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Australia Throws a Wii Party to Get Gamers in the Mood

Posted by Trevor Chan

Check out one of Nintendo's flagship titles of the year

Ahead of its 7th October release, Nintendo of Australia is throwing a Wii Party... er... party at a selection of shopping centres where the public can try out the game that's surely going to be one of the big-sellers this year.

Various locations across Australia will be hosting the get-togethers and the celebrations start this Saturday on the 18th as the action kicks off in Queensland at Chermside, home of the Westfield shopping centre.

Dates and Locations:

Chermside 18 & 19 Sep
Robina 20 & 21 Sep

New South Wales:
Castle Hill 25 & 26 Sep
Miranda 27 & 28 Sep

Melb Central 30 Sep & 1 Oct
Southland 2 & 3 Oct

Western Australia:
Carousel 8 & 9 Oct

South Australia:
Marion 9 & 10 Oct

Any of you able to make it to these dates? Be sure to tell us what you think of the game.


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UltraRobPrime said:

I really hope Nintendo does not belive this game is the flagship Wii game of 2010. I really do.



Aviator said:

Castle Hill? Miranda? I'll just get my Wiimote and $10 elsewhere thank you Nintendo.

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