If you were to pre-order Super Scribblenauts, Sonic Colours and Nine Hours, Nine Doors, Nine Persons from Gamestop you'd have enough items of clothing to walk the streets as a headphone-wearing Sonic the Hedgehog with a metal watch. If that's not your idea of value for your pre-order money, Gamestop has something a bit more practical lined up.

Sticking your name down for Donkey Kong Country Returns will net you a soft pouch shaped like a banana, perfect for keeping your Wii Remote safe inside. The pouch even comes with a small metal clip on there, perfect for attaching it to your house keys or any other portable item you may associate with Wii Remotes and bananas.

Head over to the Gamestop website to secure yourself one of these bright yellow bonuses now.

[via gamestop.com]