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Rytmik Gets Amped in Rytmik: Rock Edition

Posted by James Newton

New edition of pocket music studio on the way

We brought you the announcement of Rytmik: Rock Edition last month, and now we have the first screenshots and audio samples to bestow upon you.

As well as the appropriate array of instruments including electric, acoustic and bass guitars as well as new drum and keyboard sounds, parts of the game's graphical interface has also received a rocky overhaul, with all the polished wood and brushed metal you can handle. The colour-coded samples still appear to make arranging your ideal sequence as straightforward as before, and it doesn't seem as though any elements of the original Rytmik have been removed, though we're awaiting a complete fact sheet from Cinemax.

You can see the first screenshots in our gallery, or head over to the official Rytmik: Rock Edition website to hear the first samples of what this new edition is capable of.


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HolyMackerel said:

Sweet! Let's hope that 1) there is integration with the original Rytmik (if you own it) so samples can be used from both of them in either app (I love electronic/rock fusions), and 2) it gets a faster NA release than last time.



Robo-goose said:

As HolyMackerel said, I hope it does have compatability with the original.
(Considering I just bought it a few days ago, and I am finally starting to get everything to work in sync.)



SwerdMurd said:

yeah I'm kinda lukewarm on this release atm...I wouldn't have nearly as much use for this type of sample-set. Still--we'll see how I feel about it once it releases.



IanUniacke said:

@Xkhaoz: get both?

This looks to be really great, I can't wait. I love the improved bass sound in this version, and getting to play with the rythm and lead guitars will be lots of fun. The sample songs sound much better than I had imagined.



Mystic_Kirby said:

Oooh... do want! I could always use more Rytmik, regardless of the fact that I like electronic music better.



Blue_Cat said:

I still have to get the first one! Depending on how much I like that one, though, I might eventually get this one.



lOnE-WolF said:

This is frustrating...

I don't enjoy having all these updates/retools/new content re-releases. But I know for better or for worse I'm gonna get this. Why must Rythmik be so much fun for a pocket music studio



LuWiiGi said:

Looks cool (great work Cinemax!) but I'd rather get the normal edition. I prefer the techno art style to the glam rock look this version has.



kurtasbestos said:

I love the first Rytmik, but my biggest complaint is that there are 128 drum/percussion sounds to choose from, and only 48 synths, most of which seem to be geared towards making trance music. Hopefully the new release will have a wider variety of sounds to work with.



CyXBeAtZ said:
This is an entry from the First Rytmik. I love the program. No matter what type of music you can control the tempo and effects to an extent. Cant Wait for Rytmik Rock.. and yea back compatibility with the first would RoCK .. no pun intended... ok ok .. maybe xD

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