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Witness the Birth of My Little Baby on WiiWare This November

Posted by Trevor Chan

Don't want to get pregnant? Buy this game instead, then

Are you looking for a 'baby care' game because looking after a real baby is far too much hassle? Look no further because Raylight Studios is teaming up with DTP to bring WiiWare gamers a port of My Little Baby; originally released on the DS, and then brought over to the mobile phone format.

The upcoming WiiWare version will feature "further optimised graphics" but one feature that will probably not make it is the voice command where players can teach their baby to talk by using the mic. This was done easily enough using the built-in mic on the DS, and the upcoming PC version will have no trouble supporting this function, but this will likely be omitted from the WiiWare instalment.

What gamers can expect is the usual customisation of the baby, so you can make it as beautiful or as ugly as you want. The purchasing of toys, furniture, clothing, food, and other necessities must also be taken into account in order to give your new-born the optimum environment to grow up in.

There's no word on the pricing, but My Little Baby is expected to launch on the WiiWare service this November.

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The_Fox said:

@Metal Mario
I'm the hopeful type but my spirit has been officially crushed over the past few months.



TKOWL said:

Think about this, this game could've been Super Meat Boy, And Yet It Moves, Yoshi's Island, Earthbound...
And the list goes on.



Saisinkolimonadin said:

I'm glad we get a port of this smash cult hit. Seriously though, what was the last time anything noteworthy was released on WiiWare? Like, Mega Man 10 or something?



Belgicario said:


  • Guest Star Babies including the Dancing Baby and William Nilsson!
  • Amazingly high-detailed puke!
  • Boy and girl available!
  • Hear your baby cry all day!


Klapaucius said:

He doesn't do Shooting Stars anymore, but its okay because the new guy's pretty funny



mecoy said:

when (hopefully if) nintendo releases this they better release mega man 5 also -



Ernest_The_Crab said:


Jett Rocket, Bit Trip Runner, Art Style Light Trax, Dive: The Medes Islands Secret, Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising, Robocalypse: Beaver Defense and both Tales of Bearsworth games.

Generally, the summer period lacks more notable releases than any other part of the year (across all platforms). Not really sure why that's the trend though.



odd69 said:

While i am glad Wiiware has variety i will have to pass on this one.



JimLad said:

What are the scores, george dawes?
"Ulrika's on 5 and My Little Baby's got 0!"

Create-a-baby sounds like a laugh though, or maybe that's just because I'm a twisted person.



jhuhn said:

If it's not released on November 29, 2010, then this report for a release for this month would turn out to be false.

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