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What's the World DS-Playing Record This Month?

Posted by James Newton

Congratulations if you said 659

Two months ago, 586 people at the London MCM Expo all played DS games simultaneously, setting a new Guinness World Record in the process. Last month, 659 people did exactly the same thing, only in Bradford instead of London.

Guinness World Records' Gaming Editor Gaz Deaves was on-hand to verify the attempt:

It was a great event, the atmosphere was incredible. Seeing everyone raise their DS in the air in triumph at the end was fantastic.

If you want to see what 659 people playing DS consoles looks like, visit the Wii's Nintendo Channel and check out the video on Nintendo TV, which also includes dance group Diversity performing at the launch of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, of course.

Head over to the official British National Media Museum flickr to have a look at photos from the day, including Mario messing around with rugby side Bradford Bulls. Extra bonus points if you spot Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil participating in the record attempt.


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Tar said:

I have 3 DS lites and a DSi , though my 1 of my DS's are broken, and the other I won't open from package because it is the Triforce one, But my brother has a DSL so, I kinda do have 3 total systems.




Lol having that many DSes in one place is asking for a massive armed robbery lolzorz! Just tell me where the next one is and I'll be there

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