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Jam City Rollergirls Press Release Wants You to Sit Up and Take Notice

Posted by James Newton

All the excitement of Roller Derby in a press release!

Our previous post on Jam City Rollergirls caught the attention of roller derby players the world over – over 1,600 Facebook "likes" and counting, viral fans – and now Frozen Codebase has put out the first official press release with more shouting than you can slam a lead jammer into.

If this PR gets you more excited than roller derby itself, you might want to consider visiting PAX in Seattle from September 3rd to the 5th, as Jam City Rollergirls will be available to play. If you go to get your hands dirty, tell them Nintendo Life sent you.

Begin shouting the press release!

Game will be playable to the public for the 1st time at PAX
THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! Attention roller derby masses! Never mind this boring press release! We have kidnapped Frozen Codebase in order to bring you an important MANIFESTO!

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! YOU WILL buy this game because Roller Derby is more fun than sports which involve men patting each other on the butt or watching some guy sit in a car as it goes around a lap 1,000 times. This is why RAT CITY ROLLERGIRLS sell out the Key Arena on a regular basis. This is why there are 500 derby leagues in the world right now, with the number growing at an exponential rate. We're just THAT awesome.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! You WILL buy this game because otherwise we'll knock you down and jump all over you.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! You WILL buy this game because we're the only sport in the world which involves skirts and fishnets but yet is more REAL than your mom.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! You WILL buy this game because otherwise we'll have our uber-fans write signs on posterboard that say ROLLER DERBY SAVED MY SOUL and they will show up in front of your house at 6AM. When they shout “CALL OFF THE JAM” at you, you won't know what they mean unless you BUY THIS GAME!

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! Because our games are called “bouts,” not “matches” or “games” or anything else.

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE COUNTER CLOCKWISE! Because even if you don't win the bout, you can always win at the after party.

FROZEN CODEBASE invites you to their PAX booth, number 3748, on Friday September 3rd to Sunday the 5th to participate in the following activities A) play with the developers and real-life rollergirls; B) Find the secret location of a Friday September 3rd “after party."


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Dazza said:

I can't believe all the interest there is in this game. Who'd have funk it?



WolfRamHeart said:

Yeah, I had no idea that this game would have such a massive following. I would like to see some screenshots of this game or are we just going to have to wait for PAX?



James said:

@WolfRamHeart I've contacted Frozen Codebase for media and as soon as they get back to me I'll update the page and story accordingly



Ristar42 said:

Having watched Roller Derby a few times in London, I've never thought to myself - this would make a great video game. Still, it could work, maybe...



Junkface said:

I'm trying not to get amped lol. This is a great press release and the revolution will be counter clockwise but I'm holding off hope till we see some game play.

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