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Jonathan Ross's Ceiling Lights Up with Mario Sprites

Posted by James Newton

Video of presenter's home shows sparkly ceiling

Jonathan Ross loves many things, not least of all Twitter and controversy, but he loves gaming as well. As part of this month's Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary the presenter has thrown open the doors to his gaming lair, showing not only his lack of progress on Super Mario Galaxy 2 but also his pixeltastic ceiling.

Lighting up with a range of sprites including Mario, Luigi and a 1-up mushroom, even Ross himself seems surprised and confused by his dotty decoration, but it's undeniably brilliant.

Keep your eyes peeled for other rare gaming and film memorabilia scattered around his "office": it's a veritable Aladdin's cave.

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Vantes said:

"This video contains content from Nintendo UK, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."




JohnshiBRPG said:

Someone please download the video if you're British and upload it on facebook instead of that new stupid youtube as the talent agency.



PSICOffee said:

wtf youtube, you give me access to all these illegally posted videos and you pull this crap? Since when can countries dictate what videos I watch!? This is an ironic outrage...



Machu said:

Ooh, I wonder where he got the cash for all that. >_>

bar steward!!!



enteinater said:

What the frat!!! Because I'm in America I can't view it?!?! I am Mario lover it shouldn't matter where I am.



Golgo said:

I detest this awful, sycophantic gob almost as much as I envy him his money. And his ceiling.



JohnshiBRPG said:

Based on the video I wanted to watch, which I couldn't.... I decided to write this up on the Youtube forum.


Hello, I am a United States viewer, and I just wanted to watch a video that was specifically made for UK audiences, but it was blocked because I am not a British viewer. so I tried changing content to UK, and it doesn't work, and I tried changing my account's home country to United Kingdom to watch the video, and it still doesn't work.

I believe it's wholly the overall IP address on the computer user that determines which country can watch what content based on copyright holder's intention on which countries are allowed to watch it and those who cannot. So.... I feel very insulted about the focus on talent agency, technology manipulation to get the most number of views and subscriber bots, and giving copyright holders more choice to restrict content based on regional settings on the internet. The internet is supposed to be made to allow anyone to view anything regardless of country, but technology has grown so much that business people can get away with it by restricting content based on national audience.

So.... What do I think about this country copyright restriction idea?

LIFT IT AWAY! I AM TIRED OF SEEING JUST AMERICAN SPAM VIDEOS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN TAKEN DOWN OR THOSE POORLY EXECUTED ADS! I WANT TO SEE ALL POSSIBLE VIDEOS WITHOUT COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS! if this web site is about the views, then there is no point in restricting content based on country when it's on the internet.

Forum users, if you have a story about what videos you wanted to watch, but blocked because of not being in the select country, please post here. I hope youtube realizes that it's not about business people, it's about the consumers and its overall value, not relying on money and copyright compromisation using internet technology.

For Proof, here's the video I wanted to watch that's below this message: (Actual IP addressed UK Audience only)



LuWiiGi said:

It's blocked on my computer too but for different reasons. Darn. Americans, I feel your pain. It's cool to see that JR is into gaming though, and he's not afraid to admit it.

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