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First Jam City Rollergirls Art Smashes Through

Posted by James Newton

Concept art ahoy

Jam City Rollergirls, the upcoming arcade take on roller derby, has been creating a stir since we announced it here in August, and with the game making its debut at PAX this weekend we've received some concept art from developers Frozen Codebase to share with you.

Frozen Codebase refers to itself as a "punk rock developer" and you can certainly see that spirit shine through in the concept art. With the game making its debut at PAX this weekend, watch this space for more Jam City Rollergirls coverage including screenshots and previews in the near future.

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Punny said:

Well, those weren't the images I had in mind when I first heard about the game, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.... I think....



WolfRamHeart said:

I think that the artwork looks pretty cool. I just wish that the developers would release some screenshots and a gameplay video already.



DAaaMan64 said:

Hey I played this game at PAX. Its still early but its a promising more strategic Mario Kart. The nice thing is you can hit each other on the with your blades and they have this awesome crowd mechanic where people on your team actually pass you forward. Its really cool.

It its a great little racer, even though its early, its already fun. The power ups are awesome. haha



Pxtl said:

@moosa - yeah, I'm shocked they actually noticed and celbrated the fact that twiggish rollergirls tend to get broken, and so they're usually built like football players.



HolyMackerel said:

Not stylistically like Jet Set Radio, but still a very cool idea. I like the third image with the rocket.

@DAaaMan64 "More strategic Mario Kart" sounds like a winner to me.




This has been on my most wanted list ever since I knew of it's existence This may be as sexy as Sexy Poker!



Imerion said:

The artwork with the missiles looks quite cool. Will be interesting to see the first screens from this.

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