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Retail Rumour Pegs 3DS for April Launch Across America

Posted by James Newton

The mill gears are grinding again

We know you're impatiently waiting for September 29th, when Nintendo will finally announce the release date and pricing for its upcoming 3DS handheld, but if this rumour turns out to be true you could be waiting impatiently for the console a little longer than first thought.

An anonymous retail source – your Scepticism Meter is probably exploding around now – claimed to gaming website VGTribune that:

Based on our discussions with Nintendo management . . . the target dates are in April for the Americas.

Quite what the ellipsis omitted is unknown, but if this anonymous source is correct we'll be waiting at least a few weeks longer than first thought. Or this could be a completely false rumour and we'll all be playing by Christmas. Find out which on September 29th!


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Hokori said:

I hope for April, so I can get DKCR and Kirby as well as Other M, Golden Sun, and many more



Kevin said:

Wouldn't mind it. My birthday's in April after all. Could get a free game if its released early April for my birthday.



bboy2970 said:

NO! LIES!! This cannot be when the 3DS hits!!!!!! Everywhere on the internet is pegging November 20 or 22 for the date. If this turns out to be true I'm gonna be so mad!!!!!



Raylax said:

I heard from an anonymous on a gaming forum that a source who works in an office in a building next door to Nintendo and occasionally lip-reads their cleaning staff from his window as they leave for the day that the 3DS will be released February and will come packaged with Halo Reach and a kettle.



fabes said:

This cant be true because that is after March and they have officially stated that it will release sometime this current fiscal year which ends in march 2011 so they can release anytime from now until march but not afterwards uless they are liars. and if they were lying i will be extremely mad. i want the 3ds right now and i cant wait until april to get it.



Capt_N said:

I don't know what to say. I want the 3DS, but I want other things for Christmas, & I've already got to make some (tough) choices of which games I want more. If I ask for it for Christmas, it'll probably be expensive enough that it will be 1 of only a few things I get. I'm not greedy, & I don't wanna sound that (way), but this economy (here in NA for all you non-NA Nlife users) makes purchase of entertainment, & other non-consequential (items) of that sort on the back burner, if on the stove @ all, for more important things.

Then again, this rumor may not be true even. If it is though, I know I will ask for this for Christmas. I just hope that N makes enough of these not to artificially drive the demand for them up.



Yasume said:

I really don't mind. I'm getting this on day 1, that's for sure, but I don't care if that date is in Decebmer, April or October 2018. I've so many unplayed games, I can probably last 30 years with them.



Capt_N said:

This may not be true, since I just realized software makers/publishers(including Nintendo) probably haven't had enough time, to make software for it. It it comes in Nov, I wonder how many titles it will have @ launch.



ryty1231 said:

I don't believe this at all. Nintendo assured us that it would be out by the end of March.



cecesigue said:

I personally don´t belive the date... it was very clear that they say to everybody that the machine will be available in 2011, like, they don´t say a word at the begining but they say very rapidly "until 2011" so, thats the first lie, and the second MUST be that actually it will be out "in 2011" i think they are trying to build more expectation due the fact that everybody was sure about the november date...



Arcanum said:

Complete lie. Nintendo said that it was gonna be released in all major markets by march



bboy2970 said:

@irken004: ...........Really? I thought that date was slipped from Gamestop. Usually when the slip is from Gamestop, I expect it is for the US. Anyway, I'm quite sure if the US doesnt get the 3DS in time for Christams then at the very least Japan will. And if that is the case I shall be importing one anyway.



SavageBlackWolf said:

Blah. My enthusiasms almost gone, anyway. Tired of all these rumors and there`s little to no new info on any of the games they showed at E3. I`m forgetting about it until Nintendo actualy says something worth listening to.



childofacid said:

I dont see why everyone is having a fit over a month difference...I thought I was in a room of adults, now I see I'm surrounded by child gamers



HipsterDashie said:

So America gets an April '11 release? That means Europe will be getting a release sometime in 2030.

Damn, I hope it's before March.



AlexisS said:

This was the full quote: "Based on our discussions with Nintendo management that the target dates are in April for the Americas."

The inclusion of "that" didn't really make sense/could confuse readers so we removed it with an ellipsis.



AlexisS said:

Also: We hope it launches before April, but we're just reporting what our source told us.



ReddLionz said:




ianmage1 said:

"Based on our discussions with Nintendo management . . . the target dates are in April for the Americas."
Does this mean that Nintendo TOLD them this?



ExploderReviews said:

well my birthdays in October (10/10/10 by the way ) so this isnt really good... but I'm glad to know there's a possibility that it could be released in November @6, i hadn't event thought that!



armoredghor said:

Even if we choose to believe these people, it could've just been suspicions from a conversation about production levels. Besides many are assuming that America will get it's consoles months later but we actually got the wii first. That's not the case with DSi or XL but it gives perspective.



SilverBaretta said:

Let's take a trip down rumor lane............HEY LOOK! There's those other 3DS release rumors I disregarded!



LuWiiGi said:

I don't mind the 3DS coming out next spring. I'll need lots of time to save up money after getting a Wii and most of great games on it, not to mention stuff for DS, DSiWare, VC and WiiWare. So I'm good with April. @James Is the 3DS likely to come out in Europe before America, or America first? (I know Japan will get it before anyone in the west.)



koops330 said:

Its supposed to come out before march 31, 2010 according to Nintendo so that is one giant lie



TopSOUL said:

April would be just great, there would be enough time to gather the money to buy it and also play all my favorite DSi games (i got my DSi two months ago and I'm loving it).



PSICOffee said:

No they'll surprise everyone and release it on september 29!

Seriously though, I hear March, then November, then April.. god I don't even care anymore. The damn system isn't going to be made for left-handers anyway! I'm gonna be sooo pissed if I find out you have to use the left-analogue stick and the touchscreen with stylus only without the option to use buttons on any of the games (who am I kidding, of course they'll do that). At least in the DS era most if not all games had an option to support left-handers, thankfully always Nintendo first parties like WarioWare Touch! did.



Alphack3r said:

Flithy lies.
The only way they could ever atone for something that grave would be to drop the price...but it's still a lie. DON'T LIE - CAPTAIN FALCON WILL FIND YOU!



cheapogamer4life said:

Only another week and a half until the world we'll know when the 3DS will be release in their region so I'm good till then. What would be great is if they also release the launch titles info at the same time.



MeloMan said:

I both hope and feel it will be April when it releases in America, I predicted that and I'm sticking to it. Combining the release of the DSi XL, past history, and Nintendo's fiscal quarters/years, it's only logical it'll be released in April barring the big N themselves saying so otherwise. Stay tuned I guess...

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