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Take Note, myNotebook Carbon is Released on Monday

Posted by James Newton

500pts for enhanced DSi book-simulator

The original myNotebook is still a popular download for DSi, but those who thirst for a little more from their digital paper may want to check out the enhanced versions on their way to DSiWare, with the first making its way to North America on Monday for 500 Points.

Boasting 128 pages, the ability to export to an SD card and new icons to indicate battery life and the time, myNotebook Carbon will be the first of the titles to launch, followed by Pearl and Tan in the coming weeks. A European and Australian launch for Carbon is expected within August.

Our man Brad Long recently went to nnooo HQ to get his hands on the company's upcoming myNotebook revamps, so check out his First Impressions of myNotebook Pearl, Carbon and Tan ahead of our review next week, which will let you know if this is worth the virtual paper it's printed on.

myNotebook: Carbon™, the latest release in the highly popular myNotebook™ series, will launch in the Americas on Monday August 16. This version allows the user to save 128 pages, export their notes to their Nintendo DSi Photo Album and unlock brand new page types. It also features new icons to indicate the time and current battery level.

“We are excited to be able to respond to user feedback” said Nnooo’s Creative Director, Nic Watt. “People love using their notebooks so much, they quickly run out of pages. A lot of the feedback we had was to not only increase the page count but also allow users to be able to export their pages. We decided that the best way to do this was to release new versions with more pages and these additional features.”

myNotebook: Carbon is expected to be launched in Europe, Australia and New Zealand later this month. An additional two new colours, myNotebook: Pearl™ and myNotebook: Tan™, are expected to be released during August and September, with the same new features as myNotebook: Carbon. These new versions are in addition to the original three myNotebook colours – blue, green and red – launched at the end of last year.

“Soon we will have a suite of six myNotebook colours to choose from”, said Watt, “giving users plenty of choice and a chance to build a myNotebook™ library!”

The myNotebook range is part of Nnooo’s myLifeCollected™ series, which also includes myPostcards™ and the soon to be released myDiary™. myDiary will allow users to organise their lives by keeping track of appointments, making daily journal entries and even setting daily alarms.

myNotebook: Carbon will cost 500 points and be available from Monday August 16 in the Americas.


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BooJoh said:

I'm assuming the old versions won't be updated with the new features? That could cause some confusion for first-time buyers who read up on the new version and then choose one of the old colors, only to find out it's not as feature-rich. Heck, I'd be willing to pay the extra 300 points to upgrade, but I doubt Nintendo would support such a feature on DSiWare.



Nnooo said:

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to patch in new features

We have tried to make it clear on the DSiWare shop channel that the Carbon, Pearl and Tan ones feature 128 pages and the other new features while the older versions make no mention of them. Hopefully that should be clear enough to users



pikku said:

oh. my GOSH!
I was So hyped for this!!!
can't believe it's almost out!!!



paulcmnt said:

You want me to give you $5 USD for this? No thanks, I'd rather do something useful or entertaining with that money. (Like put another $0.99 next to it and get Outcast.)



Cipher said:

I think Nintendo's made an error somewhere - they published a Nintendo DSiWare showreel to the Nintendo Channel (UK) not long ago which firmly stated that these three applications would be available for 200 Nintendo DSi Points each. Clearly an error on their part, since we know they're 500 each and not 200, but that needs fixing, methinks.



Natie31 said:

Im wait till the 3DS to get this one have all 3 colors of mynotebook, no use of this one right now.



MeloMan said:

Cool, it's comin' to NA first AND I'm getting the color I want... Thanks Nnooo! CANNOT WAIT for MyDiary, I NEED that.



Paperclip said:

Virtual notebook, OR, great games like Pictobits, Glow Artisan, Trajectile, or Dark Void Zero, for the same price. Aura Aura Climber and Spotto together would still be less, but you'd probably get more out of it.



grumblegrumble said:

Release a great app, and they will come. I think this one is going to be a huge hit, too! Do we get free unlockable themes again if we use Pop+ and the other Nnooo apps?



Nnooo said:

@grumblegrumble yes the new notebooks have 12 unlockable themes for lined and 12 for squared paper!

You can unlock these themes by owning Pop+ Solo and the other notebooks.

myDiary will continue this trend and allow you to unlock themes and inks by either owning Nnooo software or by using the app! In myDiary there are even a couple of themes and inks that can only be unlocked by owning a number of Nnooo apps e.g. if you own any 4 Nnooo apps you will unlock the Purple theme (I think).



SilverBaretta said:

Hmm, SD card export? Interesting indeed, very interesting.... Although I want a feature where we can upload photos to the Nnooo website and use them as covers for our notebooks and backgrounds for our pages.



Yamishi said:

I'm stoked for these notebooks, as always.

Nic, if you guys decide that myNotebook is going to be continued in the future, you should design some sort of handwriting-to-text recognition that can be customized (no Nintendo software can recognize my B's!)

Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I still think it would be cool. An on-screen keyboard would also be helpful (for drawing comic books, for example!) 'cause I have difficulty writing small.

Then wrap it up with a feature to send pages wirelessly through WiFi! Then I could illustrate my own comic books, put my dialogue in text, and send it to other myNotebook users!

Yeah, definitely getting ahead of myself...




Pogocoop said:

Why are you guys getting so exited over a notebook? Pen and paper are still an option...



Nnooo said:

@Yamishi Those are great ideas but trust me if Nintendo can't write handwriting software to recognise your B's I'm not sure we would fair much better



Nnooo said:

Yup myDiary has an unlockable PURPLE! theme (and orange, and lime and yellow amongst others).



NGpenguin said:

if the mynotebook is upgraded again there should be a page skipper it takes 4 ever to skip throught all the pages and there could be colors like gray, sky blue, purple, pink, and a rainbow color would be awesome



Morpheel said:

well, i wasnt interested in myDiary until now!

@NGoenguin: i dont think releasing that many different myNotebooks would please the gaming sites.



NGpenguin said:

oh thanks Nnooo and your right abagar that many at the same time would be insane!



grumblegrumble said:

pogocoop... if you don't like myNotebook then don't download it. Simple as that. But judging from the other releases so far, Nnooo products have been instant downloads for many people.

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