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New Dead or Alive: Dimensions Trailer Lands a Few Combos

Posted by Trevor Chan

Tecmo shows off some gameplay footage

Among the invited developers and publishers at Nintendo's exclusive 3DS event today was Tecmo Koei, the studio behind Rygar: The Battle of Argus; the Wii instalment of the Platstation action game from 2002. The developer's upcoming Dead of Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS has been progressing steadily and the latest gameplay trailer has been sent over to show the beat 'em up game in action.

As you can see below, the developer is keen to show the work that has gone into the detail of the characters and the game environments, as well as the fluidity of the characters' movements and techniques. As for the 3D effect, here's a descriptive extract from the press release:

And regarding the 3D effect… while you can’t see it in this video we can tell you that if you’ve ever smashed an opponent through the wall of a ninja mansion, or thrown someone through a church window in a previous Dead or Alive game, then experiencing moments like these in 3D will bring a smile to your face (and wipe any smiles off your opponent’s as well).

Be sure to keep checking Team NINJA's website as well as Nintendo Life in the coming months as more information gets released.

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IronMan28 said:

it looks awesome...

Saying whether you're first or second is lame - please don't do it. Moderating team



WolfRamHeart said:

The graphics on this game look very impressive. Team Ninja always knows how to bring the eye candy to a new system. I hope that we will see Ninja Gaiden on the 3DS one day as well.



Sylverstone said:

Well, if that motion boob jiggle was true, at least they never went overboard with it in the trailer like Ninja Gaiden II did for their ad campaigns.



MasterGraveheart said:

Oh yeah, jiggle physics!!!

While I'm anticipating SFVI3DE more, I'm definately interested in picking this one up inevitably.



LordJumpMad said:

Looks like they added A 2on2 Match, well it looks that way.

I wonder if there going to add a 3rd Party Fighter like they did with DOA on 360.
or More Jiggle Physics



WaveBoy said:

I'm no fan of Dead or Alive, but I may give this one a rental for the 3D even though I NEVER rent games. As for the graphics, the enivornments are looking alittle weaker than what the Wii can do visually, more in line with the PS2 if anything. Yet the character models look great! But honestly the video footage looks crappy compared to those screen shots. Yet I loved the music that kicked in at 1:19, awesome stuff!

Anyways, Super Street Fighter IV 3D is definitly a buy for me.



motang said:

Damn...that looks awesome! Between this and SSF IV (and not to mention other awesome games), 3DS is shaping up to have an awesome launch!



SilverBaretta said:

HOLY JIGGLE PHYSICS BATMAN! And cool, Ryu's in yet another DoA game! Except I'll actually probably buy this one!



Maggots said:

Epic LAUNCH!! I think I might buy like 7 games when this launches ... all of the first party games and a couple of the 3rd party games like Street fighter and Metal gear... man... so many games... so many games... so many games... so many...



moosa said:

Honestly, DOA3 (Xbox launch title) looks significantly better than this visually. I was hoping for a bit more. I'm sure we'll see more out of the system with time though.



WaveBoy said:

@moosa you really think DOA3 looks better than this? Take in consideration that this footage has been blown up/expanded which is going to make the graphics look worse, and also it always looks more impressive in person. If anything the shaders/detail in this game for example in that gloomy forest with the trees looks top notch based on what the 3DS can do. Ahhh i love the shnazzy PS3/360-like shaders. But Polygon power wise it's like a slightly weaker Wii.



CanisWolfred said:

Sweet, so it's like Tekken Tag Tournament: Dead or Alive edition. I totally can't wait.


Get real man, why would you expect a handheld game to look better than a game on a graphical powerhouse like the Xbox? At least it looks better than anything on the PSP and even the Dreamcast. That's impressive enough as it is.

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