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Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell in Debut Month

Posted by Trevor Chan

That's Nintendo with its conservative hat on

It's all very well showering us with release dates and pricing (well, for Japan anyway) and the trailers and screenshots certainly don't do any harm, but how well does Nintendo think the 3DS will perform sales-wise?

Nintendo is predicting the 3DS to shift more than 4 million units by the end of the fiscal year ending March 2011. With the Japanese launch on February 26th, that gives the company a little over a month to meet that target. To put that into perspective, that's roughly 19% of the DS hardware sales for the entire fiscal year in just 33 days.

A decline in Japanese sales of Nintendo's current line-up, however, has the company making modifications to its hardware and software forecast sales figures. Wii hardware projections for the year ending March 2011 have been reduced from 18 million units to 17.5 million, slightly lower than the actual 20.53 million that were shifted the previous year. Along with all those consoles, 191.81 million software titles were sold. In conjunction with the decline in hardware sales, software forecasts for the year ending March 2011 have been cut from 165 million to 135 million.

The same goes for the DS. The year ending March 2010 saw 27.11 million units shifted, and this fiscal year's forecast has been reduced from 30 million units to 23.5 million. Software projections have dropped down to 125 million from the original 150 million, compared to the previous year of 151.59 million.


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IronMan28 said:

I don't see why 3DS won't sell like hot cakes. The price is a bit steep but the features seem to make up for that...



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I can see that. It would of course also count US and Europe sales since they come out IN March, even if only for a few weeks (which if it's constantly selling out could be enough to do this).



Fuzzy said:

I wonder what their predictions are for the rest of the world.



ToastyYogurt said:

@FantasiaWHT: OUR economy might be struggling, but Japan's isn't. Besides, it's not going to be $300 in the US. That's the Japanese price converted to USD. The system will most likely cost less in the US, like they usually do. I'm thinking about $250.



MasterGraveheart said:

Oh, I predict it will sell 4,000,000 units, and then some. Of course, this means, if the $300 price tag remains constent, I can no longer complain about the prices of the other platforms.



motang said:

I honestly think at such a high price the software really need to prove that it's worth it, and I think Nintendo will do just that.



miketh2005 said:

Prob more. They'll sell out just like the Wii, there will be shortages my prediction. The 3DS is WAY better than the Wii imo, so it will sell even faster than the Wii did, as it's appealing to everyone, not just kids and moms.

To all those saying the price is deep, the price is holding it back, blah, blah, blah. WE DONT KNOW THE PRICE, WE ONLY KNOW WHAT IT WILL BE IN JAPAN, NOT US OR EUROPE OR AUSTRALIA.



zionich said:

I dont care if the ship 4 million or 4 billion, just meet the demand for a change in hardware recent release history.



Uri_Civ said:

I'm willing to be purchase number 4,000,001. Then they'd know they beat the record by a landslide. I intend on purchasing this game as soon as it releases.



TingLz said:

Considering that Pokemon B/W sold over 2 million in two days...this wouldn't surprise me at all



EdEN said:

They could sell 6 million units if they had enough stock ready.



Peznaze said:

The interesting tidbit from that news was the 15 million 3DS software sales projection, which means they either expect the games will be too expensive, the inflated Yen is hurting sales too much, or there simply won't be more than half a dozen games released the first month.



triforceofcourage said:

they can do it if they create more beleivers in the tech. i think there need to be in store demos with the prototypes by the begining of december so people will start saving money for 'em. also comercials advertising the in store demos so people will know to go check them out. if they do this they can get 10,000,000 in two months.



MeloMan said:

All I can say is my purchase is guranteed, count me one of the 4 million. I'll have my income tax refund by that month, so it's guaranteed, even if I don't buy a game on the same day



danschemen said:

i'm not sure if i would ask any of my friends about the 3DS even a month before it comes out they will probably have no idea what i'm talking about. there needs to be more advertisement.



TKOWL said:

Well, Reggie was right about how much the Wii will sell, so let's hope the 3DS continues on that legacy



Rasche said:

Four million huh? That's an awful lot, but hey, we'll see. I'll be one of them, for sure.



Iggy said:

Its possible im sure but the fact is the 3DS is around twice as much as the ds so casual gamers might not want to drop 300 bucks. I hope they sell like crazy but i wouldnt be surprised if they dont sell as good. For 300 bucks you can buy a ps3, wii, or xbox 360 some may not want a handheld when they can get a home console. I really hope nintendo throws in a game or something other than an sd card so it seems like your actually getting a deal. But whatever ill buy it as soon as i get the chance.



Frango said:

Well, picturing the fact that here, in Brazil, WHEN it launches here it will be for the price of around U$600 (aproximated converted price), as it happened with the PSP, PS3, X360, and almost happened with the DS, I'm kinda used to this high price, and as I'm planning on importing my 3DS, even if the price in Europe and North America become the equivalent to these estimated 250$, than it's still pretty cheap... And you also gotta think it's a one-time purchase for lots of hours over a couple of years of fun... It's worth it...



Frango said:

I know my previous comment had almost nothing to do with the news, but I lost focus when I started reading other comments... So, anyway... 4m is quite a estimative... Dunno if it will be as easy as it seems to be to achieve... Well, we'll see, right?



Peznaze said:

I wonder... does this mean they only plan on manufacturing 4 million 3DS by the end of March..? Seems highly likely it'll be 100% sold out its first month, yet so low a projection means they know something we don't.



VGC said:

They better start estimating lower at 300 bucks. Hey, I'm not complaining, but Nobody's Rich.



SilverBaretta said:

That's one huge projected sale number for just the first month! Then again, this is a Nintendo handheld....



gatygun said:

well it will sell way lesser for in europe and america for sure, throught a way to high price.

its just not worth it, I aint gona pay 300 dollar for it, for sure lols.



DrCruse said:

I think it's a bit of a stretch. The original DS only sold about 4 million in 3 Months, and I know that a more expensive, potentially eye-harming handheld wont' sell that well.



JimLad said:

The difference with the original DS is no one really 'got it' for the first half a year or so.
3DS will be riding off the enormous reputation it has built up. Plus I think it will be the first big push for 3D into home entertainment, it's going to be massive.
Trouble is it's not hitting a holiday season, and at that price... mmm not sure,



Frango said:

@ 34. JesusSaves:
Potentially eye-harming? How come 3D can harm your eyes if you see everything in 3D, ALL THE TIME... come on we've been through this before... The only thing that could possibly harm your eyes on the 3DS would be the refresh rate of the screen, but, taking the fact that it has an LCD display, it doesn't harm at all....

Now, about the price.... Yes yes it's a little higher than we thought... But I wonder if it's really worth to wait for the price to get lower, maybe $50... Anyway, I will do my best to buy it at the first month ¬¬



theblackdragon said:

@JesusSaves: you do know you can play the 3DS without using the 3D effects, right? that's what i'm planning to do with mine whenever i manage to pick it up, at any rate. Most people are buying for the 3D, but i'll be buying for the power, the new games, the Virtual Handheld service, the compatibility with DSiWare (and the transfer solution promised to us now), and the new gimmicky preinstalled crap (yeah, i like to mess around with that crap sometimes :3). the added internal memory will also be a bonus to me.

Prices are weird, though, to be absolutely honest. Sometimes things that are priced higher are the most sought-after items because of perceived value -- it's more expensive, so consumers think it's better than (insert competing item here), or it'll last longer, it'll do more, etc. and so forth. I see no reason it won't sell like hotcakes even if it releases at $300, no matter what consumers' reasons are for purchasing it.



PSICOffee said:

Man I sure would love to be one of those 4 million. Too bad Nintendo doesn't care about left-handers and all the sudden requires me to use my right hand to write stuff with the stylus on the touchscreen.



Woots said:

If it actually is $300, that'll be $100 more than the Wii! That ain't gonna fly, and for it to actually be okay, they better pack in some awesomeness.



Jumpman said:

America is in an economic crisis so the least they could do to sell millions is to make the retail price $250

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