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3DS To Get Revamped Online Shop

Posted by Patrick Elliot

Better interface, faster menus and a new Virtual Console

Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel and DSiWare Shop may have some great games on them, but browsing the services for content could be a bit easier. Unless you go in there knowing what you want, finding something new and interesting can be a bit cumbersome, as sifting through menu after menu can take some time.

With the 3DS, Nintendo hopes to change all that. Admitting that the Wii and DSi have not "provided the users with a sufficiently easy and accessible interface," the company says the 3DS's online shop will offer a faster, more optimised experience.

Switching from one screen to another has become much quicker, and you will notice the quick response. For any download business to grow, it must be important for consumers to be able to enjoy window shopping even when they do not have any particular product in mind. Quick and easy access to the shop is, therefore, very important.

While the Wii and DSi download services made it hard for Nintendo to "promote and sell the products in one place," the 3DS shop will combine "functions of Wii Shopping Channel and that of Nintendo Channel" to help users discover content they might not otherwise consider.

As well as original 3DS software, you'll also be able to download DSiWare titles to your shiny new machine, meaning on day one it could have a library of well over 300 titles to download.

As for the handheld's Virtual Console, Nintendo says it only plans to offer Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles at first, eventually expanding the service to include other "classic games." Some classic titles will even get 3D make-overs, but Nintendo warns these updated titles may be priced differently than normal VC games:

As an experiment, when Xevious from Bandai-Namco was made 3D, we felt that it significantly increased its value. To make the classic titles 3D will not be as easy as providing Virtual Console software, but we are eager to make them available for the download sales.


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Discipledoctor said:

First time I heard that they were doing this, I was hoping to see some MMBN for download. Even if that's not the case, this is still a really cool feature. I can't wait to see what they do with it.



SolarJetman said:

Anyone know if we'll be able to download past DSi releases -- that is, DSiWare games put out over the last few years -- on the 3DS? I still have an original DS, but I want some of those downloadable games out now, like Dark Void Zero, so I'm wondering if I need to get a DSi, or just wait till 3DS.



PSICOffee said:

Oh man this is awesome! I predicted this sort of thing (not the 3D though) to happen with the Wii VC was first launched in 2006! I already have 80 original gameboy games in cart form, and 30 GBC games in cart form so I would probably not use it unless I was really desperate or games from Wayforward were put up (Shantae and Wendy Every Witch Way especially).



Yasume said:

GBA games are coming eventually. They are just starting with GB and GBC.



Linkstrikesback said:

No word on demos? It'd be pretty bad if nintendo skipped out on them again, it's hard enough to excuse them missing on the wii which launched a few years ago, on a 3DS now? It's downright disgusting if they're still missing



Iggy said:

Well thats nice to hear that there thinking about the customer. But i normally know which games i intend to buy before i go on there so not a huge deal for me.



Token_Girl said:

Nice, hopefully this will coincide with a Wii Shop Channel updated doing the same thing.

And demos. That'd be awesome too.

Lastly, I hope they offer original versions of games they make 3D for a "classic" price on the VC. With retro games, I don't really want the extra features, I just want the game.



Delso said:

How much will the 3DSware games cost? Obviously they are 3D, so they might cost a few dollars more??



CanisWolfred said:

No GBA is fine by me. Those are still plentiful and aren't liable to break anytime soon. I'm just glad it's finally happening.

With that said, I'm glad they're updating the interface. They're right, it is pretty cumbersome.



James said:

@Delso No idea on that one yet, but I'd expect them to be roughly the same amount as existing DSiWare.



Delso said:

Thanks, I will be watching for more info about it! I always see you posting answers to everyone's questions too. You are a big help!



Punny said:

I never even had a problem accessing Virtual Console games before! Now it's getting easier? Sweet.

By the way, welcome back, NGpenguin! I missed you!



FonistofCruxis said:

I've never had any trouble finding a game to buy because I always plan what game I buy wether it's a retail or downloadable game. I'm not that bothered if there are no GBA games because I was going to keep my ds anyway so that I didn't have to start over on any GBA games I already own but it would still be nice to have GBA games so that we can get GBA hanabi games. Also I hope nintendo bring other cosnoles to the service like the virtual boy, game gear, neo geo pocket and neo geo pocket colour.



2-D said:

I'd really like to see some GBA games though, too.
I missed out of both Metroids as I didn't really know about the franchise at the time, and they're so expensive online. I really want to play them though!



zezhyrule said:

Yay! GB/C games ftw! Even if I already have a GB pocket, a GBC, a GBASP, and in the future a Super Game Boy, I can't wait!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I have a feeling GBA games will be eventually added, but it's a bit dissappointing to hear none will be available at or around launch. Oh well, I'm really looking forward to the GB GBC games since I never owned any of those.

There's so much news coming out today. I just can't handle it.



MasterGraveheart said:

Good. No excuse for there not to be a Shantae re-release now.

... really, how many of you would have expected any less from me? ^^;



Hokori said:

this is great, ill probably DL all those Great and Forgotten GB Games like MGS, and Operation C



NintyMan said:

An easier VC is great to hear, and it does need it. I'm very glad that they're doing this, because soon I can finally play Super Mario Land and hopefully Kirby's Dream Land 1 and 2. Before long, they'll have to add Super Mario Land 2: The Six Coins too. I missed out on all the big Gameboy and Gamboy Color games since I never owned them.



suburban_sensei said:

This is very exciting to hear, since I gave my Game Boy Color to a friend years ago, and missed it ever since. Also, I hope that when the virtual console on the 3DS starts up, it has the steam that the Wii VC started with (around 3 games a week.)



YoshiSage said:

@Angelic Lapras King:

Aren't you one of the ancient members that posted since the VC-Reviews days? Never thought I'd see you posting again.

Anyway, exactly what do mean by that?



RadioShadow said:

@Jamba001: Je ne parle pas français ! That's the most unhelpful French sentence I know. XD

I'm not too fuss about GBA games. I wonder what GB/GBC titles they will include?



Monkeh said:

I don't really care about this actually. I always just check Nintendolife to see which game I'm going to buy and then just search for it in the shop, so no window shopping for me.



WaveGhoul said:

Being able to download GB/GBC is going to be fantastic. Yet I'm not exactly interested in downloadable GBA games. After all GBA games look and play fantastic on my DS Lite. However playing GB/GBC on an actual gameboy or Gameboy color is a huge pain in the due to no back lighting. Playing GB/GBC games on the GBA also feels akward....sure you can actually see the games, but the screen has been shrinked a tad, the cartridge sticks out the bottom and is an eye soar, and there's no head phone jack....Unless you buy an adapter which sticks out the top, All of this together is a complete mess and you feel like you're gaming on some Sega handheld

There are GB/GBC games that I'm dieing to play on the 3DS, like Mega Man V, Metroid II, Link's Awakening DX(Yes I'll beat it again) Donkey Kong, ect ect.....And you know I have Wario Land 2 and 3 for my gameboy color, but i think I'll wait to experience them on the 3DS, then again it could take forever for Nintendo to release those 2. Maybe if my GameBoy color had a built in freaking light I wouldn't hesitate to play them!

As for Nintendo's current Wii interface, it's ugly, uncreative, dull, colorless and has a generic Apple-like office presentation and is flat out far too simplistic and bare bones which is a suprise considering this is nintendo. Nintendo needs to seriously get creative and make the interface look colorful and beautiful.



KiroX777 said:

"the 3DS shop will combine functions of Wii Shopping Channel and that of Nintendo Channel"... looks like all our emails to nintendo paid off



Curt said:

Game Boy Virtual Console, huh? Looks like nintendo does listen to us after all.



y2josh said:

Bet the only reason they are making GB games 3D is because they wouldn't be able to justify 5 or more dollars otherwise, on most games.



mjc0961 said:

"Some classic titles will even get 3D make-overs, but Nintendo warns these updated titles may be priced differently than normal VC games:"

Insert Phoenix Wright style "HOLD IT!" here.

Games that get 3D updates may cost more? So, what if I don't want the 3D update? Will they offer a non-3D version for less, or will the 3D one be the only choice? I fear it will be the latter.



retro_player_22 said:

I hope Sega, SNK, NEC, and Atari join the VC bandwagon too, I want to play some Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Turbo Express, and Lynx games on the 3DS as well.



wedgeredleader said:

If they sell links awakening that will be great.
You know I bet Japan will get wonderswan color games, those lucky ducks.



StarDust4Ever said:

I hopes they release WarioLand 3, here I come - I played that game so much the label wore off, then finally after I defeated the final boss (who looks like someone from Insane Clown Posse) and started hitting the areas I'd missed, the memory deleted. Replayed about two thirds through the game and it happened again. Dead battery really does mean Game Over



LuWiiGi said:

I hate browsing the DSiWare shop. If I want a 500 point game I have to go through around 50 pages very slowly to get the game I want. So this is good to hear.



rjejr said:

"functions of Wii Shopping Channel and that of Nintendo Channel"

I hope some of this comes the Wii's way. I'm sorry, but it is just plain STUPID that Nintendo Channel videos that usually appear every week when new WiiWare games come out aren't linked to the game in the Wii Shop Channel. Even if it has to close the Wii Shop channel and open the Nintendo Channel at least link the WiiWare game to it's video.



Robo-goose said:

There is a way to fix that, just pop that sucker open and duct-tape a new battery inside. You might want to find a guide, though, cause there is a little more to it; when you finish, the game will work fine again.
(P.S. Don't try this on a game that hasn't had the internal battery die yet, kids.)



JimLad said:

I assume the original Tetris will be one of the titles released.
I know there's been like a hundred versions since, but the original will always be close to peoples hearts for one reason:
that music...



miletich3 said:

GB and GBC games! Awesome, I'm pretty sure no one's played those in a while, though we could use some remakes on some of them, like Metroid II.

But no GBA games?? Lousy!



Steviis_Father said:

Anyone feel as if nintendo ought to focus on improving their existing online store service first instead of simply promising that their next one will be great? kind of a let down honestly. Who here wants them to send an update patch to just redesign the whole infrastructure of the shop and just have everything work better as they say the next one will? Apple does it all the time with iTunes...



SkullMan said:

Is the 3DS the only console that can play the gameboy games? Can I buy the VC GB, GBC, and BGA games and play them on my wii?



Jumpman said:

I cant wait to play pokemon gold on the 3ds, i never actually played gold/silver/crystal before:-)



GameInfinite said:

There was a non-playable which contains a lot of NES and SNES games,so,i think that they will have NES and SNES games.

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