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Prove Your Sin and Punishment 2 Skills in New Official Competition

Posted by James Newton

Prizes and pride at stake

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is a classic: hugely difficult, but a classic nonetheless. Anyone currently honing their best scores may want to take a look at this new official Nintendo competition for North America – sorry, rest of the world! – to prove they're the best.

The challenge asks players to score as highly as possible on the game's third level, using the Remote and Nunchuk. Twin Galaxies International will be handling score verification duties, with the winner receiving a customised plaque, two black Wii Remotes, two black Classic Controller Pros and a pair of Wii Zapper accessories, as well as the chance to feature in next year's Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition.

The competition kicks off today and lasts until October 6th. Full details are below, and best of luck.

Nintendo Seeks High-Scoring Champion for Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

Nintendo of America has announced a special nationwide competition for its Sin & Punishment™: Star Successor game for the Wii™ system. Partnering with Twin Galaxies International, the official worldwide authority for video game world records, Nintendo is challenging players 13 years and older to earn the highest possible score in the third level of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor using the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers. All entries will be verified by Twin Galaxies, and the player with the highest score will be awarded a customized plaque, two black Wii Remote controllers, two black Classic Controller Pro™ accessories, two Wii Zapper™ accessories and bragging rights. The winning score will also be submitted by Twin Galaxies for consideration in the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition.

The competition will begin today and end on Oct. 6. Throughout the competition, players with broadband Internet access can use the game’s online leaderboard to see the best scores and gauge how they stack up against other players around the globe. To enter the competition, players must submit a video of themselves playing the game. Official rules and details can be found at Twin Galaxies.

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thaantman said:

Sounds awesome, I never did get my sin & punishment. I had won a copy off of ebay the week the game came out, I never received it and had to get my money back, because of that this game kinda slipped off my radar. My have to pick this up, though I doubt I have a chance of winning



SwerdMurd said:

God I hope I don't screw up that boss fight....I'd assume you pretty much have to play on Hard or there's no possible way to score highly enough....and you can't get hit at all. Gonna start practicing tonight--glad Other M's finished so I can give this my full attention



siavm said:

I know I am not winning this, unless they have a prize for being in last place.



romulux said:

hard mode, no player specified. also, do they mean stage 3 or 2, since 0 is technically the first stage...



SwerdMurd said:

@rom - i'd assume 3 (side-scroller-most-of-the-time 3) due to the pics in the would be good to know for sure though. I'd also assume they mean this stage 3 due to 0 kind of being a tutorial more than a stage.

@everyone - remember to stay standing on solid ground as often as possible, as it gives you points



Ricardo91 said:

If I ever manage to figure out how to get those medals, I might sorta have a chance!



DrewBledsoe said:

What scores did you guys wind up submitting? I sent in a shade over 68 million, (it was tops on the US leaderboard, but that really doesn't mean anything). Just wondering if I should get my hopes up a little or if somebody put up a better score than me?

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