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Nintendo Declares Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Website Open

Posted by James Newton

Due to be updated in coming weeks

First a logo, then a collector's edition pack; now the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary celebrations get even wilder, with Nintendo of America rolling out website for the portly plumber's quarter-century.

At the moment there's not really a lot to see other than a trailer and some pixel art, but Nintendo promises to make the website the centre of information for the coming weeks. Be sure to check it out in anticipation of what celebratory revelations lie in wait.


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bboy2970 said:

Good. This gives me hope that the rest of the world outside of Japan will get some type of goodies too!



Corbs said:

I wish they would have done something cool like remade the original Super Mario Bros. for the DS.



PSICOffee said:

Isn't this a week old by now? I remember seeing that site back then with the trailer and art and everything and thought everybody already knew about it. Still good to keep tabs on I guess.



pixelman said:

"At the moment there's not really a lot to see other than a trailer and some pixel art"

And what exactly is wrong with that? >.<

SMC bundled with an SNES CC, please!



TKOWL said:

C'mon, Nintendo, you gave the European Club Nintendo the SNES Classic Controller on his big day, but we get nothing?



WaveGhoul said:

Now if only Konami would released their rumered Castlevania Collection for the Wii!

C, CII, CIII, SCIV, Rondo of Blood, Blood lines and maybe throw in SOTN.



TheLonelyGamer said:

I hope we get something good. What I'm really hoping for is the Super Famicom controller, I want that so badly.



Punny said:

I really hope they give us Super Mario Collection: Special Pack and the Super NES Classic Controller for this special occasion!



mjc0961 said:

"Be sure to check it out in anticipation of what celebratory revelations lie in wait.'

Unlike in that inFamous 2 article on Movemodo, this is something definitely worth anticipating. Please be the Mario collection and SNES Classic Controller!



Denieru said:

This better have all Marios up to Super Mario Sunshine, otherwise I'm not interested.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc: Now you're carrying InFamous hate from site to site? Spoilsport.

But yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing what NoA will do. Trying not to be TOO optimistic, though, since NoA hasn't been all that great recently.



KaiserGX said:

Just want to Collection so I can get 2. Maybe something for Club Nintendo that isn't too expensive.



odd69 said:

please for the love of god Nintendo, don't make the collection game a damn prize for "club members". I want to BUY it with my MONEY full retail, please dont make this hard to get it should be available for everyone.



gblock said:

17. UltraRobPrime 18 Sep 2010, 19:33 EDT

I want mah SNES classic controller in the US!




Egg_miester said:

i just want nintendo to release something special in n/a for it not a web page with a solo video, i know the page has been up for over a week now



motang said:

Sweet! I wonder if we are gonna be getting the Mario collection here?



Yosher said:

Hrmm, wondering what they're gonna show on there. Just videos of Mario's history? I'd rather have that Super Mario Collection Pack come here with the DVD and watch Mario's history with THAT.



Capt_N said:

I hope we get the SMB collection-type game, the SNes Classic Controller, & something else Club Nintendo, as Japan has had the controller for some time, as I understand it. & I hope the game contains SMW, & Yoshi's Island, although the game is mainly the SMB series. However, SMW was, on it's packaging @ least, subtitled SMB 4. & like Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land was still SML, YI is the sequel in some respects to SMW.



NintendoWorld1 said:

Still announcements made by Nintendo about a future release of Super Mario Collection goes West, the big N are winding us up witth the 'Mario' themed website's. I'm annoyed that the Wii-Snes controllers are only available in the UK and can only be purchased with star points. Nintendo have missed the point they could have stuck bar codes on them and sold them all accross the world. I'm still waiting for a release date for the 3DS and I also reckon if there are is a future announcement to be made about Mario All stars (collection) it should be made then....
Come on Nintendo announce the plans for SMAS and stick bar codes on them controllers. They would sell millions.....

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