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A Thumping December Euro Release for Donkey Kong Country Returns

Posted by Trevor Chan

Slipping behind North America by only a couple of weeks

It's always encouraging to see anticipated games make it to retail before the Christmas period as it can obviously be a helpful boost for sales, and we're glad that Retro Studios' upcoming Donkey Kong Country Returns will be launching before the holidays on both sides of the Atlantic.

Nintendo has announced that return of the Donkey Kong franchise will be released in Europe on 3rd December. Utilising the Wii's motion control, players will be able to play side by side, thanks to the new two-player mode. Old and classic moves can be performed, as well as new ones like Diddy Kong's hovering ability courtesy of the Barrel Jet, and Donkey Kong's ground pound by shaking the remote.

Gamers in the United States who pre-order their copies of the game ahead of its 21st November release at Gamestop can get a soft banana pouch to keep Wii Remotes nice and safe.

Donkey Kong™ Country Returns – a rip-roaring, banana-scoring treat

27th September 2010 – Two of the best-loved – and certainly the hairiest – video game characters on the planet are set to make a roaring return this Christmas in Donkey Kong™ Country Returns. And, for the first time ever in the series, the primate pals can now face their foes side-by-side, courtesy of a new two-player mode.

Launching across Europe exclusively for the Wii console on 3rd December, Donkey Kong Country Returns offers the popular side-scrolling experience the series is known for, together with new levels, spectacular graphics and added depth to gameplay, courtesy of fully 3D environments – all of which are sure to delight both fans and series newcomers alike.

In this latest instalment from Nintendo, in association with Retro Studios, you’ll find yourself immersed in dynamic duo, Donkey Kong™ and Diddy Kong’s™, quest across jungle, beach and ruins to rescue Donkey Kong’s precious banana hoard from an array of enemies.

Key features such as barrel cannons and mine carts, which made the original series so popular, have been faithfully restored to provide series fans with a nostalgic thrill. But now, as well as the customary single player function, fans can enjoy a simultaneous, two player co-op experience – a revolutionary new element in the Donkey Kong series.

This new feature enables players to navigate the levels separately, or as one unit. Diddy Kong™ can now also hitch a ride by hopping on and off Donkey Kong’s™ back whenever he likes – an ability which can be utilised by less experienced players to navigate more challenging areas of the game. Furthermore - if one player loses, they can rejoin the action by popping out of a DK barrel floating on a balloon, to continue the game.

While seeing a return of the characters’ traditional moves, Donkey Kong Country Returns offers some new additions; most notably in the form of a Barrel Jet for Diddy Kong™ which offers hovering abilities. Players can also shake the Wii Remote to make Donkey Kong pound the ground, roll on enemies and blow air. Diddy Kong can even shoot his Peanut Popgun whilst in two player mode.

As if all that wasn’t enough, a host of hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are hidden in each level just waiting to be discovered. Hidden throughout each level are bonus objects to collect in the form of the letters K‑O‑N‑G. If players manage to spell out K‑O‑N‑G by the end of each level, the fruits of their labour will be rewarded with something special. Those looking for an extra challenge will find the Time Attack mode puts them through their paces by challenging the players to beat their time record on each stage.


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bboy2970 said:

Does Japan not even have a general release date yet? Finally its their turn to wait it out for a first party game for a little while



madgear said:

I'm glad we sometimes get games a little later - it gives me time to play through the big releases at my leisure and finish some other games first. Not Smash Bros Brawl, Ghostbusters or Shattered Memories late, though - they just damn right pissed me off them ones.



Punny said:

Just in time for the holidays. I hope the wait doesn't make us go ape!



Objection said:

The only Wii holiday game I'm really confident about getting right away.

Also, I don't know why, but I slightly dislike the box art.



JebbyDeringer said:

I have high hopes for this game despite whining about the 2.5D graphics in the past. The art direction looks really promising even though I much prefer 2D for sidescrolling platformers. Funny that my belief is this is how Other M should have been and Retro were the creators of the last few Metroid games yet they were fully 3D and captured the atmosphere of the previous games quite well.

The one area where I'd love to be impressed is with the sound. One of RARE's many forte's was sound production and the Donkey Kong Country series was no exception. While I think they were stronger in the N64 days the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack is stellar. Most of the music I would never listen to on it's own (except the awesome pirate inspired tracks) but it complimented the game perfectly. There were also a lot of more atmospheric tracks especially in the second two games. Some of the songs would feature mostly background ambience and then a few instruments would kick in.



NintyMan said:

Good to see they're getting it this year. It doesn't make sense that Europe is getting DK first before Kirby. My main hope for this game is that the soundtrack will be very good, just like the past DKC games.



cheapogamer4life said:

Pre-order this at GS the other day but I'm still not sure if I should go ahead and pick this up or wait a little while.

This game is gonna be awesome, right guys?



JimLad said:

Since everything else has slipped into a 2011 release, this is now my #1 christmas present.

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