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chick chick BOOM Lays New Screenshots and Artwork

Posted by James Newton

WiiWare title awaiting approval

It's been a long time since we heard anything from tons of bits regarding its WiiWare action game chick chick BOOM, but the studio's just been in touch to tell us the game's been submitted to Nintendo for approval, kindly sending over some artwork and screenshots too.

Two opposing teams of chicks try to blow each other up using attacks ranging from storm clouds to Krakens and everything in between. Each attack has its own requirements and special abilities, so expect there to be a fair amount of strategy involved in getting your chicks to come out on top.

We'll be bringing you more on chick chick BOOM over the coming weeks.

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lex0plex said:

Plants eating zombies, now chickens? What's next? Dinosaurs?

oh man i hope so thatd be epic



Omega said:

It looks like one of those flash games that you find on the internet. The ones you play at work, during class, in meetings, etc.



Mewtwo_Ex said:

some of you may rebember a short flash game, co-edited by Nintendo, which has been published maybe 1 year ago. It was.... Chick Chick Boom
You had to select an attack (represented by a bomb, weight, balloon) and draw its template as precisely as possible using the mouse, to increase the damages. At that timeI thought it would be a DS game.
(hi all, first post here)



Punny said:

Chick Chick BOOM, will there be enough room? Wait, this isn't about a children's book with letters and a coconut tree, is it?



Drake said:

Yup, this was a Nintendo of Europe flash game about 2 and a half years ago. Been waiting a while for this to be released, hope they update and release their other old flash game as well!

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