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WiiWare Revs Up with Rush Rush Rally Racing

Posted by James Newton

Dreamcast indie game turns to Nintendo

Despite having never really taken off in the face of the PlayStation 2 – though that's a story for another site – the Dreamcast is still a much-loved console to this day, with small developers still releasing new titles. One such team is Senile Games, whose classic racing games Rush Rush Rally Racing is making its way over to WiiWare courtesy of Redspotgames.

A 2D top-down racer reminiscent of Super Sprint, Supercars, Micro Machines and more, Rush Rush Rally Racing focuses on multiplayer thrills and old-school arcade action and as such could be a welcome addition to the WiiWare library. Feast your eyes on this Dreamcast trailer and check out the developer's website for lots more info on this upcoming game.

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thebigM said:

That might turn out to be good. Hopefully, they will get the controls right. Will keep an eye on it. I liked Micro Machines very much back then.



modular said:

I LOVE games like this. This reminds me of the epic 'Death Rally'. Oh boy, those were the days!



Dazza said:

This looks like a winner. I love stuff like Thrash Rally on Neo Geo, if it's anything like that it'll be a hoot.



SMW said:

lmao. I actually bought this game on the Dreamcast. Its alright, I guess. Not worth the 20 bucks I paid for it, though.



Sean_Aaron said:

This sounds pretty good. I like Driift Mania okay, but it's been awhile since I've played it. Can't hurt to have a second game like that on WiiWare!



xAlias said:

Online would rule for this game. As Sean said, Drift Mania was okay, but this looks much better.



Imerion said:

Cool! I also bought this game for the Dreamcast and I liked it. It's a good game and quite similar to one of my all-time favorite racing games: Micro Machines. If they fix up a few things for this version, like bigger variation between tracks, higher resolution so it will be easier to see where the next turn is and four player support in the Get Ahead-mode it could become a really great game!



zionich said:

Looks good. Ah the Dreamcast, deffinitly a good machine. Wonder if we could get them to release Dragon Force from the Saturn now =)



SevenForce said:

i have this on the Dreamcast already so i dont think i'll pick the WiiWare version up when its out, but if it had online play...



brandonbwii said:

I love games like this. I miss Racing Gears Advance. Can't wait for this and Retro City Rampage.

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