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Metroid: Other M Struggles to Ignite UK Sales Charts

Posted by James Newton

Debut at #12 for bounty hunter

Despite getting off to a flying sales start elsewhere around the world, Metroid: Other M has faltered in its first week on sale in the UK, coming in at number 12.

With a high-profile advertising campaign, generally positive reviews – including our 9/10 rating – and the always-reliable Metroid name, it's hard to see where things went wrong.

Fellow new release Tetris Party Deluxe had a similarly inauspicious debut, in at number 23.


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Machu said:

I can't play it (dual-layer), I knew I wouldn't be able to play it, but I still bought it for full-price on day 1. I rock! or am stupid, dunno



SuperPeach said:

I bought mine day one, but I'm also not in the UK so that doesn't help.

@Machu get a cleaning kit and you can still rock.



Sean_Aaron said:

I made my day one purchase; don't know when I'm going to start playing, but I've done my bit!



Cipher said:

Oh, come on! It's been out for four days! Wait another seven days and you can guarantee it'll be in the top five.

Edit: Well, it's only been Fri-Sat-Sun really, the charts only came out this morning. So yeah, the fact that, really, it's already #12 can only be a good thing.



James said:

I'd be willing to wager a small portion of my income that more games are sold during the first three days of launch than the following seven.



erv said:

Got mine, and finished its story already. 46% percent though, so no way I'm going to consider this game played, if ever. Time for a rerun!



Collinhall said:

Heck, even if it is low on the charts it's still IN the charts, which is pretty good.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

It's definitely not my fault. I got my copy by Amazon UK on Saturday although I'm living in Germany.

I buy all my videogames from UK sellers nowadays thanks to stupid censorship laws in Germany, ugly covers (USK label is much bigger than PEGI), poorly German dubbings/translations (without optional English). Xbox360/PS3 games are even more favourable in UK, Wii games have about the same price though.



skywake said:

I didn't get it but that's because I'm an evil bastard. I helped the sales for Red Steel 2 and PunchOut!! instead..... but I don't count for UK charts anyways



outrun2sp said:

People in this country are mainly interested in 360 / PS3.

Doesnt suprise me at all, Even as a WII owner there is nothing on the radar that interests me and you only have to look on the shelves at hmv, game to see the reality of the WII in europe.

Im looking forward to Raiden Fighter Aces, Deadly Premonition, Guwange, King of Fighters Skystage, King of fighters 02UM, Call of Duty Black Ops, Dead Rising too amongst other things. All due this quarter on 360.

I cant think of 7 great games that came out on WII this quarter or that will be and if its just Metroid Other M with its 12 hours to fill the void then thats not enough.

Its a nice machine but its quirky.

I got Gunblade and La Machineguns though good games although the colour is washed out.



Var said:

Blasphemy! It is such a good game, at least it did better elsewhere.



Amorous_Badger said:

Thing is though, Metroid is a franchise which is only really known of by people who have some basic grounding of Nintendo's Big Names.

As a Recognisable Icon, Samus comes a poor third to Mario and Link.




I got my day one purchase too. The Wii sales in this country are very high as we know but the purchases of many of these owners can be quite strange (as we know as well).

I'm looking forward to about 7 to 10 wii games in the next 3 to 6 months and have a few more that need clearance from reliable reviewers. I think its about 6 on the DS. Its looking rosey for me, but maybe not so much for the hardcore-ites.



Kidpit said:

My guess is a lot negative talk on the game from places like Gamefaqs forums, X-play and the Spoonyone got to some people in the UK, oh well.



LuWiiGi said:

I'm British, and most of the gamers I know have never heard of Metroid, because they're too busy spending their entire life on Modern Warfare 2. It's ridiculous, but it's true. Mystery solved.



NapalmHornet said:

Im saving for it... almost have enough for it anyways number 12 aint that bad (i thought hardly anyone bought it). It isn't that surprising to me anyway when "a boy and his blob" another retro-inspired game it only sold about 9 copies in the first month of being in the UK. Theres also what LuWiiGi said too, only some of my friends know what metroid prime is. Basically to get games to sell here it needs to be dark, "have the best graphics in the world" and have about 9 million types of fire-arms in it. The guy being British who created the GTA francise what can you expect? and yes I am writing this whilst my little brother plays MW2.



Because is a travesty of a metroid game that destroyed the mythos and samus and it was desserved to fail.Wii owners don't buy cinematic garbage like the HD users.



burnedmatch said:

I feel sorry for the people who have never heard or played any metroid.

Im going to have to disagree with you - buffalobob - this game was great. there were some problems but overall this game was worth every penny. No super metroid but what could be.



AVahne said:

I'm gonna save up for it...oh wait, I'm American, not gonna help the UK O_O



MasterGraveheart said:

I've got it, I've beaten it, I've achieved 100% on it... and I'm still playing it! To my neighbors across the pond, do yourselves a favor and pick this bad boy, or rather, bad girl, up. You'll thank your old buddy Master Graveheart.



Raylax said:

I bought this today, loving it so far. To be honest, I never expected Other M to be one of the Wii's huge sellers.



EdEN said:

This will pick up in the UK eventually but since it's doing very well in the rest of the world we can't complain too much.

I have my copy of the game but won't be playing it until december since it has to wait for it's turn as I have other games to take care of first.



motang said:

What a shame, I really do like this game a lot. I highly recommend it.



Tate24 said:

i dont get payed in till 14th thats next week so i cant get it in till then:(

that goes 4 most people. we all dont get paid at start of month only couple weeks later!



Golgo said:

Us Brits have been buying grade A turds like the new mafia and kane n lynch games instead. We suck.



Dicesukeinuzuka said:

This game is unexpectedly horrible, no joke, And I traded in Sin & punishment & Mario Galaxy 2 for this too...



Lotice-Paladin said:

I don't think the UK has a history with the Metroid franchise.

I don't mean it in a negative way, I mean people who have played games in the UK haven't really played much of Metroid much outside of those who have grew up with a Nintendo System (I'm guilty of hearing about the series when Prime was out), maybe it'll pick up via Word of Mouth.



Odnetnin said:

@33 Echo 34. If you read the reviews you'd know this game isn't for everybody, and if any major design choices rubbed you the wrong way when you first heard about them I'd have held off and just rented it, maybe. You can't have liked the two games you mentioned all that much if you traded them in, though, right?



Jeero said:

Doesn't surprise me in the least. I bought it last Friday and completed it yesterday, but it's clearly not everyone's cup of tea, and doesn't seem like the kind of game that Nintendo's main demographic would buy. If it was a 360 or PS3 release, you might have a different story.

Plus, those who normally would buy it might be put off by inconsistent reviews, citing linear gameplay and hammy cutscenes as reasons to avoid.



grumblebuzzz said:

I just can't wrap my head around the fact that some people don't like this game. It's action-packed, cinematic, different but undeniably Metroid and unlike anything that Nintendo has ever done before. What's not to like?



Snipes said:

It's a great game. The Metroid series was due for a change and I would honestly like to see another Metroid like this in the future. Does anyone really not like having a story line?



dres said:

Story line? Past Metroid games where full of story. But i was not forced upon you, like with Other M, i think. I Haven't bought or played Other M yet, so what do i know?

But there where a ton of story in the Metroid Prime series. And for the old school Metroid games, like Super Metroid, it had a lot of story, compared to other similar games of that time ( Old Castlevania games, etc. )

Some of us just really like Nintendo's minimalistic approach to story telling, and there 'Gameplay above Story' philosophy.

Look what SEGA did to Sonic the last couple of years. They just followed the game industry trend, and packed way to much story and CGI movies into Sonic games. And it was a disaster.

Nintendo did it all perfect, with Mario. Still kept it simple and classic, with focus on gameplay.

Ok, some CGI movies, and a bit more narrative story telling, compared to the Metroid Prime games, would not hurt the Metroid series. But it just sounds, as if it has taken the upper hand, in 'Other M'.? It doesn't feel like a Nintendo game anymore. But I have to try i myself soon, and make my own opinion. I am just not that excited anymore, and fear the worst.



Viper6391 said:

The Spoonyone just did a review on this and teared the game apart along with it's story. Haven't played it yet, but I think I might rent it first before I decide to pick this one up. I also heard that being forced to go into first person to look for something has annoyed a lot of reviewers. Also, a lot of reviewers have complained about the way Samus is portrayed in this compared to past games. I guess I will have to see for myself. How is the game doing in the US?



MVP said:

Got it yesterday and I only played two hours, but it's enough to say that is one of the best Wii games for this year, the transitions from third to first person are just amazing.



i8cookie said:

I love metroid, but I haven't bought this one yet. I'm still playing mario galaxy 2, plus this didn't get perfect reviews everywhere, so I'm not that excited. Probably will get it eventually though.



JimLad said:

It's a gun based fast action game that isn't on the 360/PS3.
What did you expect?



Mikeman711 said:

I got this one on the 31st. I've only played it for about an hour. But from what I played, I definitley reccomend it!!!



LuWiiGi said:

@33 You call yourself a Nintendo fan?
Yeah, seriously, we British gamers suck, half of us are mindless Microsoft-worshipping losers. The rest of us are OK, though.



vbmetroid said:

im a brit and as most of you have said there only intrested in shooters its ridiculas most of my friends never heard of metroid well its there loss

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