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Peter Moore Disappointed With Tiger Woods 11 Sales on Wii

Posted by Trevor Chan

Has EA shot itself in the foot?

EA is one of the industry's juggernauts, thanks to its array of sports franchises that release a game a year across all platforms. Whilst that is potentially lucrative, it's also a double-edged sword as each instalment needs to have significant improvements over the last, otherwise gamers won't have any incentive to buy them. With Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 not selling too well, EA Sports president Peter Moore spoke out about the game's reception.

Talking to GamerZines, Moore expressed his thoughts on the game's sales performance:

It's been disappointing, in particular on the Wii. There's no hiding, because the results are there. The Wii has been a disappointment.

Last season's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was the first in the series to support the Wii MotionPlus and was one of the big players of the Summer, scoring an excellent review at Nintendo Life. With the Wii version scoring the highest Metacritic score out of all available platforms, coupled with the fact that the Wii MotionPlus was utilised superbly, did EA set the bar too high for itself? Moore goes on to say:

It was a difficult year because we had the Wii MotionPlus bundle the previous year. That was a tremendous platform for us to sell on. We had strong advertising, strong support from Nintendo, both Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America.

Without that support – possibly combined with Tiger's public fall from grace, who knows? – this year's instalment simply hasn't lived up to its predecessor in the sales charts.


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bboy2970 said:

Oh geez.....more of EA whining that their sales on Wii are lacking. Its not the Wii's fault, Nintendo's fault or anyone elses fault but EA. They need to just suck it up and actually significantly improve their sport franchise games. Also, I don't care what they say, I see very little advertising for EA games on Wii. How do you expect people to buy games that they don't know exist EA??



Sean_Aaron said:

Endless milking of franchises and the well runs dry? Wow, that's a surprise. It's golf, once you have the motion plus one, I don't see why you'd need/want another and apparently many Wii owners agree! TRY SOMETHING NEW EA!



Dazza said:

Maybe some of the blame could be due to the promiscuous Tiger Woods perhaps?



William90 said:

I expect it will sell well here in Newport, as it's where the Ryder cup will be- I'm thrilled to see my hometown in a game!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Here's my thoughts: First off, last year's game (not this year's, last year's) sold very well. Check this out:

#4 for the month in USA? That's pretty good. Especially when you notice that NONE of the other console's versions are in the top 20. And then, who's going to buy something like this with minimal improvements two years in a row? Not a lot of people. And yes, Tiger Woods' behavior this year may have something to do with it as well.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm just not a big golf fan, so I had no interested in Tiger Woods Cheater's Tour 11. It's why I don't by Madden, it's why I don't buy NBA Elite/Live, it's why I don't buy NHL 2KX, and it's why I don't buy MLB games. I like my games over-the-top and rediculous. It's part of why I liked The Biggs, part of why I'm going to at least look at NBA Jam, part of why I still play Mutant League Football and Hockey, and part of why I'm looking more forward to WWE All-Stars than WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011.



motang said:

When I saw the headline I was thinking to myself why does Peter Moore care about Wii game sales...forgot he is head of EA Sports now, and not with MS anymore.



LztheQuack said:

EA's blaming the Wii again for their own errors? How sad...I'm disappointed with them



Splat said:

It really is a great game and that is coming from someone that is not a fan of golf.



Big_A2 said:

@Dazza: That's what I was going to say. Why is EA still putting him on the box of games? Did he make EA sign something?



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah got this two years in a row 09 and 10. Didn't see the need to get it again. To many other important games to save for and play!

@Big A2 Not everyone dropped tiger from their ads. Besides after all he still is the biggest name in golf and that means money even if not on the wii. I can see companies dropping him if its not golf related to there ads. That just makes more sense.
Do we really want Vijay Singh 2012?



Amorous_Badger said:

Is this the same EA, who do minimal marketing for their Wii games complaining about subsequent poor sales?

I am sick of major developers not putting the effort in, and then whining about not being appreciated.

See also: Dead space:Extraction, House Of The Dead, MadWorld, etc



SwerdMurd said:

1) Golf is about as entertaining as contracting herpes without having sex. Golf videogames somehow manage to be less fun than that.
2) We bought this game last year, the number was just different.
3) Everyone hates EA. I'm much more apt to avoid any game they make, especially when it comes out every year.
4) Tiger woulds started porkin' fatties and lost the respect of damn near everyone in our nation. Dunno how much that affects sales tbh, but now you have a d-bag marketting games made by d-bags.

Personally I'm kinda happy this didn't sell. Gives me some faith in the Wii game-buying community....that is until Ben 10 and the Chinchilla armada comes out and sells 250k.



Stargazer said:

I love it when EA starts acting all surprised when they make the same game every year and then it stops selling like hotcakes. Better yet, when they make the same game in 2010 that they made in 2002 and put almost ZERO effort into updating PS2-quality graphics.

And for the record, '10 was less fun than '09 (even with Motion +, which added very little to the overall game once the novelty of near 1-to-1 motion wore off) and '09 was less fun than Super Swing Golf.



armoredghor said:

But I'm sure every major golf fan bought one. Besides, they haven't been to friendly with the wii. Look at Madden, the cover is cell-shaded; now that's just insulting.



Varoennauraa said:

A little advice for EA: Perhaps @ next gen it would help to try not to become synonymous to everything thats on Nintendo platforms.



Machu said:

I bought 08, 09 and 10. TW10 was nearly perfect, which lead me to expect (and look forward to) balance-board support to further increase the realism of the swing-mechanic. They didn't bother, and what was added wasn't worth ANOTHER upgrade.

crazy-golf, and a 1st-person view, wow



Machu said:

Putting was fine on 10, although you could cheat and use the chipper.

Did they fix that in 11? Anyone?



taffy said:

If they made a Tiger Woods game like that one in that episode of South Park then I would buy it!



YoshiSage said:

No, really?! A golf game is failing on the Wii, and when we've seen more golf games from EA than we'd care to count! On top of that, the titular individual's name is mud these days!


Seriously though, just release your golf games less often and TRY SOMETHING NEW. And I could go on forever about how people are unrightfully being asses to Tiger Woods, but that's an entirely different story. For another day.



StarDust4Ever said:

Imagine if Nintendo released a new installment of Smashbros every year. The "improvements" would probably make it suck.

Not to mention Tiger Woods reputation in his personal life as well as his performance on the green has gone to the dogs. Maybe they should have cancelled the endorsement and labeled it "PGA tour 2011." After all, Nintendo cancelled Mike Tyson's endorsement for Punchout, aka Punchout featuring MR Dream.

Nothing new going on here. Just go to your local used retro games store, and fully half the stock of SNES, N64, and Genesis games are probably going to be yearly sports updates, ex. Madden 97, 98, 99, etc. Some of the few sports games that really stood out as being fun and good were titles such as NBA Jam (Genisis) and Blitz2000 (N64), but I'm not sure if they were yearlies or not.



Joetherocker said:


A game about Golf that had an identical release last year starring a golfer whose reputation was dragged through a gutter causing his game to suffer didn't do well? What a shocker! The Wii must suck if games like that aren't selling well!



Varoennauraa said:

If anything, EA is disappointing in making Wii games!

Also, Identical yearly updates might fail on family console, if its mascot starts behaving indecently.

If your products don't sell, you don't blame customers. If your products don't sell, your products suck, and customers don't want to spend money on crap. If I would have done the games that EA has had nerve to release on Wii, I would have APOLOGIZED the Wii audience that I couldn't have made better games and that I will try to do better job next time! Wii's audience has voted with their wallets, and Wii's audience has showed that games can sell millions, but they just have to be good. Crap games don't sell on any system, in fact they would sell less on other systems.



Crunc said:

I upgraded, but truth-be-told, I didn't play '10 that much and I haven't play '11 that much. The mini-golf is pretty lousy. The best thing about '11, and the reason I upgraded, was online disc-golf. But no one is playing online, or at least they weren't when I tried. I do wish it had sold better. I wanted to play some online disc golf.



SilverBaretta said:

Man, I'm pretty surprised at all the sports game bashing going on here. I think we can agree that sports games have come as far as they can possibly go in terms of being realistic, and if it doesn't seem like they have to fine-tune anything, all EA can do is release the same game with an updated set of players and a few new game modes. It's not that they don't want to do something new (even though that may be part of it), it's that they can't.



PSICOffee said:

Good that's what you get. Stop supporting the Wii then EA, I don't give a damn. Your games take up valuable shelf space for more important ones anyway.

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