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New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing But Net

Posted by Trevor Chan

What crazy play modes await us?

When we caught up with Pete Trenouth, a producer of NBA Jam for the Wii, he was wasn't quite ready to spill the beans on the upcoming Remix Modes, but now EA has released a trailer that showcases the weird and wonderful play modes that we'll be slammin' and jammin' to when the iconic basketball game makes its return next month.

As well as the classic two-on-two, gamers can look forward to various three-player modes, "boss battles" and perhaps one of the coolest remix modes in which gamers score points for smashing the backboards with slam-dunks Chuck Connors style. NBA Jam wouldn't be NBA Jam without its characteristic craziness, which is certainly making a return in the form of these new gameplay additions.

Watch the new trailer below and then head over to our first impressions to see what kind of over-the-top goodness you can expect to enjoy when the game launches in North America on 5th October.

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PSICOffee said:

It may not have online, but it will still be good I think. I already know one of the secret characters in the game is Stickman, the model they used for animating the characters.



pixelman said:

I still find it unbelievable that the "free" HD version has online, when the super-hyped, full-price retail version excludes it. I'm all for offline multiplayer, but that's just ridiculous. I sure as hell ain't paying full price for this after EA's suckage.



TrevorTheChan said:

To be fair, the NBA Jam that comes with NBA Elite 11 isn't the full game. Although it does have some form of online, there are only three game modes and no Remix Modes.

If I had to pick between a 'demo' which I only get by purchasing a game I don't want, or a game I'd love to play with my friends without online, I know which I'd go for.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I was on the fence because of the lackbof respect for Wii owners but this game sounds like too much fun. Besides, PS360 owners don't get these modes.



accc said:

The guy in charge at EA who decided to sell a downgraded port of a free Xbox Live game with missing feature for full retail price on the Wii has got to be the dumbest person on the planet. Maybe even in the history of the planet.



pixelman said:

@9. No, it's not fair. Online is a much bigger mode than all these other modes combined, in my eyes at least. Why can't we have the full version of the game if we're expected to pay full price for it? No effing thanks. EA's just being greedy and lazy, and I have absolutely no intention of rewarding them for being so. It's a shame too, because this was one of the games I was most looking forward to this year.



juanduran1 said:

Well i got over the fact that theres no online so i will buy this but only after the price has been dropped.



Ron22 said:

This game is going to be awesome. I feel bad for the people that think Online play is the end-all and be-all of Video Gaming. They'll be missing out on some great stuff.



MasterGraveheart said:

Y'know, I can enjoy this game perfectly without online, but I still think it's cheap that EA didn't go the extra mile to make the "exclusive" version have ALL the bells and whistles possible.

...Look at freakin' Monster Hunter Tri, EA! x.x;;



FunderThucker said:

Wow, those look like really fun modes, I can't wait to play those with people online!

Oh...the wii doesn't have online? That's cool, I'll just pick it up for the 360!

Oh wait......the 360 doesn't have these modes.....

Thanks EA



WolfRamHeart said:

It will probably be only a matter of time before the Wii "exclusive" Remix Mode ends up coming to the XBLA/PSN version too via DLC.



vbmetroid said:

@19 that suck
anyway i will be getting this when its in the bargin bin ill go for £10 or under it wont take that long to drop considering it will bomb



James said:

This is going to be ace. I really enjoyed it in August and I think bringing it home to play alongside my friends with a few drinks and some snacks is going to be brilliant. Online multiplayer be damned!



siavm said:

I was going to get this. But I will wait for a price drop or psn version, which I am sure they are going to make.



lilboyblue said:

I'm sorry every one but this games is D.O.A (dead on arrival) for eceryone no matter where u buy it. Ea really had the nerve to screw over everyone this time. I wont buy this game unless it bargin bin ($30). The game deserves nothing but to bomb I mean only 150k sold. I dont know about u guys but I getting sonic colours



Atlantis1982 said:

Someone should tell EA that no one cares about this game anymore since they like gimping this one to death.



Boonehams said:

My prediction: Due to fan backlash of EA Sport's mismanagement of the franchise, NBA Jam for the Wii will do worse than expected, while NBA Elite 11 (which contains the download code for the HD version of NBA Jam) will do better than expected. Unbeknownst to the heads at EA, a large percentage of the people purchasing NBA Elite 11 are doing so for the NBA Jam download code and then immediately selling/returning the game back. Seeing the high amount of downloads for the PS360 version of Jam prompts EA Sports to release the FULL version (including Online AND Remix modes) to PSN/XBLA around third quarter of 2011 for $15, a fraction of the price that Wii owners paid.

Search your feelings... you all know this is going to happen.



FJOJR said:

I don't play online much but the lack of effort in making this game a complete package when they still have 1 month before the NBA season starts is what keeps me away.



JDesensitized said:

They should release this at budget price since they've already devalued it so much themselves.

By the way has it been confirmed that the Elite extra is a download or not? Because if it's on the disc as an unlock code... Well, a lot of people are not going to find their buy and trade strategy very effective...



Boonehams said:

@32: The official word from EA (emphasis by me):
"NBA Jam is only available with the purchase NBA Elite 11. There are no plans to sell it as a standalone product on the X360 or PS3 at this time."
At this time? You know what that means -- they're going to do it, but only after they've tested the waters with this whole NBA Elite thing. PS360 is getting the FULL game soon, I guarantee it.

@34: The "buy and return" policy can still work on shrewd gamers. Even selling it back used, they'll only spend around $15, maybe $20, for it. For some people, like the exact demographic this game is going for -- gamers who grew up on Jam 17 years ago, but now have a family and no longer live near any of their friends -- $15 and the hassle is worth it just to play NBA Jam online.

But none of that will matter when they release it for $15 on PSN/XBLA in less than a year, which they will.



Boonehams said:

Yeah, it actually turned out WORSE than I thought for Wii owners, what with it coming out sooner than expected and standalone, no less. NBA Jam on the Wii is going to tank... HARD. And EA will have no one to blame but themselves for the poor sales on the Wii, but watch: They'll still pull out the ol' chestnut of, "No one buys 3rd party titles on Wii! It's Dead Space: Extraction all over again! Baaaaw!"

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