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Wii Party Could be One of Nintendo's Top Earners

Posted by Trevor Chan

Game to be bundled with Wii Remote

With recently slow but top-of-the-week sales numbers in Japan, it's interesting but not surprising that Nintendo has taken a majority stake in the developer behind Wii Party, which sold more than 23,000 copies last week.

The game had a particularly strong performance during its sixth week after release, shifting an estimated 125,000 copies; putting it on the number one spot and selling about four times more than second place did. The makers, ND Cube has clearly done enough for Nintendo to make the move and acquire 96 percent of the company as of August. Terms of the deal were not made public.

There's no doubt Nintendo has had success in the multiplayer/minigames market with past titles mixing creativity with simplicity, and the upcoming collection of 80 minigames looks to be exactly that. When Wii Party launches across Europe on 8th October, players will have 13 game modes to choose from and from what the latest press release reveals, the game will actually make use of the room you're playing in.

The game will also be bundled with a Wii Remote, further encouraging gamers to play with friends and family. Wii Play is another title that sold with a bundled Wii Remote and that went on to become the best-selling game in the U.S. for the last fifteen years.

Read on for the full press release:



The party invites have been sent and everything’s set. Although get ready to invite one more to your Wii Party, as every copy of this game will come with a white Wii Remote! With this extra Wii Remote, you’ll be able to enjoy the many multiplayer games with your friends and family when the game launches across Europe on 8th October.

Sharing the instant accessibility of titles like Wii Sports and Wii Fit, Wii Party brings more than 80 different mini-games into your home. The inventive game offers non-stop fun and unparalleled variety as you, your family and friends grab up to four Wii Remotes and try your hand at a host of inventive and intuitive gaming experiences. To add to the enjoyment, you’ll play as your Mii character and see them in action like never before!

With 13 different game modes to get to grips with, Wii Party will be the life and soul of any gathering as you enjoy games that refine the traditional party videogame experience. For the first time, the action away from the television screen will be as important as what’s displayed on it as House Party mode turns your living room into a pivotal part of the game play.

On top of the new level of interactivity introduced by House Party, Wii Party also includes Pair Games and Party Games modes - both of which keep the varied challenges coming thick and fast as you cooperate or compete with fellow players.

There’s something for everyone in Wii Party, and you’re invited to get in on the fun when the game arrives in Europe on 8th October 2010. Party on!

The House Party games include:

  • Hide ‘n’ Hunt (2-4 players) – one player hides the Wii Remote(s) somewhere in the room, whilst the other players wait outside. All the players are then invited back into the room to start the search. Their only clues are the sounds made by the Wii Remote(s).
  • Animal Tracker (2-4 players) – players listen for the animal sounds coming out of the Wii Remote controllers and decide which one is the correct animal. Whoever picks up the -correct Wii Remote first is the winner.
  • Time Bomb (2-4 players) - a game where the players pretend the Wii Remote is a bomb and must pass it around without shaking it.
  • Word Bomb (2-4 players) – similar to Time Bomb, however, instead each player has up to 10 seconds to say a word from a given category. If the player doesn’t say a relevant word and press the A Button in time, then the bomb explodes and it will be game over.
  • Buddy Quiz (3-4 players) – one player chooses (or is randomly chosen) to be the ‘Buddy’ and then has to answer a set of questions. The rest of the players then have to predict how the ‘Buddy’ would have answered.

The Party Games include:

  • Board Game Island (1-4 players) - players take it in turns to roll the dice and advance along a single route towards the summit of the mountain. At the beginning of each turn, everyone plays a mini-game, and the order the players come in determines which bonus dice they receive. This is a board game like no other – expect the impossible.
  • Globe Trot (1-4 players) – a board game that has you travelling the world to earn souvenir photos. The players must select one card at a time from the cards they have in their hands and advance the stated number of spaces towards the country they are aiming for. There is also a minigame before each turn, and based on the results, players win coins which they can use to buy movement cards and souvenir photos.
  • Bingo (1-4 players) - each player receives a bingo card covered in Mii characters. If a “Mii Ball” comes out of the bingo machine, you have to check off that Mii if it appears on your card, while if a “Mini-game Ball” appears, you play a mini-game. The winner can check off any Mii of their choice. The winner is the first to make a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Swap Meet (1-4 players) – Have fun matching Mii characters wearing the same colours and playing minigames. The aim of the game is to make each row consist of Mii characters wearing the same colour.
  • Spin Off (1-4 players) – each Mii takes a turn to spin the wheel by holding the A Button and flicking the Wii Remote. Depending on where the wheel stops, you could be in for some point-scoring medals.

The Pair Games include:

  • Balance Boat (1-2 players) – this game involves working together to place Mii characters on a ship in perfect balance so that the ship does not tip left or right and none of the Mii characters fall into the sea. You clear the game if you manage to place 20 Mii characters on the ship. The two players attempt a mini-game together, and if they manage to clear it, they will each have to place a Mii of the same size. However, if they fail to clear the mini-game, the Mii characters will be different sizes.
  • Friend Connection (2 players) – two players complete a simple test of how in tune they are and play a mini-game together. The results are used to judge how close they are as friends. Do you think you’re completely in tune with your friend’s tastes and opinions? Play this dynamite little game to find out!
  • Match-Up (1-2 players) – a take on the classic game of pairs. Match paired Mii characters in the park area, but be careful not to lose any hearts.


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Corbs said:

Yeah I bet this one sells a ton, especially around the holidays.



SuperPeach said:

I only have 2 controllers and my dad wants me to get it so I'll probably end up getting it.




Insta-buy with or without a remote as I am a social + family gamer anyway! N-gamer gave the Japanese import only 61%....BUT that review was very,very flawed as the reviewer appeared to hate board games and mario party style games anyway He also couldn't play some of the modes because of the language issues. Why the frack revw it at all then? I like N-gamer, but occassionally they can be very daft.

I predict around 8/10 from sensible reviewers imho...but I'll obviously respect their opinions if not 8



James said:

I played this last month and it was actually pretty good. It'll sell absolutely loads at Christmas, mark my words.



NintyMan said:

Nothing wrong with having an extra controller. These mini-games actually sound intresting, so this will be a purchase for me. The bundled Wii remote confirms Wii Party will sell tons.



Gob09 said:

I'm sure the game is going to sell great and the Wii Remote will definitely help with that. I'm not sure where the 125,000 number in Japan is coming from. It has already sold over 800,000 since release and more than 200,000 in its first week, so it didn't have a slow start at all. Here is a link with the most recent Media Create sales



HipsterDashie said:

This game looks to me like the spiritual successor to Mario Party 8. Speaking of which, I wonder when we are going to see Mario Party 9?



BlindWolf8 said:

I have 4 controllers but I am sure they will offer a game-only version. This article doesn't mention it but IGN notes that it will launch in the US on Oct. 3rd. The game itself seems fun and I'm seeking a great party game after Mario Party 8 failed to impress.



Kevin said:

To be bundled with Wii Remote. Not again! That's the only reason Wii Play has made as much money as it has I bet you! Again, not getting this. I'm done with casual games on the Wii.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Pretty cool deal. There are already four remotes in my house, but they're synced two per Wii, making bringing one over for a temporary session a bit of a hassle. I was somewhat considering this anyway, and a bonus like that makes it sound really good! I think I'll just put it on my Christmas list for now, though...I've got more than enough to buy myself between now and then.



Punny said:

Just because the European version of Wii Party comes with a Wii Remote, that doesn't mean the US version will. If it does, I hope there's a version that isn't bundled with it for people who already have four Remotes (like me).



Terra said:

I was planning to buy this anyway but now I'm getting it straight away, I do need a 3rd Wii Remote (Then I won't have to keep switching controllers between my brother and sister).



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Is there a US bundle too? If so, is there a cheaper version available with no remote for people who already have 4? Although, the B button on one of my remotes is sort of messed up (not broken, it works, it's just a bit annoying to use) so I suppose I wouldn't mind a new one......

I will probably get this regardless. It sounds like a lot of fun. I would normally wait and ask for this for Christmas, but with the whole family coming over for Thanksgiving, this might be a fun game to play with my cousins.



TheLonelyGamer said:

This will definitely be a best seller, I don't really need anymore Wiimotes though, I'm the only person who plays my Wii.



AVahne said:

It'll sell a lot, especially with the bundled Wiimote, like WiiPlay. Except, this looks way more fun.



HvE said:

I really hope it will be possible to buy the game only, since I have 4 remotes. If that's the case, then I will certainly buy it, I love Mario Party games.



TrevorTheChan said:

Sorry, my mistake. 125,000 is the estimated number of copies it sold in its sixth week; ending 15th August.

Edit: Article ammended now.



Phantom5800 said:

Well ... I do only have 3 controllers ... this just went from a "no" to a "most likely." Now where's the games bundled with a nun-chuk?



Sneaker13 said:

Not needing a extra remote and not sure if I would want this game. Might need a few reviews.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Nintenzo: My brother and I each have one. Same goes for Xbox 360 and PS3. We're WAY too big into the gaming to try to share screen time.



darebear said:

I'm with you on both counts, Phantom5800...and while were at it let's make it a wireless chuck!



Sylverstone said:

I have three remotes, 1 with the console, 1 store-bought, 1 from Wii Play.

I'm prepping for a fourth now.



Kyloctopus said:

I have 3 remotes 1 from my old broken wii, 1 from my new wii, and 1 from wii play.

  • If I were in a store with pokemon ranger guardian signs Metroid other M, Kirby Epic Yarn and wii party I would go to wii party even with no bundle.
  • I saw 4 10 minute videos of a full board game island game
  • Mario Party is my favorite Series


Twilight_Crow said:

This game is not for me, with or wthout controller, but it seems like a good minigame compilation for a change, I'll tell some friends about it.
Also, I'm so happy Wii Party is not a Mario Party, I collect Mario Party games, so if it were a MP I'd have to buy it, but this I can plain ignore



FantasiaWHT said:

I'm still waiting for a Mario Party compilation. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to be able to play a game of MP on any board from the MP's and select exactly which mini games are available? You could just cut out all the purely-random minigames!



lex0plex said:

@SoulSilver IV

Yeah unfortunately I doubt we'll see a Mario Party 9... I can definitely see a Wii Party 2 next Christmas if this one does well. From a business standpoint I think this was a good direction to go since the release of the popular Wii sports and other Mii games. Nintendo's trying to appeal to their new gamer audience... Sucks for us tho

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