we might want to go ahead with the direction set forth by Other M.

Speak now or forever hold your peace, Metroid gamers.


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Var said:

I enjoyed Other M very much and continue to do so, however I do not want all Metroid games to follow suit and I'm sure most people will have a similar opinion.
Although Metroid Other M certainly has a lot to offer, it also diverges from the tried and tested (and dare I say critically acclaimed) play style and story progression of other games in the series...most in fact.
So although I would like features from Other M to be brought forward (I for one am a fan of Overblasts and Lethal Strikes to name a few) if this 'direction' involves much more highly story driven gameplay for all future titles I believe it wouldn't be the right direction to take.



RaiderZX said:

I want a blend of this and Prime...
Unnecessary story, but still exciting when you discover it. Still have cut scenes but it is not required to view them.
And most importantly... I want to be able to choose how I get to the end, I really don't want a set path for me to follow!
Also, stick to the original perspective...



Tate24 said:

I wanna see more of it!!
bloody good game:)

Love cinematic story and the way it was voice acted.....even if some of the lines were cheesy. Plus i enjoyed control scheme and general look of game.

My favourite thing was the unique finishing moves that u can do to your enemies!! And i enjoyed big boss battles, but i think that you need to make them little harder to defeat next time. Plus id like seen GONE no more first-person hunts! were frozen in place and got search about. Failure behind this is never new what you looking for and really broke up action:( get rid!

Id love seen online option on metroid game sumthing on same lines as monster hunter tri that would be epic!

Imagine working together with your fellow bounty hunters 2 take down ridley!!

"Get to it" chop chop!!



motang said:

Story was ok, but gameplay was just freaking awesome, graphics/cut scenes were very good and music was good but I am a huge fan of the music from the Prime series. Overall I enjoyed the heck out the game and liked every minute of it. I don't really get all the haters as I liked it very much.



Raylax said:

I'd love to see Another M (see wat i did thar?), but like irks said, no more pixel hunts. That's the only thing I didn't like about the game.



kevohki said:

Decent game, enjoyed it but not as much as I enjoyed the Prime series. The forced first-person mechanic and the terrible story (especially how the story was presented: over-dramatic cut scenes with not-so-good voice acting) need to go. The game was also easy (even on hard, the only boss that killed me more than once was Ridley). But thanks for bringing back a certain boss from Fusion.

I applaud trying to focus on Samus' character but I liked her better as a silent, solitary bada** instead of a brooding, introspective doormat.



vbmetroid said:

to get rid of the sexism (lies) argument explain in detail the death of samus parents (plus talking ridley) besides the scanning bits it was fun it was brillent keep on the samus mele way it makes here seem more hardcore btw control layout is perfect oh and plz anothony higggs needs to be in the next one and if possible make him reconisable with the brand



Shiryu said:

I would like a bigger challenge. Love the game, but was sad when it was over (really over). I would not have minded HARD mode difficulty to be the standard one. I definitely want to see and learn more about the Metroid universe.



Raylax said:

@All the Samus's personality haters: To be fair, the only reason the old games didn't give Samus a complex personality is that it's hard to pull off in pixels and didn't fit the overall feel of the games. You leave that stuff to the mangas.

Other M was designed to be cinematic, which conversely doesn't fit very well with Samus firing missles at everything that moves. If they kept the old 'feel,' you'd just have cutscenes of Samus kicking ass, which would lead to complaints of "wait, why don't we get to /play/ these sections?"

I'm glad for the injection of personality. Yeah OK, the Ridley scene probably took it a little too far, but then again how hardcore do you have to be exactly to come face to face with your thought-dead nemesis who orphaned you, on a small platform over a lake of bubbling lava, and not at least evacuate your bowels a little?



LordJumpMad said:

Metroid needs More Muitplayers
Killing Space Pirates with a friend, sound more fun to me.

Metroid Other M, was different, but it not what I had in mind for a Metroid game. I see it was going for an Super Metroid feel, but it didn't hit the mark. The Story was way too heavy for Metroid, and Samus's new characteristics, didn't really fit her well. (for someone who been around the galaxy, killing Space Pirates, but now acts like a Teen age Emo Girl) ........

Nintendo, your better off leaving Retro,with Metriod's story line.



Edwin said:

  • Pick 2D or 3D, don't try to do both
  • Ridiculous doesn't begin to describe the "authorization" method of unlocking power-ups
  • Make it less linear
  • Incorporate the nunchuk
  • Make Metroid Prime 4 (and let Retro develop it)


Cia said:

Make anything but Metroid Prime 4 (unless it has something seriously new to offer and completely different storyline than 1-3.



Kid_A said:

Dear Mr. Sakamoto,

I loved Metroid Other M. I thought it was a perfect blend of 2D and 3D, and it fully delivered on its promise of being an NES game with the latest technology. The controls were about as perfect as they could be, and switching from 3D person to 1st was both smooth and fun. That being said, the game's script was too heavy-handed at times, and the voice acting didn't always get the job done. Still, the cut-scenes were well produced, and flowed nicely into the game.

I would love to see future Metroid games running on a similar engine and with similar controls; though to be honest I'd like to see much less story the next time around.

As for Samus' character, Other M represented her as I had always imagined her--cold, distant, and introspective with a maternal relationship toward the baby Metroid. Well done. I applaud you for not turning Samus Aran into the cliche "loose-canon bounty hunter who doesn't play by the rules".



pixelman said:

Keep the current model and voice actress of Samus, but make her less emotional (please, no more "pierced my heart" hooey). Also, more exploration, atmosphere, and feeling of being alone. I really liked it when Samus was narrating (which I think is becoming and should be a series staple), but not so much when she was talking to people.

And I want a 2D remake of Metroid 2, plz. Kthxbai.



Marioman64 said:

omg i was stuck on some of the "detective mode" things for 5 minutes. i COULD NOT find what i was supposed to look at. i figured it out eventually...
also, the game was awesome and blended with the cutscenes very well, but the actual gameplay was too short. only 3 sectors? fusion had like 6, and that was for gba.



Punny said:

Make the game less sexist! 2/5!

Just kidding, Mr. Sakamoto! Keep the awesome combat (the Ridley battle was fantastic!), but take away the rediculousness that is having to be told when to use items. Also, don't put those "I Spy" segments in next time. Those were tedius! I would like to hear better music, too. Those are just very minor complaints, though. I wouldn't mind seeing the first-person to third-person style of gameplay again. Keep up the wonderful work!



danschemen said:

i like a lot of story in most of my games i guess it depends on the game and i would like it if they put a lot of story into another Metroid game.



Meta-Rift said:

Overall, it's a fantastic game, but here are some things I would improve on:

  • It needs more exploration. Make it less linear and more like Super Metroid.
  • I was never a fan of the beam-stacking system (I mean, how can you use the Plasma Beam at the same time as the Ice Beam?!). Make it more like Metroid Prime, or at least Super Metroid.
  • It ends too soon. Make it longer!


koops330 said:

It was a great game a bit on the short side compared to the Gamecube ones. This game actual had a story unlike the wanna be stories of the Gamecube games

I only had one real problem with the game other then it being a little to short which was the pointless searching for items in 1st person to trigger a cut scene and the object you were looking for blended in or was to small to notice



JebbyDeringer said:

I haven't played it I'm pretty sure I won't like it. Other than gameplay the most engrossing aspect of Metroid is the loneliness of it. Metroid has been successful because of a solid game not because of the characters. Samus is a girl, whoopy de doo, it's neat but why does that need to be the focus of the game. The best part of Samus being a girl in the previous games is that gamers just accepted it, there was no attention brought to that fact, she wasn't held on a pedestal (or a stripper pole).

I'd rather use my own imagination than rely on some cracked out badly acted story to explain it to me. That's the problem with a lot of games these days, they spoon feed us some story worse than the worst of Hollywood movies. I like having a bit of background information and perhaps learning more as I progress but I don't need cutscenes and bad dialog.



DrCruse said:

1. Make a Metroid game, not a CG movie.
2. Make the game linear a la Metroid Fusion
3. Make the game 2D



LittleIrves said:

You know, at first I was perplexed by the "detective" pixel-hunting screens, but once I figured out what I was being asked to do, I sort of liked them. They were such a different mechanic thrust in the middle of this action-heavy game, and it forced you to pause and really focus on the scene in front of you. And then--wham!--a quick zoom to something. Kind of exhilarating, really.



thaantman said:

I'm really enjoying other M thus far, love the switching from 2D to 3D it was one of the main buying points, the rest of the gameplay is simply awesome as well.. The cut scenes was done nicely, I do think samus was abit overly emotional but I like the fact she doesn't talk much it's mostly her thinking and it almost makes sense because of her never having a voice before who knows what she really been going thru mentally in previous games. I would like to see a future metriod game with the same overall style and engine maybe even a remake of the old nes or the handheld versions with this style, haven't played metriod fusion but heard this is basically what happens after other M so be nice to play that with other M's engine



cyrus_zuo said:

Switching from 2D to 3D by pointing the remote at the screen was great, I love doing it.

Didn't really enjoy the game at first, but the more I've played it, the more I've liked it. Starting, I think with sector 2 (Ice levels), I've really been enjoying it.

My biggest thought is to ignore the critics and the bashing and stay true to your vision. I'd rather play something new and different then yet another FPS, there are millions of those (for the millions of fans , but I prefer playing stuff that is different. Different will always be ridiculed by the ignorant masses.



hylianhalcyon said:

I suppose I wouldn't mind if they made a game using the same style engine as Other M. But then get rid of the story, terrible voice acting, and linearity. I would rather they make just a straight up 2D Metroid, or another Prime.

@cyrus_zuo: I really disagree with you. Games stand out by being different, but it all depends on how good they do it. Other M's execution was definitely not as good as it could have been I think.



reploidx said:

  • More open or outdoor areas. Other M had too many corridors.
  • Some setting not on a ship like Other M and Fusion.
  • I didn't have trouble with the first-person parts. I don't know where someone could have been stuck for an hour like some reviewers said.
  • I think the story was a little silly, but I feel like it ignores the Prime games. If you think she only fought Ridley twice for example.
  • The item unlocking wasn't terrible but I don't think it would work again this way with a story. The one time it seemed really stupid was the suit being locked in the lava area.
  • Gameplay of Other M is fun. It's more "fun" than Prime, but Prime is more fun for exploring.
  • I like Metal Gear, so the cutscenes didn't bother me. Since MGS4 let you pause and skip though, and I assume other games do now, it should have been included.
  • A new story should be after Fusion.
  • I interpreted the narration to be recalling the events. This would explain why her mood seems to change so quickly. I was disappointed that Samus didn't figure out that Melissa was Mother Brain right away though. Samus didn't seem to be very smart or tough for someone who works alone most of the time.
  • More of short (and less bright yellow) hair Samus.
  • I think the US hasn't had as much exposure to the manga and other non-game material, so there was a lot more complaining about her characterization and behavior.
  • My impression was this was made for Japanese audiences and not Western. Maybe because Metroid is generally not as popular in Japan, so the story and gameplay may have been meant more for Japan.


hulklol123456789 said:

James, can you answer these question?
Were? Yes were are we going to give our opinions, here, in the forums?
Are you saying that sakamoto will come everyday to see what metroid fans write here, hehe don't got it, srry.



Ian_Daemon said:

Dear Sakamoto: Long unskippable cinematics suck.

@reploidx "I don't know where someone could have been stuck for an hour like some reviewers said."

Sometimes the game would come to a complete halt and (in first person view) you'd have to "notice" some small detail in the environment. Man those parts were the worst. I hated those parts.

...And of course this disregards the events of the Metroid Prime games. Other M takes place BEFORE them.

...EVERY argument that calls the game sexist simply because a woman must get permission from a man is foolish. The complainers would never make it in the armed forces...where you have to follow your commanding officers' orders! Yes I know Samus is a bounty hunter, but in this case she's rejoining the ranks of the federation.



Meta-Rift said:

@Ian Daemon: No, the Prime series takes place right after the first game (but I don't see why reploidx thinks she only fought Ridley twice). Oh, and you can skip the cinematics.



armoredghor said:

Well, I thought the acting was fine and so was the plot. But this was a throwback game, we don't need another retro game. ironically we need another retro studios game. If they're moving on then just keep to their formula add this style of cutscenes, optional third person, and a decent multiplayer. @30 (It's where not were)



Aviator said:

"...And of course this disregards the events of the Metroid Prime games. Other M takes place BEFORE them."

AFTER them.

@Marioman64 Fusion is half as long as M:OM.

Why did everyone think this game was so bad? Am I the only one who loved all of it? (Except for the first ending.)



reploidx said:

@Rift : I meant that to me M:OM acts as though the Prime games didn't happen (but they're still canon and all happen before Metroid II).
I know she has fought Ridley many, many times before M:OM. But if you were to ignore the Primes, then only in Metroid and Super. The fewer times the more dramatic it might be (but still maybe not that dramatic).

I only played through once so I didn't skip any scenes. Everyone said you couldn't skip, so I just assumed that. If I play on hard mode I'll try skipping.

@Ian Daemon : I know what those segments are, I just mean I was never stuck for a long time looking for something. I would look around in first person anyway though to figure out things or just to look at the area.



2-D said:

Nope, I'm with you. I loved it.
I thought it was fresh and exciting, maybe not as perfect as the Primes but still a step in the right direction. Not once did they play it safe, and I'm willing to put up with 'confession time' for that (which, incidentally, was one of very few cringeworthy moments in an otherwise brilliant story)



MasterGraveheart said:

I loved the action, but wasn't exactly thrilled that they just sprang Samus' Post-Turamatic Stress Disorder on us will nill with something that has already happened to her almost six times at that point. Some better backstory as to that would have been nice.

I, for one, would like the ability to use missiles outside of first person mode and see more of a platforming emphisis like in Super Metroid. Those... would really be the only improvements I'd ask for right now, really. I absolutely loved the gameplay, story a little less, characterization a little less then that... but that doesn't mean I want to see less, I want to see improvements there.

EDIT: And, yeah, I'd like to see the search mode parts eliminated and the game lengthened to about a 15-20 hour adventure.



grumblebuzzz said:

Loved every single part of the game aside from the "detective mode" and the generally short length.

Also (SPOILER) I would have loved to have actually fought MB during the climax of the game. I know she could have jumped around on top of the moth things and shot some freeze rays at me or somethin.



Kevin said:

If you make another can you make it challenging and bring back the exploration? Oh and take out the need to scan parts too. Those are annoying. Other than that I really liked the game.



Bassman_Q said:

I loved the action-oriented gameplay and graphics, though some parts like where you have to search for something in the background annoyed the crap out of me. Seriously, I spent at least a half-hour in one of the scenarios!
Also, I'd like the famous item jingle back, as well as the health pickups that enemies dropped in every other Metroid game. The linear path didn't bug me TOO much, as it was necessary for the story, but a little more freedom wouldn't hurt.

Those are my two cents on the game.



Link-Hero said:

The game was very nice, but the game has some minor problems that I would like to address.

1: The difficulty.
The game was a tab bit too easy for me (other than a few parts). Rising of the difficulty would have improved the game.

2: The power-ups.
There were not as much new power-ups as I would have liked. Only one? The Defussion Beam? It was nice power-up, but just one is not enough.


3: The cutscene when Samus and Ridely first meet each other in the game.
I knew of what the scene was about, and I liked that it since I read the manga, but it wasn't explained well enough since a lot of people completely got the wrong idea of it. You should have made it so when she turned into a child, the area around her would turn into the destroyed home world she once lived in. Ridely would then disappear and reappear on top of a cliff holding a dead man and a woman by the head, and Samus would scream and cry "Mommy, Daddy!". Just like in the manga. That would have made the message a whole lot clearer and make people shut the hell up about it.




lockelocke said:


I agree. I think a lot of complaints about that scene had to do with people not knowing Samus's full story. It was like, "WHAT!? Why would she be so freaked out? She's killed him a million times!"
Dude. He killed her parents. How would you feel?



47drift said:

I want more Other M. That's my only thought. It's now one of my favorite Metroids.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

The game played great. The only flaws were the ending and length. The ending felt rushed and not very rewarding, and the game could of done with say, 2-3 extra Sectors or much longer ones. What about Sector Zero? The build up to getting there was great, but ruined when it "blew up"

I'd definitely play a sequel, but please fix these flaws so I can enjoy it more so.



mjc0961 said:

Sometimes you need to know when you have a stinker on your hands and nothing you do can save it. Metroid is one of those things, so my advice to him is to let the series die.



mhubets said:

This game did not feel like a metriod game to me and I have played metriod from the 80's
This not the silent hunter I am used to. Whimpering to a beast she dispatched numerous times before is ludicrous.
It does not have the isolated on a angry alien planet feel. And the cutscenes and terrible dialog and internal monologues are not well written.
I am sorry I bought this impostor and will not purchase a metriod game if it is made like this again



WiiLovePeace said:

I am another one who loved Other M, if Sakamoto ever reads this add my vote to the "more of Other M" list. It was a refreshing break from the slow pace (comparatively speaking) of the other Metroid games. I could just bolt through rooms instead of slowly having to search every nook & cranny for a possible power up. Also I gained a lot more 'understanding' & 'respect' for Samus from learning about her in this game. Just increase the length of the game please.



mediarulestheworld said:

Keep story in it, but make sure Samus DOES NOT have the character development from Other M. Other M Samus is NOT SAMUS.



Aviator said:

Alot of the Samus crying about Ridley complaints are people who only played the Prime series because it apparently is the best.



Wesbert said:

I really enjoy Metroid: Other M. Just a little more independence perhaps next time (through a slightly more open world and a story less dominated by some superior's orders). As for those complaining about the emotional storyline: The idea of this game was to explore Samus' past, but it's been dealt with now. The next is likely to be with a different focus, so it should automatically be less emotionally trying for her.



jwocky1 said:

I want to incoporate all 3 metroids primes together and then create an epic prime 4. Prime games RULE!! Especially Prime 2. I have not actually played this game yet, however wants to get the game. I have a child with special needs and he first connected with the prime games and became very good at prime 2. He almost beat the last boss. He loves samus. Samus is great but we do not need much story, she just kicks no matter what. i think that metroid other m will be worth the purchase and will be right up his alley.



Gamesake said:

Keep Team Ninja and make the game longer than 10 hours. Also I think Mr. Sakamoto is a gifted story teller but why not hire some help to write it?



Twilight_Crow said:

My Wii can't play the disc so I've played little but, I've really liked it so far, gameplay is cool, and I'm a sucker for cinematic storytelling, so I needed to cast my vote: keep it!
Some improve in the dialogs may be needed, but keep Samus' voice, is great.
Also, I agree with the "down with the forced scanning parts" cry.

Mr. Sakamoto, was it really that necessary that the game came out on a dual layer DVD?



Sean_Aaron said:

My biggest issue with this game was that they provided a narrative explanation for Samus getting "new" abilities, but the logic of it failed with regards to things like the varia suit or the grapple beam - she's just burning to death in the lava areas because she hasn't been given an order, really?

I also felt that it wasn't different enough from previous games. Here you're giving her a voice and adding other characters which feels like she's part of a larger universe, but the game is essentially the same as the other Metroids: fight essentially the same set of low-level enemies with forms matching the rote jungle, fire, ice, desert environments.

If you're going to essentially reboot the series and turn it into an action game set in a more fully realised universe then stop treating it like the latest iteration in an 8-bit franchise and do something really different and more narrative driven. This game went further in that direction than Prime 3, but not far enough for me.



erv said:

I loved other M and think it was great. The control setup and the stuff to do and find were awesome. The voice acting and the story were very well done, the gameplay felt brilliant.

What I would want though, is more epic-ness. Try doing something with more music (where did the bass go?) and vast, complex areas. Another thing I loved about the primes were the large environments and the puzzling routes, morphball puzzles are my favourites and I really want to see more of those (like with the magnetic rail and lots of switches puzzles) and make it much bigger in general.

Maybe make us finally meet some leftover Chozo society, I always liked the mystic stuff of samus' super advanced suit, I want to feel more awesome with her instead of ripped off of features, like there isn't any specialness left in her half destroyed suit...

Oh and there's nothing wrong with finding new abilities, if you're ever in any doubt. There is however, something wrong with thinking you're barely halfway because you didn't even meet a metroid and finding out you're actually almost done.

If there's a system where each replay would change the locations and puzzles for the upgrades - that would be awesome as well



xAlias said:

Add co-op (not Mario Galaxy style). My Dad said he'd buy this for me if it had multiplayer, so I was bummed when I saw the package.



Bensei said:

I'd really like to see a Prequel to Zero Mission. Something like the Metroid Manga in playable form, but more in context with the informations we got through Other M. I wouldn't care if it's totally different, but I want Samus past to be told officially



Yadoking said:

I haven't played Other M yet, due to lack of money, but as far as the next Metroid game goes I would really just like to see another adventure. I want it to allow you to search large scale areas where tons of secrets can be found with just the right button pushing, where you can explore just about everything and still follow the story line presented to you. While I say "follow the story line", I use it lightly. As long as the story is very accepting, and not really in your face, so that you don't have time to scale out the area. Prime is very similar in just about all these aspects. I really don't know what to suggest to Sakamoto though. I honestly would like to say "Can you just bring us a glorious Metroid title like you've done for so long, one that can't be denied as great".



Deviant_Mugen said:

Don't let the hate/whining discourage you, Sakamoto, this was definitely an excellent Metroid game. I loved it and what it brought to the series: its storytelling elements, the voice acting and, of course, Samus's newly-learned melee attacks and dodges...

I can't wait to see what the next Metroid game brings to the table, especially given the way Fusion ended...



PSICOffee said:

Remove the recharging health and missiles at will crap. Don't make Samus a wimpy cry baby like this was her first battle and still take into account the hundreds of things she's killed and faced before. She never cried seeing Ridly before, so why start now? Having to disable her varia suit because she was told to just to give the lava section a challenge is pure bs and poor storytelling! Don't make the game too linear again like Metroid Prime Hunters. Make players spend hours exploring and finding secrets, so they can learn short cuts and get better. When you die and restart an area, start out with full health and missiles so you dont have to grind through enemies to refill health (my only complaint of the original) but also make it so enemies do give you health when you need it. Have cutscenes, dialogue, but keep it short and simple with retaining that sense of isolation. When testing the game, make sure there is no "life-threatening" bug that corrupts your saved file from progressing further into the game (I'm talking about the locked-door thing). Don't make the game too easy, and don't be afraid to give it a challenge. Keep some ambience in the music where necessary, but don't forget the catchy music too that was prevalent all throughout the original.

I could keep going on but there really is no use to. I really doubt he'll see these comments or even care anyway.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

I was annoyed that there was still no kraid. Future games should not have corridors blocked that you've already been down. You need to be able to backtrack at any time. The next 3d game needs krad dagnammit.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

Also complex shinespark puzzles, like the ones from the 2D versions. It would be nice to do more with shinespark than go straight forward or straight up.



Omenapoika said:

Awesome game.
The only bad thing to point out was the detective mode.
I love how Metroid has a story as a series, and I'd like to delve deeper into the universe. A sequel to Fusion would be quite awesome!



Noire said:

Needs moar super-tense Zero Suit segments... in fact make an entire game where you're in the Zero Suit, sneaking around... we can call it...

Metroid Gear Solid.

watches as Samus pops out of a cardboard box, ties a bandana around her head, and lights up a cigarette



zionich said:

Loved the game. Less linear would be my only suggestion. The whole authorazation thing didnt bother me, because its really the normal way with a fresh coat of paint. Still, there is somthing about killing a Boss and getting an upgrade that amplifies the accomplishment in my eyes.

Gonna have to agree with The Amazing Raccoon, dissapointed Kraid hasnt returned.



MetroidFanatic said:

Ok Im going to be very detailed here.

Out of all the metroid games I have played this is by far the worst. I appreciate the fact you wanted to take the franchise in a different direction but this wasnt the way to do it.

  • Please dont include this control scheme again. The switch between views could of easily been done with the nunchuck.
  • Samus being emotionally distressed and a complete crybaby goes against the rest of the installments considering shes a bounty hunter and destroyed the space pirates numerous times. Zelda doesnt have any dialogue and it works best that way. I think incorperating voice acting was done well in Metroid Prime 3 but it was good that Samus was still silent it leaves her more mysterious. Please dont have her speak again, dont do what George Lucas did with Darth Vader turn this bad into a little wuss.
  • The story was terrible,Samus leaving the federation cause Adam wouldnt let her save Ian, Adam not authorsing weapons and Samus obeying his every move this especially doesnt makes sense when your'e running through Pyrosphere and your dying but you wont turn on your Varia Suit until Adam says so. The reincarnation of Mother Brain wasnt done well either. Samus clamping up when she sees Ridley as well.

*The music was probably the worst part of this game for me personally. The Metroid series is known for its ambient well known tracks and the only memorable track i even remember in this game was Ridley's theme. Please bring back Kenji Yamamoto the man is an absolute genius he knows how to incorporate the right music in every metroid game hes been involved.Never have an all orchestral score it doesnt fit, it would work with Zelda & Mario but doesnt with Metroid.
The item pickup music needs to be the same as in previous metroids.

*The gameplay was ok could have been better I found myself after playing it once, that I had no interest in picking up the game and playing it again, the linear gameplay is not the way to go. If you look at critics and fans thoughts on metroid games the majority vote Metroid Prime & Super Metroid as the best metroid games. Im in that majority and I believe its because of the superb non-linear gameplay. Although i did like the linear elements in Metroid Fusion & Metroid Prime 3, i think you need to return to the non linear gameplay. Bring back the upgrade system as well rather than recharging your missiles and energy.

Retro Studio's hit the nail on the head with First Person, I know it was Shigeru Miyamoto's idea to do that and he was right. If you do want to make another third person game then do make sure you include the First Person view again but make the controls better.

I will say I thought it was good that you included bosses from previous games such as Nightmare, Queen Metroid and Phantoon and of course Ridley. I also did like Adam and Anthony.

Sorry for the critiscism Mr Sakamoto you are the man! and you did create one of the best nintendo franchises and their is so many things you did right, if you are to incorporate third person it i think it would be best to do an origin story from her beginnings with the chozo to being in the federation but I also know their would be fans that like the mysterious element of Samus. Some setting after Metroid Prime 3 & Metroid II would be good or after Metroid Fusion as well.

I would recommend giving the series back to Retro Studios if they are willing to do another installment.

Thanks for your time Mr Sakamoto and I applaud you, sorry for the negative comments but I know this constructive critiscism will help you make the right decision.



starfreakinface said:


Well guys, to pull something this dramatically different after Metroid Prime, you'd have to have some serious morph balls.

Keep this up. I enjoyed the hell out of Other M; I could very well say that it's one of the best games I've ever played. I think the thing I liked most about the game was the nostalgic feel; the Space Pirates being actual Zebesians instead of random alien species, the Zoomers and Wavers and Sidehoppers, the use of old and loved power-ups like the Speed Booster, and ESPECIALLY the return of the original Ridley. I loved how Samus wasn't the only fleshed out character; you gave Ridley life stages and made him evolve. I totally ate that up.

I loved the insertion of voice acting; in Metroid Prime 2, I found myself talking to U-Mos just to hear him talk, because it was so refreshing, even though he didn't say anything. I think the only complaint I have is with the length of the game. I beat it in a few days; it could have only taken me a single day if I didn't pace myself. I think it would be great if you made them longer.

But seriously, awesome game. I was drifting out of the Metroid loop until this gem came out, and now you've got me obsessed again. Thanks a ton, really.



Repka said:

The gameplay its OK, the only issues Ive got are the horrendous pixel-hunting, the linearity, and the hilarious "concentration". Also it lacks of the awesome exploration and moody atmosphere from previous games. But after all I think Team Ninja made an acceptable job.

The big problem is the stupid story, despite the cinematics are fantastic, the story its AWFUL! shame on you Sakamoto!, just because you been involve in all Metroid's games dosent mean you can rape Samus character the way you did, and lets not forget that you are a co-creator of the game along with Hiroji Kiyotake and Makoto Kano but Samus its created only by Kano so stop your foolish paternalism and leave Samus alone. And please respect the Prime series, Retro studios are way above your understanding of Samus.

Please Nintendo... just put a leash on Sakamoto next time.



solidshadow36 said:

i really think this was a great game all around.I was blown away by the graphic.It had great story.and awsome power ups.I loved how you could shift veiws and dogde enemy atteks.And iam really hoping they come out with another metroid using the same features.



solidshadow36 said:

I under stand why they made it so you have to wait for adam to autherize weopens before you can use them.It so its like all other metroids.where you lose your stuff and have to slowly get it back



Megajack said:

Ive always thought Samus was ugly but now with the short hair shes the hottest girl Ive seen! No joke.



RundasGrey said:

Other M was decent game. Although It had some weak points, I liked it.
I wouldn´t mind other Metroids like this if they would be more like older games (healt and amution droped by enemies), would be more true to older games (no gravity feature, just gravity suit, ability to combine beams etc.)
But now, please, I realy, realy, realy want to Metroid V, clasic metroidvania ala Super Metroid, on 3DS



deltanine said:

What the hell were you thinking!? Your portrayal of Samus Aran in Metroid Other M was inexcusable! It was unforgivable! It was unacceptable! Your portrayal of Samus Aran is nothing but a giant middle finger to Metroid fans! You took one of the most beloved and well-respected heroines in all of gaming and turned her into an incompetent, whiny, weak, and unlikable git with battered housewife syndrome! It's like you were not really the creator himself, but rather some idiotic, obnoxious fan-fic writer who undermines his characters and portrays them in a way that any sane person would reject and want to punch you in the face for. If this is your envisionment of Samus Aran, then there is obviously something wrong with you! If this is your envisionment of Samus Aran, then your envisionment is obviously one of the worst envisionments for a previously well-established character ever. If this is your envisionment of Samus Aran, then you should be fired. If this is your envisionment of Samus Aran, then you need some serious therapy. If this is your envisionment of Samus Aran, then the fans have envisioned her infinitely better than you did. You see, ever since the original Metroid was released, we have envisioned Samus Aran as a brave, independent, confident, tough-as-nails bounty hunter who took down enemy after enemy without hesitation or anything to hold her back. Then Other M came along and took our envisionment of Samus Aran and completely tarnished it beyond repair and we felt like we were kicked in the 'nads all throughout the game! You made Samus weak, pathetic, incompetent, indecisive, and codependent and that is how nobody, nobody has envisioned her all these years. Why didn't you portray Samus in the way we envisioned!? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE US, SAKAMOTO!?!?

I want you to take a look at a little article on the internet talking about how you established the relationship between Samus Aran and Adam Malkovich. To put a long story short, you wrote it as an abusive relationship that you glorified. You had Adam be such an abusive punk towards Samus Aran and you glorified it, while making Samus Aran just be some submissive yes-woman just doing everything that Adam said and you had heroic music accompany him and had sad music play during his sacrifice. And you had Samus do almost nothing important while she did almost everything important in the rest of the franchise. And don't give me that crap about you making Samus more human in Other M than she was in the Prime games. From where I stand, she was more human in the Prime games than she was in Other M.

Not only that, you yourself portrayed Samus in other games and the Metroid manga in better ways. The manga wasn't pulitzer prize material, but the way you portrayed Samus in it was a lot better than the one you have her in Other M. You had Samus grow and learn things. You made her struggles feel more believable and understandable. And you also portrayed her well in the games you made before Metroid Other Mess came along. You treated her well in Super Metroid, Fusion, and Zero Mission. So not only did you betray us with your horrendous portrayal of Samus in Other M, you also betrayed yourself.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Just as we are ashamed of you. You should be mad at yourself. Just as we are mad at you. You should hate yourself. Just as we hate you. I want you to mend the wounds of the fans first by putting the Prime trilogy back into the Metroid timeline and removing Other M from it, meaning that the Prime games are canon and Other M isn't, (the way it should be, mind you) and then by making a choice: either leave Nintendo so that you could never tarnish Samus Aran any further, or you can make a re-written version of Other M that portrays Samus in the way we envisioned. Portrays Samus as a headstrong, confident, independent, uber-powerful one-woman army that tears Space Pirates apart and lays waste to anything that would threaten the galaxy. That's what we've pictured her to be like and that's what you should have pictured her to be like. If you always envisioned Samus as a bratty, codependent lapdog, you don't belong on Nintendo's development team. You should be fired and replaced with someone who envisions Samus the way we do. Who envisions Samus the way the original Metroid portrays her. Who envisions Samus the way Super Metroid portrays her. Who envisions Samus the way the Prime games portray her. Who envisions Samus the way the Metroid Prime 2 manga portrays her. Who envisions Samus the way she was meant to be envisioned.

Other M is an absolute abomination!!!!! And if you don't believe me, look at these links below!

Read them and weep.

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