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Exclusive Sneak Peek at Shantae Fan Club Mailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

WayForward also confirms that DSiWare release is the complete game!

The nice folks at WayForward Technologies were kind enough to give Nintendo Life an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Shantae Fan Club mailer that will be sent out soon. It seems gamers who already own Mighty Flip Champs are in for a little treat when they purchase Shantae: Risky's Revenge on October 4th.

Another little piece of good news is that rather than break the game down into episodes, WayForward has decided to release the entire game all at once. So fans are getting the true Shantae sequel they've always wanted without having to wait for individual episodes and it will only cost 1200 Nintendo Points. How's that for great news?

You can check out the official fan club mailer that will go out to members for more information on how the surprise will work. We'll also have a full review of Shantae: Risky's Revenge shortly after its release so stay tuned.


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Punny said:

Now I REALLY need to get Mighty Flip Champs! Thanks for making it a whole game, WayForward! No wonder it took so long. It was a labor of love, though.



Super-Peach said:

Hopefully there isn't a huge difference in the rewards for buying MFC. I'm terrible at that game. XD



ueI said:

I don't have mighty flip champs. If I get it now, do I get the secret prize? What is the reward anyway? It could be the extra push that was needed for me to buy mighty flip champs.



Supermegaman said:

Hellz to the yes, Im gettin it now

Ahh, and it seems now I have an incentive to get those S ranks too!



cheapogamer4life said:

I had a strong feeling that they were going to release all 3 episodes at the same time! Had no idea they would put it all into one dl though.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

"What will you get? That depends on how mighty of a champ you truly are!"

/goes and plays more MFC.
I never even beat that.... now I will.....

I want this. Now.



cheapogamer4life said:

So that gives me around 10 days to dl, beat and then master MFC. No problem. I'll do it in 6, rest on the 7th, and then spend the weekend partying!
Problem: I'm not really into puzzle games



Imerion said:

Sounds great! I really like the fact that I get the entire game at once. I much rather prefer a higher price for a single game than a divided experience for slightly less money a piece. Now I'm justing waiting for the EU release.



greenellow said:

i got the highest rating in all the levels wonder if that will effect on what i get i hope its a dance that turns you into the fishman



Zach said:

At this point, if anyone had anything negative to say about Shantae, they wouldn't make it out of these comment sections alive!



Crystalking18 said:

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! I'm getting a wii points card when I head to pick up Kirby's Epic Yarn now. At least this explains the huge wait! This had better be one of the best DSi games, if not the best!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Way Forward, take it as a compliment that you're the only DSiWare developer I'd ever think of giving 1200 points to.



Natie31 said:

Have MFC on my dsi now have to get it for my dsi-xl, wow 1200 points lucky im gettin 3000 points more to my 2000 points i have now.



rosemo said:

I absolutely beat the heck out of MFC, 'S' ranks on every level. Interested to see what the special prize is.



Kyloctopus said:

Well I'm stoked.
Now I know I will get mighty flip champs
And I'm glad to know it's not in episodic format, I was thinking Every 1 and a half years is a new shantae Game. But it's not



Natie31 said:

After i download Shantae game where do i find Scuttle Town's import room?



Bensei said:

Oh Man. If you told me two days earlier I would have bought MFC immediately. Now I have no Ninternet for some time...



Kimiko said:

Ooh, I have Mighty Flip Champs. Maybe I should try playing it again. I doubt I'll get much further though. It's pretty frustrating.



James said:

1200 Points seems like a lot in my eyes. I've never played Shantae and I have little interest in this one, so I just hope you guys get your money's worth out of it.



WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, only 1200 points for the entire game?!

Seriously, this is like getting a new DS game for only $12. Thank you WayForward!



James said:

So if I'm not being massively ignorant and/or confrontational (which I likely am) why is 1200 for this a steal when some WiiWare games are called rip-offs at 1000 Points?



WaveGhoul said:

Why can't they just release it as a stand alone DS game?
The reason to own a DSi right here.



LuWiiGi said:

I purchased MFC and I didn't like it, but this little reward might just make the 800 points I paid worth it. 1200 points seems pretty steep, but it's probably worth it.



Wolfcoyote said:

Darn it! My copy of MFC was in my old out-of-warranty DSi with the malfunctioning shoulder buttons. When I got my replacement DSi XL I thought about buying MFC again but didn't. If I had known about this offer I wouldn't have spent money on PSN yesterday!

Next payday I'll definitely grab MFC again and add enough points for Shantae. We've all been waiting God knows how long...



suburban_sensei said:

For 1,200 points this game better be BIG. I have MFC, and it's decent, but I don't know if I am going to really plug away and try to beat it before I buy Shantae. Hopefully the prize for just owning it is decent enough.



Blue_Cat said:

I'm not very interested in this game either, but the price is a steal. Wayforward was going to release this game in 3 parts, each part costing $8. At $12 with all parts included, that's $4 a part.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm still stuck on 4-7 on MFC. I hope I'm further when I get shantae: risky's revenge. Why do dsiware games get so many compaints when a game costs higher than 800 points? Wiiware games don't get compaints like these, so why dsiware. If it's a big game than I don't see the problem.



Birdman said:

Well, this is a nice surprises. I just hope I can get another points card before Cave Story comes out!



Odnetnin said:

800p (hopefully) Cave Story DSiWare + 1200 3-in-1 Shantae w/ Mighty Flip Champs bonus (15 S ranks & at 5-1) =
in other words, the best download of all time



IAmNotWill said:

I finished MFC, and I have the money, but I don't know if I'll have enough space for Shantae on the DSi...



sonic_brawler95 said:

I would pay 1500 points for this game, but 1200 is great.
Oh man, now the wait for Shantae is even more unbearable, and I'm gonna redownload MFC just for that extra content.



WolfRamHeart said:

@James: From what I've read about this game in an article in Nintendo Power magazine, it is supposed to have quite a bit of content packed into it. Enough to make it equal to that of a DS cart game. Originally, this game was going to be released in three seperate parts and the first chapter was supposedly an estimated four-and-a-half-hour-long quest. I'm not sure what changes have been made to the final product but hopefully it will be the same amount of content they had planned for the original 3-part DSiware release.



KyubiStewie said:

@WhoKnew You can get an SD card and store some games there. Don't worry, your saved data remains intact when moving it to the SD Card



Token_Girl said:

This is a good deal. Even if each episode cost 500 (and there's no doubt that they'd cost at least that), it'd be 1500 points for the whole game, minimum.

I'm really over episodic games. In the end they cost the same, or more, as a budget new disc release (only they don't get price drops). I'm happy to see the full game at a reasonable price, and I'd prefer that to overpriced episodes aka pieces. I wish WW/DSiWare did what devs often do on the PC and give a discount to those who buy all the episodes.

Wayforward obviously fought for a big game, so thanks. May wait for the 3DS to actually buy it though (sorry)!



Iggy said:

Im sure the bonus is just more levels or something im sure its not going to be anything spectacular considering its free so dont get ur hopes up. There just convincing u to buy MFC its a good game but if you dont have it allready dont get it soley on the fact ur going to get a cheap bonus gift.



Porky said:

Never heard of this game before. What is the appeal to it? Is it because of the genie is a girl?



IAmNotWill said:

@53: I knew how to do that already, but I like keeping all my games on the home menu, and moving games back and forth is really annoying.



cheapogamer4life said:

@57 well.... Here are Just a few things I know about Shantae having missed her GBC outing.
1. She's pretty hot for a genie
2. Her main weapon is a whip that she uses to fight pirates.
3. One of her powers is the ability to transform into animals.
4. Some would say that her last game was one of the best GBC games that hardly anybody played because it was released at the very end of the GBC era.
5. This sequel is around 8 years over due.



LordJumpMad said:

...I'll wait for the Review, first, before I go Crazy and Buy Mighty Flip Champs, so I can get some cool stuff on Shantae.

I wonder if the Prize is the Girl from Mighty Flip Champs, to be playble, or her outfit....



Armand said:

Yes !, more good news! , and Mighty Flip Champs is one of my favorite DSiWare Games



Corbs said:

Guess I'd better get "S" rank on those few remaining levels now.



sonic_brawler95 said:

The only thing is that this game is most likely gonna take up a bunch of space. But I've been a WayFoward fan ever since Contra 4, so I'm willing to move some games for them.



MARl0 said:

It's stuff like this that irritates me that Nintendo doesn't have a persistent online account for downloaded games. I have both a DSi and a DSi XL. But I have Mighty Flip Champs on my DSi, which I rarely use anymore. I was planning on downloading Shantae to my XL, but now I'm going to miss out on extra content because I can't transfer my copy of Mighty Flip Champs onto my XL.



sfog said:

"The only thing is that this game is most likely gonna take up a bunch of space. But I've been a WayFoward fan ever since Contra 4, so I'm willing to move some games for them"

DSiWare games currently max out at 128 blocks (16 MB), and I suspect Shantae will be pretty close to that.



Natie31 said:

Just download MFC which i have on my dsi which i use my dsi xl now. Points comes and they go, so it doesnt matter to me. 3DS may came out next year, till then im gettin Shantae game and will injoy till then. By then i dont need to get this again.



Kyloctopus said:

It seems like prehistoric man (the gameplay was good, but they didn't focus on the graphics)



Slave said:

Ok I just got Mighty Flip Champs... the bonus are better worth the week I'm putting into MFC haha

Cant wait for Shantae!!!



xAlias said:

@Koops: What?! The graphics are amazing! They are definitely the most detailed pixelated graphics I've ever seen!



PSICOffee said:

Man, Wayforward needs to remake Wendy Every Witch Way also or have a sequel, and the original Shantae on the DSiware. Because those games are unbelievably expensive to find in original cart form. Better yet, put all 3 of these games (Shantae 1 and 2 and Wendy) onto one ds cart and release it for the standard $30. I'd get it right on the spot!!



Morpheel said:

full release for 1200 points? count me in!
i may also consider that other game now.



Vinsanity said:

Awesome! Finally! All that stuff:D I'm a huge fan of Wayforward - far and away, they're the best 2D developer in the 'states - and have been waiting for Shantae 2 for forever. I still regret never picking up the GBC version to this day, and having to play it in (really screwed up) emulated form...

And its so cool that they're rewarding their fans for buying Mighty Flip Champs. Even though I never beat it - there are some devious puzzles there - its cool that they're rewarding people who bought it, and especially people who did well it sounds.

Wayforward's so cool:) Why don't they do any "faux retro" titles on normal DLG shops, like PSN, Wiiware, and Steam? I have a feeling that, since this is DSiware, only like 1000 people tops will play this. And that would be unfortunate for sure.



LuWiiGi said:

I think it's slightly unfair that you have to get all the S Ranks to unlock the extra. I mean, it's a very difficult game, and we all paid the same for it.



EdEN said:

Ah, so they went the Cave Story way then? My guess is that if the game was split into 3 episodes each would have been 500 points so we're getting a better deal like this.

Good thing I have all levels of Mighty Flip Champs on S Rank. It would seem you get a bonus for owning MFC, another for finishing it and another for having all S Rank but that's my take on the email I got (the image at the begining).



FonistofCruxis said:

People shouldn't just treat MFC as a tool to get shantae bonuses, it deserves more respect. IMO, it's the best games on the service but that may change when shantae:RR and cave story come out.



Zono15 said:

Loved Mighty Flip Champs since it was the reason I bought a DSi- and I know for sure I'll love Shantae a lot too :3

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