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Game Over for Nintendo of America's Former Redmond Headquarters

Posted by Trevor Chan

The birthplace of Mario is no more

It's always sad to see something with so much history behind it get demolished in order for it to continue to progress. With the positive vibe that the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. has generated, it's a shame to see Nintendo of America's old Redmond, Washington offices; the birthplace of Mario, get bulldozed to the ground.

A reader at CVG sent in pictures of the mound of rubble at the demolish site, where it was once the company's U.S. headquarters; after relocating from New York City in 1982.

It was during this time that Nintendo's courageous moustached hero, then known as Jumpman, was 'reborn' as Mario. Nintendo's president at the time, Minoru Arakawa, noticed the landlord with whom the company rented their warehouse from bore a resemblance to the Jumpman character and so it was decided to rename the plumber Mario after Mario Segale. Although Segale himself has not confirmed reports that the character took on his name after he angrily stormed into Nintendo's offices demanding overdue rent, his business associates say it certainly sounds like the hard-driven businessman that they know him as. Maybe he should have smashed some of those nearby blocks, there's always a few coins tucked away in those things.

Still, even though it may be the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one as Nintendo of America has moved into a new office block that's next to its old spot and it looks pretty slick.


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PSICOffee said:

Wow, that's so weird, especially since I drove to that place's parking lot 6 years ago all the way from Iowa (It was nearby other places in Seattle I was visiting). Microsoft is right next door too. I never did go inside that building though, and I regret not doing so. But it would have felt awkward anyway so oh well. They had a nice shiny "Nintendo" metal sign on marble though which was cool...

The building WAS very small however so I can see this happening.



artofmana said:

Nah, it wouldn't have been awkward at all. A number of years ago, on a family camping trip, I begged my parents to take me up there. People were very nice and we were able to see the wall that had envelope art submitted to Nintendo Power hanging on it. The place was small but very neat and it's a memory I'll always have. It's sad it's gone, but I'm glad I got to see it in my life. Now I have to go visit the new digs!



Linkuini said:

That's nothing: I saw a photo of the rubble that used to be my preschool a while ago. I'm over it though. Still, it did come to mind when I saw this, which speaks for itself, I guess.



GamesX99 said:

No!!! WHY?!? They destroyed everything! And now Sony will build their own HQ there!!!



MasterGraveheart said:

This is so depressing indeed. I remember getting VHS tapes from Nintendo and we'd often get to see the inside of the house. It was like visiting your buddy's clubhouse and standing in awe of what they did with the place. It even had a Mario statue on the outside to welcome people. Until I know the fate of the Mario statue, I won't rest easy... ;_;



KingMike said:

Bulldozers? If they had to take it down (shameful ), they should've got a couple guys with hammers for some real-life Wrecking Crew.
... or maybe not.



Punny said:


Oh, wait, they have another building! I guess it isn't all bad....

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