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Familiar Abilities Return in New Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Puzzles and battles in action

The anticipation for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn ramps up with each new video and droplet of information, but this latest trailer will be calmly reassuring to gamers who've experienced and loved Camelot's portable series over the past few years. Showcasing the game's Psynergy spells in both battle and dungeon sections, fans will be able to pick out many of the familiar spells used in all-new puzzles and 3D battle sequences.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set to brighten up November across North America, with a European release date yet to be confirmed.

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Noire said:

My god this trailer made me so happy earlier, holy crap. Like eighty-sixth time I cried because of this game.

And are we going to be able to use stuff like Move Force in battle, elementless psynergy attacks ftw



Punny said:

Crud, I drowned the house again with my drool! This game looks AWESOME!

It's nice that they added the old "jumping sound," too.



Corbs said:

This game cannot get here fast enough for me. Bring it on!



Marvelousmoo said:

@6 No, i think they are just showing that you will use the stylus to point out where to use the psyenergy.



mjc0961 said:

Hurray for the classic jump sound!

Although I hope the stylus controls for overworld psynegy won't be as tedious as it kinda looks in the video.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@1 Nope...because Move isn't elementless. Move is fire psynergy. Every usable psynergy in the old games had an element.



motang said:

We've said it before but we'll say it again: hurry up.

LOL, no kidding!



MeloMan said:

So many years and sleepless nights wondering if my prayer would be answered with another Golden Sun... This game will be the first DSi game card in a while I've purchased. C'mon home to papa.



RyuZebian said:

Looks nice. Hopefully they will have an array of new powers that seem to do almost the exact same thing as other psynergies, but works on other objects... That was a bit annoying! :3 I'm hoping for many psyenergies, but only if they are different from each other!



PSICOffee said:

This game was already an instant buy 2 years before it was announced, and seeing the game look even better here is just mesmerizing. A girl with green hair is the 4th character huh? I wonder which character is which elemental adept.

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