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Nintendo Rolls Out Logo For Mario's 25th Anniversary

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Most likely coming soon to a retro enthusiast near you

So Super Mario Bros. released on the NES in 1985. We ran out of fingers and toes trying to figure out how long ago that was, but our theory is 25 years.

We feel pretty good about this theory in light of a recent trademark filing by Nintendo of this here image. It doesn't say "25" anywhere on it, but you don't exactly see companies filing trademarks for their head mascot's 23rd anniversary.

Nintendo has yet to reveal what it plans to stick the logo on, but Kotaku notes that the company used a similar logo for Mario's 20th anniversary and one that appeared on a special Famicom-themed Game Boy Micro. It's possible Nintendo has similar plans for a special DS, or it might just be for that special Super Mario All-Stars reissue.

Either way, whatever it gets stamped on will likely appeal to retro enthusiasts and those whose inner child controls the wallet.


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MeloMan said:

@ 1 I'm sure someone's already on it.

I'm trying not to fall into the hype trap for it being associated with Super Mario All-Stars, but I'm wishin' like mad it is... I'd rather just have SMA for VC, but if they have a disc release and it's got enough goodies, bells, and whistles, then this will become an insta-buy. C'mon, Nintendo, OUT with it already >



Chris720 said:

Eww... just black and white? That's... disgusting... give it some colour, brighten it up please.

I wonder what they'll put it on? Special Edition Super Mario Wii?

I would most definitely pay for that.



HipsterDashie said:

Lol, so 25 years for the USA and Japan, and we had to wait, what, another 3 years? No wonder we gave our love to Sega instead. XD



sykotek said:

Definitely seems like something is missing without the 25. Here's hoping that when it is included, it'll be in the same 8 bit style as SMB. Also..., do patents need to be in B&W? ...I hope its not final, I think the logo would look much better in a metallic gold color.



natendo said:

25th anniversaries represent silver, thus why the logo is black and white.
To be consistent, hopefully Mario’s 50th anniversary logo will be gold…



ueI said:

If that logo is silver, it must have been left out in the rain and spent 25 years tarnishing.



manleycartoonist said:

Why not use the same game engine as Super Mario Wii and remake all the original SMB games? I'd buy that even though I already own the VC versions.



SilverBaretta said:

Good looking logo, but it needs a big 25 plastered on it in red and blue, the primary colors of Mario.



NintendoWorld1 said:

I bought one of those L.E Game boy edition and then wanted to get another one but by the time 'I could afford it' they were gone..... I've only ever tryed my mirco game boy to see how small Super Mario World would look on a smaller screen, even today it's one of my favourite Nintendo items. The other is a ice-blue DS but sadly we got that colour in the UK but it wasn't called ice-blue... anyway I'm so excited about what Nintendo have in store to celebrate Mario's Birthday, I'm hoping it will be Mario All stars for the VC or what I've been dreaming about an entire Mario collection on one disc!! Please Nintendo don't forget Europe (UK) North America and Australia in this. Please, I'd beg but since when has that got anyone any where? <also my comments would never end either>



NintendoWorld1 said:

<<Help>> I'm making another comment...

Also Nintendo Life will keep us posted about how Nintendo will celebrate Mario's Birthday, they know the Big N knows...........

hang on how is Mario 25? I rememeber playing a Mario game on an Atari 800! he use to be an ememy of Donkey Kong, honestly.

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