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Expect More Sonic Games Like Sonic Colours

Posted by James Newton

Series no longer so serious, says producer

Whether you're an old-school Sonic fan or one who's new to the hog's adventures, Sonic Colours looks set to cut fans' feelings right down the middle with its blend of high-speed platforming, multiplayer action and range of power-ups. The game's producer and head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, has said in an interview the game is an indication of the future path Sonic games will take.

SPOnG: Is it safe to say then, that future Sonic titles will have the same kind of colourful, simple, laid-back feel that Sonic Colours has?

Takashi Iizuka: Yes, that's the vision that I have.

Iizuka believes the Sonic series has become too serious, what with nocturnal transformations and so on, and wants to bring Sonic back to the high speeds and bright colours of his heyday. We'll have to wait and see if Sonic Colours is a step in the right direction for the blue one, but if going forward the series features fewer hedgehogs with guns then we'll be satisfied


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Punny said:

I hope Sonic Colors is a fantastic game so all Sonic games will follow its footsteps.

Then again, pre-release hype states that this is looking better than Sonic 4.




Good.....but they also said that the game was aimed moreso at children (which I personally have no problem with, but......)



Archy said:

I just hope that that coop thing works at least ok. I love playing games together with buds, sharing the pain with others is awesome.



Dodger said:

What? You mean they won't make another Sonic 2006? /JK

I hope to see the franchise turn around. I would rather have more fun games then boring games.



DrCruse said:

Sonic Adventure 3 would be good if executed correctly. Also, I'm worried about these new 2D Sonic games being "Auto Play"; that is, you practically zoom through the levels without really having an impact on the course of Sonic, unlike the very platform-heavy levels of the original sonics.



SevenForce said:

This game seems to be coming along nicely from what i played of the demo at the Summer of Sonic event in london last month.



Hokori said:

AWWWWW. I was hoping for a new character like Silver... Maybe Purple the Revengehog . Jk Im soooo glad they are finally doing sonic right again.



Monix2598 said:

Well, this is good news. if the rest of the sonic games will be like this then i'll be a happy camper. so this means the rest of the portable sonic games will be like like sonic rush, right?



MeloMan said:

Good talk, good talk... I'll give props if the game delivers. Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels were a step in the right direction, so I'm not totally pessimistic about Sonic, but I will remain neutral on this until I at least see the review.



SilverBaretta said:

Great news! Sonic needs to be lighthearted so we don't see another wangst-fest like Shadow the Hedgehog (even though I rather liked that game ).



enteinater said:

Hey I personally like bright colorful games, actually it doesn't really matter as long as the game itself is good.



TheBaconator said:

Does this look serious to you?

Yes, but really when the game was trying to act serious I couldn't stop laughing. So this is...A dissapointment. Campy dialog always brightens my day. That's why I need to pick up the new Batman game.



James said:

Sonic Unleashed started life as Sonic Adventure 3 (it's known as Sonic World Adventure in Japan) and from playing the 360 version it's very much in the SA vein.

It almost goes without saying I'm rather looking forward to this.



Linkstrikesback said:

@24 Where do you people keep getting this idea from that it having adventure in the name makes it = sonic adventure 3?
For one thing, following that logic, it's supposed to be sonic adventure 4 as sonic rush adventure would be "3". Unleashed has nothing in common with either adventure game, other than the common elements that are in every sonic game, and it was so clearly based on sonic & secret rings for the day stages that I can't fathom where people get this idea



James said:

@linkstrikesback The hub-based town stages are very much like Sonic Adventure's, even though there's not as much of a sense of connection between them.

Perhaps this quote sums it up best though.

"As a development team, we originally started off this project planning to create Sonic Adventure 3", Hashimoto told the magazine. "In our minds, this game will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series. It has no relation to Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic and the Secret Rings".


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