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Prepare for a Perfect Super Street Fighter IV Experience on 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Two control methods promised too

It's been a long time since a Nintendo console received a Street Fighter game – not counting Virtual Console, that is – so the announcement at E3 that Capcom was powering-up its Super Street Fighter IV meter for a Level 3 Super Combo attack on 3DS was music to our ears. Still, there were nagging doubts that the game would suffer compared to its big console brothers, doubts that producer Yoshinori Ono has put away with a Shoryuken of truth.

The gameplay we can port perfectly from the PS3 and Xbox 360 version and we're not going to subtract anything out of that. It is how we adjust the graphics that will help people remember what sort of game they used to play in the 90s.

Ono also revealed his team is looking into a second control option using the touchscreen in order to entice less experienced fighters to try out the game. Don't worry, fight fans: traditional D-Pad controls will still be available, though we can't help but think the game's six-button layout may be a tad uncomfortable on the 3DS's face buttons. That said, both 360 and PS3 pads feature four-button face layouts, and they seem to have gone down quite well.

It also seems the 3DS is receiving a few small tweaks behind the scenes: Ono stated the 3DS's D-Pad is not final, and that Nintendo has shown the team revised ideas. The title will also offer one feature that's "only possible on the 3DS", though naturally Ono refused to comment more. Hopefully we'll find out more at the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off next month.


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Punny said:

Hurray for mystery teasers for 3DS features! Oh, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D having everything from its console counterparts (and more) is cool, too.



GammaGames said:

only availabel on 3DS, obvious. 3D on the go! or a fighter creator where you use your face



UltraRobPrime said:

Is this a launch title? If so, I'll get this game with The 3DS! AND PLEASE, move Monster Hunter Freedom 3 from the PSP to 3DS, Capcom!



NGpenguin said:

now i cant wait for the tokyo game show!every time i hear info about the 3ds features it makes me want it more



pikku said:

this and Mariokart 3D will probably be the first games I get for the 3DS



Markystal said:

Street Fighter on the go in 3D is a potential system seller for fighting game fans. Still, I just hope Nintendo finds a way to work a second slide pad into the mix for fps games and to help a Monster Hunter game that could see a 3DS debut. There seems to be a need to have something in the space below the buttons Nintendo!



Bass_X0 said:

Make yourself familar with Super Street Fighter II on VC until it comes out, irken. You'll appreciate it. I already have this on the XBOX 360 so I'm not going to bother getting it on 3DS as well. The only problem I have with fighting games on handhelds is the lack of buttons. I like my 3P and 3K buttons instead of having to press all three punch/kick buttons at the same time. Doing easy moves on SSFII like T. Hawk's Condor Dive becomes difficult without them. The only great handheld fighter I played was Match of the Millenium but that was specifically designed to be on a handheld rather than it being a port of a console or arcade game. PSP Alpha 3 was also good; played that a lot.



OldBoy said:

This could be great. Its good to hear there considering moving the D-pad.Playing SF would be a killer with the d-pad in its current location.
@The_Fox Care to name some?



JebbyDeringer said:

" It is how we adjust the graphics that will help people remember what sort of game they used to play in the 90s."

What you say?



Bass_X0 said:

What you say?

I think the final version will not have different camera angles like its bigger brothers have despite the screenshots above showing them and that the gameplay will be on a static screen with the only camera movement being left, right, up and down. No zoom in or zoom out either. Just like in the 90s. Maybe. It'll probably be like the iPhone version:



JebbyDeringer said:

Hahah thanks for explaining that. I really had no idea what he was trying to say but a fixed viewpoint makes sense.



WaveGhoul said:

Even if I did own SSFIV on the PS3, I'd still get the 3DS version for the 3D alone



Tar said:

I would count Tatsunoko VS Capcom a SF game because it used some street fighter characters, but not a lot at all, Only 2.



Bass_X0 said:

I would count Tatsunoko VS Capcom a SF game

Its not. It plays quite differently to proper Street Fighter games. TvC is more like MvC.

we have tvc thats a better fighter

Its really not. I can only assume you haven't played Street Fighter IV.



Hokori said:

@TarIii actually TvC had 3 SF characters

Chun Li

But yah this games going to be awesome epecilly since I was planing to get a PS3 for this game and I was also planing to pick up MGS3 for PS2 but now NOWAY!!!! 3DS has some of my favorite Most Wanted PS games so no PS for Me



Arcanum said:

@UltraRobPrime i agree. MH on the 3DS would be a win for us and for capcom. but i guess it would be hard without another analog on the right side too....



ueI said:

The 3DS exclusive feature mentioned in the article isn't secret. It's obviously the 3D!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I'm with GammaGames, something utilizing the cameras to put yourself IN the game sounds lika no-brainer. On-line multiplayer should make an appearance as well. I STILL play my Super StreetFighter II Revival on the GBA!



The_Fox said:

Yeah, it almost certainly won't be putting yourself in the game. Otherwise there will be an enormous surge of penis headed characters.



IronMan28 said:

Okay, I'm so excited for the 3DS, it feels almost criminal that we have to wait so long!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Egg miester @Bass X0

Both of your opinions are completely subjective because it's based on "better fighter". There are many different types of fighting games out there and comparing them would be like comparing apples to oranges. So I'd hope you guys have some actual justification.



NassaDane said:

I'm not a fan of Street Fighter 4, the way it plays isn't how i like it. But this seems pretty cool. is a 6 button control going to be awekward on a !6! button 3DS?? That makes no sense.

Also if there is a "put-your-face-in" mode mine's totally going to be a Vagina head.



idk34 said:

i bet u guys didnt kno dat da 3ds has 6 buttons.....y,x,a,b,l,r.....and a d-pad too so gameplay shud be jus lke the console versions



Z_Bone said:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is so much better than SSFIV. Street Fighter is just boring in comparison.



Gamer83 said:

I love both SF IV and SSF IV for the Xbox 360 and can't wait to be able to have a copy with to take with me on the go. I hope Capcom can get this ready by the 3DS' launch day I think it could be a benefit to them sales wise. Regardless of when it's released I'll be picking it up as soon as I can, I trust Capcom when it comes to handheld fighting games, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival is one of the best games on GBA and I still it play to this day.



KiroX777 said:

@8 GODDAMN how old are u? probably not even a teen yet... wow never had any? damn ive been playin street fighter since i was little on the snes. im so glad i have a ps3 now with ssf4, so now im completely addicted to the game and taking it with me on the go!? WITH the better d-pad!(my ps3's d-pad is too new and stiff. nintendo always had the better d-pads) what?! =D

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