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Brand New 3DS Screenshots For Your Eyes to Behold

Posted by James Newton

Ocarina, Paper Mario, StarFox, PilotWings and more!

Information is great, but if a picture speaks a thousand words then we have several novels' worth of words for you to digest with brand new screenshots of 3DS games.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Steel Diver, Nintendogs + Cats, Star Fox 64 3D and PilotWings Resort all received new screenshots on the Nintendo Conference site, which we've helpfully uploaded to the game pages. Have a browse through them to see how improved Link's facial expressions are in Ocarina of Time, for example, or coo over the cat in this screenshot.

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YoshiSage said:

For once, they're actually pulling me into the hype, what with all these 3DS trailers and screenshots and announcements... X_X



Odnetnin said:

Can someone please make a wallpaper-friendly version of that amazing cat screenshot? I swear I'd make good use of it!



MarkMcColtney said:

I'm incredibly curious about how 3D generated image looks like with visible square pixels. I wonder if the edge of models will look like somewhat anti-aliasingly smoothed or totally jagged...



TingLz said:

If there's a Majora's Mask remake that looks like this, I will explode, spontaneously combust, and/or give everyone here $100



NintyMan said:

Cool. Those new Kid Icarus Uprising screenshots look supreb, as do the Ocarina of Time ones. And who wouldn't be touched by that adorable kitten? I hope the Kid Icarus screenshot with the giant Medusa isn't supposed to be the final battle. It would be weird if they spoiled it so soon!



qsdsd said:

at first i was sad about waiting and now i am glad i have to wait



PSICOffee said:

Is it just me, or did they update the look of links face for the remake? I've been playing a lot of Majora's Mask recently which used the original face, and this looks more like the concept art they had in the players guide. Either way, I'm loving the way it looks!



Robo-goose said:

Hey James, Movemodo isn't going to affect Nintendolife's updating that much, right? Riiiiiiiiight?

Anyway, awesome screenshots of Paper Mario. I'm really glad to see that it's a new game, not a remake!



koops330 said:

cant wait really hope nintendo lowers the price the 3DS is more then the Wii cost currently



Raylax said:

@Robo-goose: We've got 19 news updates in a single day, and you're asking if Movemodo's going to have an effect on NL's updates? I'm guessing not, based on the evidence.

OoT's looking a little smoother, although when I saw it in motion earlier, I was a little hard-pressed to tell the difference between it and the N64 original. I'm willing to cite low quality video as the cause of that though.



NassaDane said:

I'm all over the Paper Mario pics! That is the main game i am looking forward to. I'm not sure i like the Chain-Chomp partner, he looks a little bland, shouldn't he have a hat or something? Also is that the first boss? Spoilers already?



KiroX777 said:

finally some true effort coming from nintendo its got me sucked into the anticipation lol



Robo-goose said:

And the Nintendolife cast is going to try to do the same with Movemodo, so wouldn't it be logical for them to miss some Nintendo-related stuff if they are spending half of their time searching for PlayStation related things, and half of their time searching for Nintendo related things? They would either need to have everyone split in two, or pull themselves from an alternate universe so that they will have two of everyone.
or hire new members, which kinda makes me wrong



WaveBoy said:

Some of these games look superb. Nintendog's + Cats looks fantastic, and the same goes for Super Paper Mario and Kid Icarus: Uprising. But honestly, what's the deal with the shrinked images? Why don't these developers release their screenshots based on the actual size of the 3DS's screens just like the old screen shots that were released during the 3DS's unveiling?



Maggots said:

@ robo-goose
you're assuming the move has anything good to talk about anyway... !!

as for the 3DS I saw it at E3 and I wanted it then... and I still want it NOW!!!... i really hope they have a game channel... where it shows your friends what they are playing and allows you to send messages to friends in the middle of games... having the multi tasking gives me hope!!! multitask send message ... back to playing!!!



James said:

@Robo-goose I wrote 11 news stories for Nintendo Life yesterday as well as updating Movemodo and working another job. On days where there are big news announcements - like yesterday - that site might get priority, however it's unlikely we'll see those big events for Move until E3 next year.

I write equal amounts on both sites so you shouldn't see any discrepancy in content between both sites. I hope not, anyway



KrazyKain said:

Man I really want someone to convert all these photos and videos to cross eyed 3d



Robo-goose said:

Movemodo is already up? That, I did not know.

Awesome news, I'm glad that the flow of information to Nintendolife will remain at a great pace!



LuWiiGi said:

All the games look impressive, especially Zelda, PilotWings and StarFox. Steel Diver looks cool too. Now if we could just get some MK screenshots...



gatygun said:

actually while they look good for first generation of 3DS games. It still could look way better, if nintendo finally uses some real shading techniques. In order to enhance the graphics.
The nintendo games are really not looking on par with the 3th party developers games. it looks a bit worser, throught not using shaders etc.

I hope the second generation of games, will be better. still it looks amazing never the less.

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