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These Super Scribblenauts DSi Consoles Defy Adjectives

Posted by James Newton

Only as PAX prizes, sadly

The game that's more a test of wordsmanship than gaming skills, Super Scribblenauts is going all-out to provide the most stylish gamers out there with enough customised stuff to sink a pink, spotted battleship. First came the rooster hat, then the fluffy headphones, but the real cream of the Super Scribblenauts crop is the limited edition customised DSi consoles up for grabs at PAX.

Ten white DSi machines are available, each customised with a unique design by Scribblenauts artist Edison "Edy" Yan. All you have to do to win one is attend PAX in Seattle, Washington from Friday, September 3rd and head over to the Warner Bros. Interactive booth to play some Super Scribblenauts, where staff will be happy to give you more information (and a free badge).

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greenellow said:

OH they make a scriblenauts dsi i bundle for america but they wouldn't release the kingdom hearts bundle in the u.s. i know its only for pax but it still makes me mad



Metroid133 said:

3DS at PAX and now can't any of these events come to South Dakota. The closest thing I get is some Pokemon thing at the Mall of America 3-4 hours away! XD



YoshiSage said:

Do they ever have ANYTHING like this in not-so-heavily populated areas? Come on media, Arkansans exist too!



LuWiiGi said:

I'll just copy that design onto my DSi with a marker pen. Heh heh heh. I'm a super cheapskate.



fishman100 said:

Dammit, I'll be across the country on 9/3! Why doesn't anyone come to the east coast????



Kyloctopus said:

It's just a ds drawing.
Why don't you just copy this out and then draw it.
Although it is a white ds (my favorite color) and I don't have white.
I have black.
Also why go with dsi when you can go xl



pureval said:

Why do they do all this cool stuff for PAX Prime and Nintendo had next to nothing at PAX East? I really hope they go out of their way to do something extra cool next year.



LittleIrves said:

@Metroid133: the 3DS will be at PAX? Really? I thought I saw a list of Nintendo products to be shown and it didn't include their glasses-free dynamo. Would be a great idea, though, to get it in the hands of the public and start the insane word-of-mouth bonfire that will rage out of control until whenever it releases...

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