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Rock Out in this Rock Band 3 DS Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Hear "Walking on the Sun" for the 400th time

How do you shrink a multiplayer music experience to a portable handheld console? Guitar Hero: On Tour offered a guitar grip and successor Band Hero even came with a silicone sleeve to make drums easier to use, but the DS's upcoming Rock Band 3 is taking a less accessory-based approach, being only controlled with the DS's natural features.

The gameplay shown off in this new trailer will seem familiar to anyone who's played Rock Band Unplugged on PSP as it features the same gameplay style, with players switching between instruments to tackle songs. The PSP version was generally well-regarded by reviewers and gamers alike, so we have high hopes this could be a worthwhile addition to the DS's ever-growing musical game library.

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sykotek said:

Looks like a reskinned Lego Rock Band already released for the DS. I guess the music selection must be different... hopefully it is a bigger selection though, LRB got old real fast without the ability to download new songs.



Sabrewing said:

This one won't have the ability to download songs either. Not everyone owns a DSi with its memory card slot, after all, and they have to cater to ALL DS owners.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

This is the same kind of gameplay that was also in Lego Rock Band last year. It was a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed it, although the setlist was far too small (25 or so songs? Not enough).



Raylax said:

If anyone just heard a bang, it was the sound of my mind being blown clean out of my skull by the sheer amazement I feel for this game.

...Wait, no it wasn't.

Can we kill the Music Hero franchise now plz?



The_Fox said:

The console versions of RB3 actually look quite interesting. Not this however.

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