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NES-Style DJ Hero is Bleeping Cool

Posted by James Newton

It will rock you

DJ Hero may not be quite as iconic as its guitar-toting stablemate, but consider how different things might have been if the title had originated on the NES. Well imagine no longer, as the talented Eric Ruth has put together Pixel Force: DJ Hero to show exactly what it would look and more importantly sound like.

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Wondering when you too can get your A and B buttons on some retro DJ Hero? Eric says the game should be ready in just over one month, so start blowing the dust from your NES in anticipation.


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sykotek said:

That 8-bit DJ Herp looks awesome, I'd pay for a retail release of that, that is if I didn't need to buy a hulking controller with it! =)



SilverBaretta said:

Ah yes, Eric Ruth. His games are always quite enjoyable. I'll be looking forward to trying this. And Prosody, his games are for PC. No need to blow the dust out of your NES unless you want to play an actaul NES game.



Punny said:

Pretty cool! First Atari 2600 Halo and now NES DJ Hero? What's next, Genesis Call of Duty?



jbrodack said:

This might not be out yet or use actual NES hardware but dpad hero is out and is for an actual nes. They have instructions on how to play it on your pc on their site.



ToastyYogurt said:

Sounds awesome. I will love to try it when he releases it. I find it odd though; Activision would order someone to make an NES turntable back then wouldn't they?



Machu said:

Doesn't matter how u dress it up (or down), it's still a simple timing based puzzle game. Absolutely nothing to do with music, at all.

Stoopid f'n 'music-game' trend. Gaaaah! D:<



mjc0961 said:

It's too bad that there's no way in hell Activision will let him release that.

Also what Machu said. It's still nothing to do with music and basically just a puzzle game or a string of QTEs.



jbrodack said:

@Blaketoberfest homebrew developers still make unofficial games for a lot of old systems including the atari 2600 and the more obscure vectrex. Playing homebrew games is one of the only legal uses of emulators.

I'm not sure if I'd care to play this but I do like the idea of 8bit mashups and the song in the vid is pretty cool.



Rerun said:

WiiWare! CLAP! WiiWare! CLAP! Bring this out on WiiWare! (sung to the tune of We Will Rock You)

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