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Practise Your Balancing with PHYSIO FUN Tomorrow

Posted by James Newton

2,000 Wii Points for helpful software

Kaasa is clearly the place to be when it comes to WiiWare firsts. As well as bringing the service its first pelvic floor exercise game, tomorrow the company launches PHYSIO FUN Balance Training as an alternative to lengthy rehabilitation programmes.

Kaasa's tests have included a soft foam surrounding for the board itself, something that obviously won't be included in the WiiWare download. Still, Thomas Claus, from the Dr. Becker health clinic in Germany, had this to say about the software and Balance Board combo:

Especially with the more senior patients, the mat provides a higher degree of safety and reduces the inhibition threshold. It enables us to recommend and utilize the Wii Balance Board for aftercare treatment once rehabilitation has been completed.

The press release below explains more about the unique potential of this software, hopefully justifying its pricetag at 2,000 Wii Points. We'll be reviewing this one next week.

Balancing act: Wii Shop Channel exclusively presents PHYSIO FUN Balance Training on 10 September 2010

DÜSSELDORF – 03 September 2010 – a good message for all patients who have had to go through a frequently monotonous rehabilitation program in the past: on 10 September 2010, for a mere 2000 Wii Points™ (approximately 20 Euro), the PHYSIO FUN Balance Training will appear exclusively in the Wii Shop (Channel)! The special training and testing software, which has been developed by Kaasa Health GmbH of Düsseldorf, helps you complete the important but frequently monotonous balancing exercises in a playful manner and in doing so it ensures that you remain motivated.

In addition to this, because of the low purchase price, PHYSIO FUN Balance Training is also ideally suited as a recommendation by physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres. Instead of using expensive specialised equipment, PHYSIO FUN Balance Training is an entertaining way to provide exercises for post-operative patients, such as those with foot, knee or hip complaints.

What is more, the graphically diversified presentation leaves no room for boredom, and the daily training units become a real experience. In the so-called “Fun-Mode”, the whole family can demonstrate and improve its sense of balance and dexterity.

By means of the Balance Training, you are able to change the Wii Balance Board™ into a fully functional force platform and thus can measure your body’s centre of gravity over time. The Physio Fun Fitness Mat is placed around the Wii Balance Board, thus enlarging the surface. It provides an appropriate platform for risk-free training in addition to increasing both the safety for all players as well as the number of possible applications.

The extension for the Wii Balance Board is already being used in the daily routine of clinical life: “Especially with the more senior patients, the mat provides a higher degree of safety and reduces the inhibition threshold. It enables us to recommend and utilize the Wii Balance Board for aftercare treatment once rehabilitation has been completed," said Thomas Claus, from the Dr. Becker Klinikgesellschaft in Nümbrecht, explaining his experiences with the PHYSIO FUN Fitness Mat.

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Cipher said:

At that price, surely it'd be better to release it as a retail title...?



Majora said:

Holy cr... 2000 WiiPoints... I expect this don't be a bad premonition for another games with that price.



James said:

Remember this isn't a game, it's designed to be a genuinely useful aid to people who've undergone surgery or need lengthy rehabilitation without being able to afford or attend therapy. If it can genuinely speed up rehabilitation then I think £20 is a steal.



LuWiiGi said:

Kaasa are one of my least favourite game devs.

EDIT: Oh, I guess I didn't read the article properly, I thought it was just for fun and exercise. I still think £20 is too expensive though.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

"Low purchase price"? This likely indicates this was going to be a retail release originally.

Colour me very interested in this whole project. I wonder if it'll be coming to NA.



Token_Girl said:

What's the point of selling it as a download if you need that foam pad thing? Especially since it's so costly. $30 retail disk with pad seems to be the better idea.



Golgo said:

charge people 2000 to learn how to stand still? get some guy with correspondence phd to certify it as 'medical'? that is genius!



jangonov said:

it says "in the so-called 'fun mode'" why would their own press release use the term "so-called"?



madgear said:

I think it's a good idea to release things like this on Wiiware - as long as it's not at the cost of some awesome Virtual Console titles tommorow!



Objection said:

2000 points for a game that needs a physical object or two? Sounds like it should be on a disc. I also hope this doesn't lead to more 2,000 point games.



EdEN said:

A bit expensive but if it actually helps those that need it to rehabilitate faster the $20 would indeed be a steal.



Linkstrikesback said:

>Most expensive wiiware game
>Undoubtably a Wii fit ripoff, sold as "aid to people recovering" when various hospitals already recommended wiifit for similar purpose
>Requires balance board
>99% Chance of being shovelware.
I'm calling it: This is on wiiware because even retailers are refusing to stock any more of this crap, especially when this would have to compete with wiifit + for store space (ha! good luck with that)



Bankai said:

I must say I am very disappointed by some of the responses in this thread.

Clearly there are a lot of people out there that don't understand that WiiWare can be more than just games - it can be genuinely beneficial.

And no, Wii Fit is not good enough for rehabilitation. Patients in rehab have their own unique needs in terms of what exercise they should be doing and at what levels. Wii Fit is clearly designed for healthy, able-bodied people.



Sean_Aaron said:

Agree with Waltz. Wii Fit is too demanding for the application being targeted here. I suspect this will end up being a limited disc run for purchase by medical facilities who don't have the ability to download it and they would also likely be relying upon word-of-mouth from medical professionals to their patients in their marketing.

I'll be reviewing it; hopefully it does the job. My initial impression is that's it's quite comprehensive, however that's just from reading the manual. I'll be getting down with balancing tonight!



Jonny said:

Where's everyone getting £20 from? I pay £7 for 1000 points and therefore £14 for 2000. For £14 a genuine tool to help peoples balances could be great



Linkstrikesback said:

@20 @21
Really, you think that it's going to be beneficial, how? It's not going to be better than wiifit in any way or form for the "purpose" they're trying to sell it for, and I'm darn sure it won't be any better in aiding people who need to relearn walking or anything severe like that.

And then there is the fact it's from the same people responsible for "Flashlight" and "Discolight". If that doesn't ring any warning bells, then I don't know what does



Sean_Aaron said:

@Linkstrikesback: Have you actually used Wii Fit? If so, try to imagine you just recovered from breaking your hip and you're 70 years old. I think you'd probably find many of the activities in there a bit intimidating and the ones which aren't like some of the games, have no meaningful tracking of your progress.



LuWiiGi said:

@WaltzElf I agree with you, but we don't know actually know if this, er, 'game' is any good yet. It might not be any help at all, for all we know. I mean, let's have a look at one of Kaasa's previous titles, Flashlight. One of the game's features was SOS Mode, which the devs said was helpful if you were stuck on a desert island and needed help. Firstly, when would that happen? Secondly, the light was no brighter than the DSi menu on highest brightness, so you would be wasting 200 points on an app that you would barely ever use, and that the DSi could already do anyway. I hope this is better, but I wouldn't count on it.




Its not looking to be better than wii fit. Its taking physical exercise in a different direction. Its interesting software. It just needs to actually work well and be extensive enough. Wii Fit and its plus doesn't cover every single concieveable base when it comes to balance exercise y'know. I actually LIKE this kinda of thing because I am a healthcare professional and, for me, its an intelligent use of console software. I need convincing though.

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