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Pelvic Floor Exercise Game Fills Gap in the Market

Posted by James Newton

Now we've really heard everything

The Wii has a huge audience, from little children to pregnant women, and so it's only fair that each gamer gets a game individually tailored to them. Kaasa is already working on Physiofun, a physiotherapy game for WiiWare that uses the Balance Board, but a PEGI rating has outed something rather more... specialised.

Kaasa's WiiWare game, called Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer, is aimed at mothers whose pelvic floor muscles have faltered since giving birth, Kaasa's Nico Kaartinen tells us.

As you can imagine this is NOT a typical gamer product but the Wii has opened up new target groups that are looking for something like this. These customers are NOT gamers but see the usefulness of the device together with the Balance Board and Wii Fit.

Pelvic floor exercises, sometimes called Kegel exercises, help women to control their pelvic floor muscles in order to prevent stress urinary incontinence. Net Doctor has more information, and some pretty clear diagrams, for those who want to know more.

There are currently no screenshots or further information available, but when it reaches our desks we'll be sure to get them online as soon as possible.

Credit to reader Janne for the tip.


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V8_Ninja said:

Now we've really heard everything

Are you sure about that? Because... (coughthiscough)

EDIT: Mods, you are welcome to remove this post if things get out of hand or I'm doing something against forum/news-post reply rules.



OldBoy said:

Joking aside this is quite a good idea, its no laughing matter for those women that suffer from this.(My wife has had two kids so I've heard all about this LOL)
@3 Now thats a laughing matter.What the hell is the claw one for?!!!
Thats sorted the wifes xmas present out though.Works over Skype too.Fffffiin awesome, now I can give her pleasure while I'm down the pub



Syr said:

Does anyone else appreciate the irony of using the Wii to treat incontinence?



Slapshot said:

Wow... I almost got excited and then no. I thought for sure this was a Mature rated game



Token_Girl said:

This makes sense. If you look at any WiiFit workout site, there are TONS of pregnant women commenting. Most complaining that WiiFit has no pregnancy setting to account for natural weight gain in pregnancy and makes fun of them for being overweight. There's definitely a market for fitness games for pregnant women, since they tend to be lower impact. Something like this is great for a download, because they don't have to go to a store and be seen buying a product for something that could be fairly embarrassing for them to admit they need in public.



Omega said:

Hm, why are they thinking that anybody is interested in a game called "Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer"? They should call it "Pokémon Floor Muscle Trainer" to get some attention.



Corbs said:

I offered to get knocked up to review it, but the thought of me lactating seemed to make everyone a bit uneasy, so I was denied. Oh well, I tried!



LuWiiGi said:

Let's see if Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer raises the bar on WiiWare like Flashlight did on DSiWare (a kid I know actually BOUGHT Flashlight a while back...and not for a joke.) As for this game, it looks like that woman in the picture is doing the same exercise my gym teacher made me do at school. But unlike me, she seems to be enjoying it. By the way, I just googled Kegel muscles. This game must be stopped.



Chris720 said:

Okay... this is getting weird... exercises for pregnant women for Wii... how is NLife gonna review this...?!?

@V8 Ninja That is... very disturbing... I'm guessing the claw one is for men? e.e

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