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Metroid: Other M Tops Wii Sales Charts Worldwide

Posted by James Newton

Released in Europe today

Samus's latest adventure Metroid: Other M finally finished charging this week, blowing a hole in wallets across both North America and Japan. According to sales data compiled by Gamasutra, the bounty hunter struck gold, topping the Wii charts in both territories.

Based on sales information collated from Amazon's sites for North America, Japan and Europe – where the game is released today – Samus sits pretty atop both lists, with only three third party titles in both lists combined. WayForward's A Boy and His Blob makes a surprise reappearance in fifth place in the States, perhaps fuelled by interest in the company's upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which uses the same engine and handdrawn animation.

Nintendo Wii
North America: 1. Metroid: Other M (Nintendo), 2. Gold's Gym Dance Workout (Ubisoft), 3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo), 4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo), 5. A Boy and His Blob (Majesco).

Japan: 1. Metroid: Other M (Nintendo), 2. Wii Party (Nintendo), 3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo), 4. Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Nintendo), 5. Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory (Square Enix).

We'll soon see how Samus fares across Europe. If you haven't picked it up yet, read through our Metroid: Other M review to find out what you're missing.


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47drift said:

Lemme tell ya, it's probably not because of the relation to Batman that A Boy and His Blob is doing well. It's a great game and I think it's more than worthy of the praise, but I think it's doing well because it's $15 and under for a brand new copy at every store I've been too.



erv said:

Released today. Hopefully arriving today. Thankfully, this game is selling well.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm spending my lunch hour trekking out to GAME to use the bulk of my store credit to pick this up. Looks ace!



Shiryu said:

Funny, this came out 2 days earlier over here (Portugal). Only have it since yesterday and only played for about an hour, but I must admit: I love my Wii! Where else could I find such a exquisite gaming experience that mixes both old and new with such finesse? Loving it, hope it sells millions.



Spoony_Tech said:

Totally deserves it.

As for the boy and he's blob here in the states its probably cus of two things cost yes and the fact that Nintendo power put it on its why aren't you playing this list a couple months back. I need to pick up a copy if is that cheap for sure.



motang said:

This is a fun game and I am loving it! I think Team Ninja did a good job and gave us a new experience with Metroid.



TheBaconator said:

Really? I got mine right before my Gamestop closed and they said not many people bought it. It is one of the 2 Gamestops on Cape Cod, too. But it does make some sense because everyone I know is saving their money for Halo Reach (Everyone I know dislikes the Wii because they think the graphics are bad...BOO HOO) I can see why this is selling though, this was the only big realese in 2 months.



Punny said:

Well that was fast! Get this game to see what all the fuss is about! You will (probably) love it!



LuWiiGi said:

You can keep Halo Reach, this is what people should be buying - and it looks like they are.



MrB4 said:

Not really surprising considering its a well known and respected Nintendo franchise.

Good to see that A Boy and His Blob is doing well, that was a great game.



Token_Girl said:

I didn't realize A Boy and his Blob was WayForward (puts game on to-buy-when-employed list).



The_Fox said:

Can't say it deserves it, but it's no surprise that it made it to the top.



EdEN said:

Seems like it will do 500k first week worldwide.

@Token Girl: Yep, A Boy and his Blob is by Wayforward. I bought it when it was released and it was worth the price and is even a better purchase now that you can get it for $20.



Wiilicious said:

A Boy and is Blob got a price drop in Canada in most store. It use to be around 25$can and it's now around 17,50$Can. This was a expensive week for me. I bought Red Steel 2 (29$can), NMH_2 (20$can), A Boy and is Blob (17,50$can) and Metroid onther M (60$ can). There is a hole in my wallet now...

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