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Show Your Love of Super Mario Bros. by Wearing It on Your Sleeve

Posted by Trevor Chan

Knitted tops officially licensed by Nintendo

T-shirts of things you like are ten a penny, but what about something a bit more warming? The Teami 2010 clothing catalogue has entered its first season and the range includes some retro-looking Mario sweaters; although the price-tag might having you tugging at your collar.

Apart from being officially licensed by Nintendo, these tops are hand-knitted and priced at ¥36,000 JPY, that's around £272 GBP and roughly $422 USD on Shigesato Itoi's Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun website.

One thing we've noticed is that they also have two zippers; one going in each direction. That's either some trendy thing we're not aware of, or the designers have made them weight-gain-friendly.

Itoi is perhaps best known as the creator of the Earthbound series and his website doesn't just sell clothes, as everyday life products like kitchen tools, DVDs, music, and reading material are also available.

Whether you would want to spend that amount of money on autumn-wear is up to you, but we probably agree on one thing, they look good!

Prices converted using Bloomberg's currency converter.


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Bensei said:

Waaaaaaaaaaay to expensive. I could by a regular sweater and knit my own SMB sprite sonto it and pay only 3% of the original price.



grenworthshero said:

Sorry, I don't have that kind of extra money just lying around, and if I did, I'd buy more games, not a lame sweater



Corbs said:

Gotta get one of those. Maybe get one for the wife too. Dorks look better in pairs.



Mange said:

If I´m supposed to look like an commercial sign... then I want to get paid.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Destroyer360: At least the tech in the PS3 justified the cost. IMO, there's simply no justifying the price of these sweaters. As far as geeky "keeping me warm" clothing goes, I'll just stick with my Trogdor hoodie.



Punny said:

Cool sweaters, but waaaaaaaaay too expensive! I'm better off getting one of those Mario t-shirts that are at Target!



Omega said:

I always wanted one of those japanese girls. $422 seems to be a fair price, even with the strange looking sweater.



Raylax said:

Haha, QFT Omega

But seriously, I'd totally wear one of those if it weren't so insanely priced.

...The jumper, not the girl. Oh god the connotations.



LuWiiGi said:

I don't even like the sweater. I'd only buy it as a souvenir, but not for £272!



LittleIrves said:

But.... but there's a coin inside the pockets!
If only that coin was worth 400 bucks and you could cash it in to balance out the cost. Awesome sweater. But no, not worth the car payment.



suburban_sensei said:

I thought Nintendo was all about making/licensing things that were AFFORDABLE to the consumer. While I think the sweater is kind of is pretty crazy that anybody would spend that amount of money on it...



darebear said:

I tried going to the website just to check it out but it won't load for me for some reason. Anyone else having problems accessing this page?



OldBoy said:

Awesome.Time to get the knitting needles out for the missus.She can knit and sell these all day and I'll just roll around in a big pile of cash an play Wii .Imagine how much I could sell a Zelda one for.
@Corbie Any requests Mr.Moneybags?



Toddr said:

Have you actually never heard of those double zippers? That seems really weird to me because almost all of my coats have them. But yeah, I really don't know what function they serve.



Rerun said:

Way too much for sweaters. Thought about getting them but changed my mind the minute I saw the price!

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