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First Fluidity Video and Screenshots Released

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Free flowing fluid physics are fun!

Well after a few weeks of mystery, the dam has finally busted on Nintendo's newest WiiWare release Fluidity and the video and screenshots are now beginning to flow.

The game is currently on display at PAX 2010 in Seattle, but for those who can't be there, you can check out the first gameplay trailer and screenshots gallery below.

Nintendo's Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing water with innovative puzzle game play. Using the three forms of water - liquid, ice and cloud - players will solve challenging puzzles across multiple chapters of an illustrated magical book called Aquaticus. The game offers detailed tutorials that introduce basic game mechanics, but the complexity quickly ramps up as special powers are acquired and enemies are introduced, testing players' reflexes and ingenuity.

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We'll keep you posted on any new information on the game and we'll have a full review shortly after its release.


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WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks incredibly cool! It kind of reminds me of Pixel Junk Shooter. Definitely a day one download for me.



Corbs said:

Thanks for the heads up Wolf. I had just started uploading the video when your email arrived.



moosa said:

This looks like a lot of fun. I really like the graphics style and sound.



James said:

Love the graphical style and the puzzle elements, I just hope the controls are as responsive as the video makes them seem. Colour me interested!



HolyMackerel said:

Hmm, I saw something very similar to this in a student competition a few years ago. That one was fun to play. Let's hope this one is too!



Collinhall said:

Looks AmazinG! Although it does look very similar to other games on other platforms. (LocoRoco, Pixeljunk Shooter)



bro2dragons said:

looks like Night Game (or whatever they're calling that thing)... which is my most anticipated WiiWare release, so.... color me interested.



Radixxs said:

Yet another WiiWare game to get. Now we just need NightSky, that thing's been announced forever.



Linkuini said:

Kinda reminds me of Dewey's Adventure. This looks a lot more sophisticated though. Hopefully keeping a big pile of liquid together will be easy enough not to distract from some of the neat levels on display in that trailer.



Punny said:

This game seems mighty creative! I should give it a go because it looks like a gas! (And a solid. And a liquid.)



WaveBoy said:

Awesome! I'm very excited for this! Not as much as Bit Trip FATE, but pretty damn close! And for some reason this feels like a different breed of World of Goo!



suburban_sensei said:

They should call it, "And Yet It Flows". Seriously though, looks like something I want on my Wii for sure.



Imerion said:

Interesting! Not what I thought it would be, but very nice nevertheless! Looks fun and well-designed level-wise.



MeloMan said:

"And Yet it Flows"... that's what I was thinking

Someone mentioned Night Games, my other most anticipated WiiWare release. Where for art thou? Talk about fallen off the radar, it's getting the Super Meat Boy treatment



rjejr said:

I just walked in on my son watching this and I thought he was playing "Max and the Magic Marker" - it was the basketball scene and the graphics are similar. It then reminded me of TerRover on PSN on the ice levels, and then finally a 2D Dewey when I realized it was water at the end getting the big glowy fruit. That's a pretty good combo of games (though I never quite got the hang of Dewey and thus little enjoyment out of it). Will be keeping an eye out for more on this one now that I actually know about it

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