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Capcom Releases Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Screenshots

Posted by Zach Kaplan

These images are worth investigating

We recently reported a leak by Famitsu Magazine of the existence of Ace Attorney Investigtions 2, the sequel to the DS crime adventure Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth which itself is a spinoff of the Phoenix Wright series. Now Capcom has announced the game's existence and released these lovely screen shots.

The sequel will feature the capers of Miles Edgeworth and Detective Dick Gumshoe as well as master thief Kay Faraday as they return to Gourd Lake, where Edgeworth previously found himself precariously embroiled in a murder plot. Capcom will release more information on the game at the Tokyo Games Show (September 16th to 19th), and you can stay tuned to Nintendo Life for all updates on the title.


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Hokori said:

wow! this game looks amazing so far... Please dont be a game that ends up like Drill Dozer, that is a game that is sold after the next console and doesnt sell well because of it



Objection said:

As much as I'm against this game (as I didnt like it as much as thew others in the series), that shot of Edgeworth and SPOILER is pretty interesting.



Bass_X0 said:

You don't like a game you never played and don't know much about just because you didn't like the previous game much? How can you tell it that it will have the same flaws as the the first one which were mainly story related? I hope Phoenix plays a larger role than a cameo in this game.



Bensei said:

That guy with the monocle and the scar looks like the assasin from PW2. Shelly DeKiller.



Bass_X0 said:

That guy with the monocle and the scar looks like the assasin from PW2. Shelly DeKiller.

Just looks like? He IS Shelly DeKiller. How could you think he wasn't?



cnm_nintendo said:

It's Shelly De Killer!!! Oh how I miss the Phoenix Wright games... I need a new Phoenix Wright game!!!



fishman100 said:

DeKiller in person!!!!! (gasp) Is he gonna kidnap Kay???????
"Reminiscense: DL6 Case" plays in my head...



mjc0961 said:

Spinoff? You play it pretty much exactly the same way as the other games, only real difference being you don't head back to a courtroom to confront people. Now if they make Pheonix Wright Racing, that would be a spinoff (they always spinoff into a racing game, and then a party game, and then in Mario's case every other thing on the planet).

Anywho, should be interesting to see if Shelly gets what's coming to him.



Noire said:

yeah let's fill the game with more old characters, that'll work

game's gonna suck



Objection said:

@Bensei-yeah, see, thats why I put SPOILER. good going.
@Bass XO-i find it very unlikely that they will address the biggest issues I had with AAI in its sequel sufficiently enough that I enjoy it. But I guess we'll see.

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